Episode 102: Lie, Cheat, N Steal.... A Christmas Miracle

Episode 102: Lie, Cheat, N Steal.... A Christmas Miracle
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
Episode 102: Lie, Cheat, N Steal.... A Christmas Miracle

Dec 15 2023 | 01:16:06

Episode December 15, 2023 01:16:06

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Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

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Hosts: Ibby, Von, & El Niño


Welcome to another thrilling episode of "The Eggs, Grits, and Ignorance Evening Show"! This podcast promises laughter, insights, and a generous sprinkle of ignorance. Tune in on all podcast platforms for your weekly dose of entertainment.

In Ibby's Top 5, discover Ibby's Top 5 Pies. Then, stay tuned for "The More You Know" with Von, where she tells us the origin of mistletoe.

Prepare yourselves for the Ignant News Segment, where the hosts delve into jaw-dropping, real-life stories. From a Florida woman attempting to eat counterfeit cash to a failed carjacking due to a lack of stick-shift skills, the world's absurdity takes center stage.

Join in on the laughs with the "Weird Sex" Segment, featuring a shocking incident on a Moscow flight involving non-consensual oral sex and a pastor's unique journey from the pulpit to OnlyFans.

Finally, get the latest scoop in the Social Media Minute segment. With the Eggs, Grits, and Ignorance crew, every episode is a rollercoaster of laughter, learning, and unbelievable stories. Don't miss out – press play now!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: Do you have a podcast that you're passionate about? Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group Studios. Located at nine three West Evans street in Florence, South Carolina, Crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming, video recording and more. We have stateoftheart equipment and a team of experience professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, Crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:00:49] Speaker B: You. [00:01:27] Speaker C: I laid the pockets of the porn, gave a hoodie a play, dropped some dollars up on Hollis and I went on my way I hear you jingle, Mr. Crinkle peep the single, my man. So Santa, hit a brother off and come as quick as you can Santa. [00:01:39] Speaker B: Baby, just slip up. [00:01:43] Speaker D: And welcome back to eggs grits with a whole lot of ignorance. It's your favorite evening show and we're back once again for another week of foolishness and buffoonery. It is my favorite time of year. It is the Christmas holiday. There's nothing better than the crisp, cold air. And I wish I was back home because my daughter sent me a video of some snow. And I wish I had some right now. But anyway, man, tis the reason for the season. And I am here with the favorite, the best crew in the land. We're going to start off with Miss Lady V, aka Vonnie. What's happening, Vaughn? How's everything going? [00:02:19] Speaker C: I'm chilling in the living room, wrapped in a quilt. I'm waiting on this back. [00:02:23] Speaker B: Everything is going Gucci. [00:02:27] Speaker D: Hey, man, just like you, everything is going Gucci. I'm counting down the days to criminal. [00:02:35] Speaker C: Look here, that ain't reality. [00:02:38] Speaker B: I thought you said you count down the days, become crippled. [00:02:41] Speaker D: No. To Christmas. Christmas. Count down the days to Christmas. And then all the way from Pa is my boy at big kid envy underscore chops, aka lone star. What's happening, my good brother? [00:02:54] Speaker C: Yo, Mary. Fucking Mary, Mary. All that good shit. [00:03:03] Speaker D: I'm trying to hurry. [00:03:05] Speaker B: Don't sound like you. In the spirit. [00:03:07] Speaker D: Doesn't seem he's in the festive. In the festive mode. [00:03:12] Speaker C: Fuck Christmas. Christmas is old. [00:03:20] Speaker D: I don't know. It's just a season. [00:03:22] Speaker C: I don't have young kids. [00:03:24] Speaker D: It ain't even about my kids won't be with me this year. But it's just the season itself, man. Like you said on yesterday, man, like. [00:03:34] Speaker C: The crisp winter, I love the. As long as it's cold, crisp out, I am happy. [00:03:48] Speaker B: I just like the lights. That's it. [00:03:54] Speaker C: When I see people lights. When I see the lights, I like good lights. But when I see the lights, I'll be like, damn, niggas really put in mad work for these lights. I used to be that guy unwrapping all the lights to make sure they work. You know what I'm saying? That used to be me. I hear you, but you playing songs like this now, if you're going to play songs like this, that's a whole nother Christmas vibe we going into, you know? [00:04:34] Speaker B: That is the Christmas spirit right there. [00:04:36] Speaker D: That is it. [00:04:36] Speaker C: No, song right there is let it snow. That song right there is talking about getting Christmas draws. [00:04:44] Speaker D: It is. It is talking about draws. Mama said, hey, Vaughn and others, I guess we're just the sidekicks now. [00:04:52] Speaker C: Hey, but you know what? If you ain't getting no Christmas draws, if you ain't getting no Christmas draws, you can always get a solo treat. I'm giving them away. I'm giving them away. [00:05:04] Speaker D: Yeah. We got the giveaways. Got the giveaways. What up, elle of the digital studios podcast. He was just a guest on the DJ Blaze radio show podcast hosted by my man be easy and Amy. Great episode. They did the top five things that you got. Your top five favorite things you either got for Christmas or didn't get for Christmas. So, the number one thing I got every Christmas was number one thing I got every Christmas was an IOU. I got you for your birthday. Because my birthday is five days after Christmas. So my mother would always put a little note in the card to say, hey, got you for your birthday. How you doing? Wait, hold on. I got to cut this real quick because I got a bone to pick with you. You didn't even respond. She didn't even respond to my comment on her post. She posted, can we leave? She said, can we leave podcast and relationships in 2023? And I commented, and I said, hold on. You will not. Now, what she did explain was that all of the podcasts about relationships are pretty much redundant. Everybody is saying the same thing, which I agree, except for my podcast, the relationship status podcast. So make sure that you tap into that. And of course, you're here with us. So of course, you love podcasts, but we appreciate you and the love. But just want to let you know, I got that bone to pick with you. Okay. She did clarify. No, not all podcasts. Okay. [00:06:42] Speaker C: All right. [00:06:42] Speaker D: As long as we got that clarification out the way, we can get back to the boys demand. There we go. All right, you ready for top five? [00:06:53] Speaker C: Let it ice rain. [00:06:56] Speaker D: What you got going on? [00:07:01] Speaker C: I'm sorry, real one. [00:07:02] Speaker D: I'm number. [00:07:06] Speaker C: 1234 fear. Yo, black. Yo, black is. [00:07:18] Speaker D: All right. And you know that Evie's top five is brought to you by the people over [email protected]. Go ahead and check them out. Visit cruxmediagroupllc.com or give them a call. 8434 716 73. Or if you're in town in the Florence area, go ahead and stop by the studio. Nine three a west Evans street in Florence, South Carolina. Ebi, ma'am, what we got going on today? Yes, let's address this first. She meant the men versus women's stuff, and I agree. There is way too much of that and the 50 50 stuff. I get it. No, I totally agree. People got to expand these shows that deal with relationships. Got to expand the very necessary podcast. Had a very good episode that came out yesterday that I was on. Me and Lady V. Got into it a little bit. We had a little back and forth, and it wasn't a men versus women thing. I just made a very bold statement that she couldn't get with that she did not agree with. So if you want to hear what that statement was, go ahead and check out the very necessary podcast. I guarantee you it is something that you don't want to miss. All right, Eb, top five. [00:08:30] Speaker C: Okay, that was a lot, but I'm just going to talk about food. So it's just the very simple top five pies that Eb wants to eat for Christmas, because I don't want no gift. Just buy me pies. You know what I'm saying? Apple pie. Because anybody know apple pie and vanilla ice cream in the wintertime is classic. I will do that. Apple and blueberry. I will put apple and blueberry on the same damn plate. I'm fat like that. Why you got to turn your head to the side? Number four is blueberry. [00:09:21] Speaker D: No, I'm working on something here. I'm working on something. [00:09:24] Speaker C: Not you, Ron. As soon as I said never ate. [00:09:29] Speaker B: A blueberry pie, that just don't sound. [00:09:31] Speaker C: You never had no blueberry pie? Oh, manka, you need to expand your palate young. [00:09:37] Speaker B: Apparently so, yes. [00:09:40] Speaker C: And number three is patty pies. Anything Patty Labelle put in the box, I'm eating it. [00:09:46] Speaker B: Never had it. [00:09:48] Speaker C: You never had a patty pie? Oh, my God. Just go to Walmart. Just go to Walmart. Just pick up the sweet potato pie. [00:10:01] Speaker D: Her son loves it. [00:10:05] Speaker C: Patty Labelle put something in that pie. I think she was singing to the damn crust or something. [00:10:11] Speaker D: Mama said, too much pie makes your muscles die. [00:10:16] Speaker C: I'm fat anyway. Don't matter. So the number two pie is the bean pie. Only mama. [00:10:27] Speaker B: I get down with the bean pie. [00:10:29] Speaker D: A good bean pie. Yeah. Good bean pie. [00:10:32] Speaker C: A good bean pie. I tried to get my mama to make me a bean pie. And she gave me every excuse in the world to not make a bean pie. [00:10:42] Speaker D: I don't think my mama could make bean pies. But I got to get it from somebody with a koofie and a dashiki on. [00:10:51] Speaker C: My mom got one of them under the bed right now. [00:10:54] Speaker D: That's when I know it's real. When the dude got a koofie and. [00:10:57] Speaker C: The dashiki next to the scuba tank. Yeah. And the bean pie recipe. [00:11:04] Speaker B: I'm with it. [00:11:05] Speaker D: What's the number one? [00:11:08] Speaker C: Number one pie is the favoriteest pie around the world. [00:11:14] Speaker D: And that is kuchi pie. Kuchi pie. [00:11:19] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:20] Speaker D: It's crazy you said that, because I had this for you. [00:11:25] Speaker C: I ain't scared of you, motherfucker. Any goddamn thing she want to do. She said, Mac? I said, yeah, that's my. So I can ask you a question? I said, yeah. She says, does pussy taste like pumpkin pie? Made me mad as hell. Ask me no damn question like that. I never had no pumpkin pie. [00:11:49] Speaker D: Oh, man, listen. [00:11:54] Speaker C: But seriously, nobody eat pumpkin pie. [00:11:58] Speaker D: Hey, Djanae said, what is Kuchi pie? What the hell is Kuchi pie? She know what Kuchi pie. [00:12:06] Speaker C: I know. [00:12:07] Speaker D: Let's not act like you don't know, DJ. We've heard your podcast. We've heard your podcast. You know what it is? [00:12:19] Speaker C: She can't ask me questions like that. She's just talking about, my man, my man, my man. I don't want to disrespect. I got to calm down. Yes, I got to relax. [00:12:31] Speaker D: We don't heard the podcast. You might not have none, but you don't served it up before, so let's. [00:12:39] Speaker C: Be grown about this. But, yeah, for real, though, nobody fuck with pumpkin pie. [00:12:47] Speaker D: No. Well, I mean, I've had it. It just ain't something I'm really into. [00:12:53] Speaker C: Pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie, to me, go hand in hand. [00:12:56] Speaker D: Similar. [00:12:56] Speaker C: That shit say thanksgiving. [00:12:58] Speaker D: It's similar to me. It's similar. [00:13:01] Speaker C: It just says, thanksgiving. [00:13:03] Speaker D: No. Coconut pie is good. I like coconut pie. [00:13:06] Speaker C: Coconut pie is good. [00:13:07] Speaker D: I do like coconut it just didn't make the top five. But I do like coconut pie. [00:13:12] Speaker C: Some pie should be marinated with the kuchi. [00:13:16] Speaker D: Okay. Might be true. All right, Vaughn, you ready for yours? [00:13:28] Speaker B: Yeah, I have a very small segment. [00:13:31] Speaker D: Okay, got you. All right. And you know, the more you know segment is brought to you by the girls over there at the very necessary podcast. Go ahead and check them out each and every Wednesday. What's going on? Vaughn? Give us. What do you know that we need to know? [00:14:01] Speaker B: So tell me this. The mistletoe. Do you all hang mistletoes in the house? [00:14:08] Speaker D: You said camel toe. [00:14:09] Speaker B: Do you get spontaneous with the mistletoe? Do you? Pull it missile toe? [00:14:18] Speaker D: I'm sorry. [00:14:18] Speaker C: I wish I could hang a camel toe in the house. [00:14:23] Speaker B: Sound remotely close? Do you all mind? Always somewhere else. [00:14:29] Speaker D: Go ahead. [00:14:31] Speaker A: Always. [00:14:32] Speaker C: I don't hang missile toes nor any other toes in my. [00:14:40] Speaker B: What about you, Yoshi? [00:14:41] Speaker D: No, I've never done it. I said I would like to do. Mean you got to kiss anytime you. [00:14:51] Speaker C: Under the fucking toe. [00:14:53] Speaker D: Yeah, that's why I prefer hanger. [00:14:56] Speaker B: That gives you a reason to kiss somebody? [00:14:58] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:15:00] Speaker C: I ain't put my lips on everybody. [00:15:01] Speaker B: That you normally wouldn't kiss. [00:15:03] Speaker C: I would get a mistletoe over my massage table. [00:15:06] Speaker D: Get a mistletoe hat. [00:15:09] Speaker C: I'm going to get a mistletoe and put it over the massage with the body butter. It's coming. [00:15:15] Speaker B: And you're going to put it with. [00:15:16] Speaker C: The booty butter is coming. [00:15:20] Speaker B: Booty butter prices. I don't know. Booty butter just don't. Right. [00:15:28] Speaker C: It sound good when you say the. You got to say the whole thing together. Big kid envy's booty butter. [00:15:40] Speaker B: It sound like it's going to smell musky or something. [00:15:43] Speaker C: Booty. Yeah. Butt butter sounds better. [00:15:51] Speaker D: Nothing but butter. [00:15:53] Speaker B: Ain't none of us. [00:15:59] Speaker D: Go ahead, Vaughn, go ahead. [00:16:07] Speaker C: Because of the butter. [00:16:12] Speaker B: You kiss? [00:16:12] Speaker C: Because white people say it's a good thing to do. [00:16:18] Speaker B: Why we kiss some of the mistletoe. [00:16:21] Speaker D: Why we kiss them. The Mr. Toe. Go ahead. [00:16:23] Speaker B: Well, okay. Well, the reason why during the time that came out is the goddess of love promised to kiss everyone who passed under the Barry Layton plant after it saved her son's life. So that's why people hang the mistletoe. Yes. Interesting fact. But the 18th century that we adopted it to be something different. But the reason why kissing under mistletoe was a thing is because the goddess of love, son life was saved and she. Good luck, everyone that passed under mistletoe. [00:17:09] Speaker D: Okay, so it's good luck. All right. [00:17:11] Speaker B: I guess it's good. I think it's just a reason just to kiss some people. [00:17:14] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. No, hey, there's reasons to kiss people, and there's reasons to not. Evie's mom said, who? Ain't none of my three boys. They always had their lips somewhere they shouldn't be. All right. [00:17:32] Speaker C: Eating pie. Eating pie. [00:17:37] Speaker B: Kuchi pie and getting nothing but butter. [00:18:03] Speaker D: It's time to get into ignorant news. So, of course, you know I like to play the game. Guess what? Guess what they did. So we're gonna put up. That's where we put a picture up. We listen to get in the comments. You guys tell me what you think. And what do we think she did? [00:18:22] Speaker C: She got snuffed under the missile, too. [00:18:26] Speaker B: Her lash looked like it got jacked up. [00:18:31] Speaker D: Her lash looked like it got it jacked up. No, we're going to wait for some people to comment. [00:18:37] Speaker B: Yeah, I don't know. Her eye look weird. [00:18:41] Speaker D: I look weird. Her. Everything looks weird. [00:18:44] Speaker C: She got that biggie smalls eye. [00:18:46] Speaker B: Somebody ate her food or something. Maybe somebody ate her food. Like somebody ate her Christmas dinner. [00:18:51] Speaker C: All right, she was shooting up the wig spot. [00:18:55] Speaker D: So this Florida woman was caught stealing about $800 worth of goods from Walmart, allegedly trying to eat and allegedly trying to eat the counterfeit cash. Zapora Abraham, a 38 year old. She's 38. Good God, she's lived. Florida woman is facing charges of third degree grand theft and uttering forged bills after an incident at a North Miami Beach Walmart. As reported by Fox News, Walmart's loss prevention officer became aware of Abraham's attempt to use counterfeit money, triggering an investigation. Surveillance footage captured her placing items in a storage bin and planning her exit without payment. Abraham, attempting to consume $200 in counterfeit bills, was stopped by the officers, leading to her detainment. The concealed, unpaid items totaled $864.77. Notably, Abraham had a history of prior offenses at the same Walmart, making her a repeat offender. She's currently held at the Turnergill Knight Correctional center with a set bond of $10,000. A bizarre twist of attempting to ingest counterfeit bills adds to a peculiar dimension into the case. She is retarded. [00:20:17] Speaker C: What's going on with that tattoo? [00:20:19] Speaker D: I don't know. That's on the list of many things that. Who jacked her pies? [00:20:30] Speaker C: I don't know if it was an angel Betty boop. [00:20:35] Speaker D: I don't got why niggas always got steal from Walmart. Because only niggas go to Walmart. What are you talking about? [00:20:44] Speaker C: I'm saying, yo, niggas need to start robbing target. [00:20:48] Speaker D: Maybe you start robbing target, they ain't going to get out of their. [00:20:59] Speaker C: They got the same rules as anybody. Always. If you always go in Walmart right, then you well known. So you need to go where you ain't known at. [00:21:15] Speaker B: See, Walmart workers ain't around. They don't care what you're doing. You can't find a worker. So that's why they said target. They got to work on every corner. They got to work on it at every shelf. [00:21:27] Speaker C: I know every time I go, they don't even speak to. [00:21:34] Speaker B: Because they think you ain't loyal to them. That's why they. [00:21:40] Speaker C: But I'm walking in. [00:21:47] Speaker D: Speaking of stealing from Walmart, another dumb ass woman reportedly caught shoplifting from a Walmart during a shop with a cop Christmas event. During a shop with a cop Christmas event at a Walmart. MichIgan, a woman was apprehended for shoplifting in the presence of more than 70 police officers. As reported by Fox News, Michigan state Police Lieutenant Renee Gonzalez disclosed that law enforcement officials were on site at the Genoa Township store when a clerk alerted them to a woman who had filled her cart with over $700 worth of merchandise and quickly passed through the self checkout. Lieutenant Gonzalez explained that the event is organized by police officers partnering with children from financially struggling families. During the holiday season, these children receive gift cards financially struggling, ranging from one hundred dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars to shop for themselves and their families. Exploiting the situation, a 62 year old woman seized the opportunity to shoplift groceries and clothes while officers and children were engaged in the event, a vigilant trooper observed her loading stolen items into her car, conveniently parked next to a police cruiser. The woman was subsequently arrested and though her identity remains undisclosed, she has been released on bond and will face charges of retail fraud. She's just a dumb ass dummy. [00:23:18] Speaker B: Yeah, I wish I was Fred sample right now. [00:23:21] Speaker D: You big, your big dummy. I don't have it on here. I thought I would. I need to put it on here. [00:23:32] Speaker B: Yeah, you did. Go ahead and upload that. [00:23:34] Speaker D: Yeah, because the stuff we be doing, you just got to be. [00:23:41] Speaker C: Her food stamps ain't coming. She's trying to get her baby. [00:23:45] Speaker D: She was parked next to, like, in your mind, right? They said she tried to take advantage of the fact that the officers were engaged with the children. So you were at home or came to Walmart to get a stick of butter and decided, ooh, the cops over there, they're taking up you know what I'm going to go ahead and try to steal this shit. [00:24:13] Speaker C: You know what I think the problem was in this situation? It wasn't her thinking. It was her getaway wasn't planned to perfection. You know what I'm saying? So, first of all, I don't know if they off plastic bags like they are in New York and New Jersey. They don't want to get nobody no plastic bag or whatever. So she got to take the stuff to her car. She's strategically placing this stuff in her car instead of dumping the cart or. [00:24:48] Speaker D: Hiding the cart off or hiding the cart. [00:24:51] Speaker C: No, fuck. [00:24:52] Speaker D: Like, you just pull the cart down the way around the corner, and you go get in your car, and you drive off, and you come back later on and get stuff. Nah, I don't know. [00:25:04] Speaker B: No, she's supposed to have, like, a. [00:25:08] Speaker C: Lookout or something you post to dump that in the trunk and keep pushing, even if you got to put the whole damn cart in the trunk. [00:25:18] Speaker D: Put the cart in the trunk. Just boom. [00:25:22] Speaker B: She did the shopping, and she's putting this stuff in. [00:25:26] Speaker C: She's trying to be nonchalant. Fuck out of here. After you rob some shit, you can't be nonchalant. You got to get the fuck about a dive naturally. Move your ass. [00:25:43] Speaker D: You got to make a smooth getaway. [00:25:45] Speaker C: You got to get the fuck home. [00:25:47] Speaker B: Well, she got to be taught anybody. [00:25:50] Speaker C: That knows anything about getting away from anybody over something. Ain't nothing smooth about any getaway ever. Well, you just got to get the fuck on. [00:26:01] Speaker D: This next getaway definitely wasn't smooth. So this armed carjacker carjacking failed because suspects didn't know how to drive the Porsche stick shift. A group of carjackers in Maryland attempted to steal a restaurant tour's Porsche outside the Bessetta ramen restaurant. The incident captured on the victim's Porsche dashboard camera unfolded when the red Nissan pulled up and three individuals, one armed with a gun, threatened and assaulted the business owner. However, the jar carjackers faced an unexpected hurdle, the unfamiliarity with operating the manual transmission. Surveillance footage revealed the suspect struggling to drive the stick shift Porsche. During the failed attempt, a passenger in the stolen car aimed a handgun at the luxury vehicle. The victim was coerced into surrendering the keys, phone, and passport. Managed to escape into the restaurant, hearing a gunshot shortly after. Despite the search, no bullet cases were found. Authorities suspect the victim might have been trailed. From Washington, D. C. Reports indicate a red Nissan suv similar to the one on the dash cam footage was stolen in Washington, D. C. Earlier that day. According to Montgomery county police. So you didn't case this situation at all? [00:27:21] Speaker C: Yo, it's one thing I know about when you stealing shit, right? [00:27:30] Speaker D: Steal what you operate. Steal what? [00:27:33] Speaker C: You should be able to operate all. [00:27:35] Speaker D: Things if you're going to be a carjacker. Know how to drive a stick shift? [00:27:39] Speaker C: Like, know how to drive a stick, at least put that bitch. [00:27:46] Speaker B: Execution. Do you not plan that execution? [00:27:52] Speaker D: It's three niggas with one gun. Said, oh, look at that Porsche. Let's take it. [00:27:57] Speaker C: Let's get it. But that's because they spoil and don't know how to. These new fucking cars, they're fucking automatics, are they? All that bullshit slap clutch crap. It's trash to me. Yes, when you put it in drive, but then you got the plus and the minus right there, so you could. Yes. [00:28:20] Speaker D: You just hit the. [00:28:24] Speaker C: Touch clutch. [00:28:25] Speaker B: Okay. [00:28:25] Speaker C: Even, like, they even make in NASCAR. NASCArs are made the same way where they actually are tapping up or down to change gears. Then this is where our cars are going now. [00:28:43] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:28:44] Speaker C: Well, these are like, me personally, I will not buy a car if it's not five speed or six speed manual. [00:28:55] Speaker B: So your current car is a five speed? [00:28:57] Speaker C: No, I drive a truck. [00:29:01] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, I got a Durango. [00:29:04] Speaker C: But my last three cars, I had an 87 RX seven that was five speed. I had one Ford Focus that was five speed, and I had five. Five x five, and that was the six speed. [00:29:26] Speaker D: I tell you what, man, I love driving the five speed, man. And like, a shift in those gears and quite getting up, getting going. All right, Vaughn, I got a question for you. Are you okay? Like, you're out on a date or you're walking down the street with your boyfriend or your significant other? No. Are you okay if he looks at another woman? [00:29:49] Speaker C: See, I just answered that question. No. [00:29:53] Speaker B: Take a look. [00:29:54] Speaker D: Okay. [00:29:54] Speaker C: Well, if you want to get his eyes, this lady here, look at that one. [00:30:01] Speaker D: This lady here, she was arrested for. [00:30:06] Speaker C: Hawaii, allegedly stabbing eyebrows. [00:30:10] Speaker D: No. Allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the eye with a rabies. Shot repeatedly with a rabies infested needle for staring at other woman. [00:30:21] Speaker C: She was high when she did it. [00:30:22] Speaker D: Sandra Jimenez, 44, out of Florida, was arrested after allegedly inserted rabies shot needles into, intended for her dogs into her boyfriend's eye during a violent altercation in Miami. The incident unfolded around 10:00 p.m. At their residence. Shocking when Jimenez, accusing her boyfriend of looking at other women, reportedly attacked him with two rabies needles while he lay on the couch. She forcefully jabbed them into his right eyelid. Prompting the victim to contact police, who swiftly took him to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Realizing the severity of her actions, Jimenez fled the house, but officers found her later that night sleeping in her car outside of her residence. Initially held in Miami Dade county jail, she was charged with felony aggravated battery. Jimenez claimed her boyfriend's injury was self inflicted, but she was arrested and later released on bond. Now under house arrest, her arraignment is scheduled for December 26. The disturbing incident underscores intensity and disagreement between the couple, leading to criminal charges and legal consequences for Jimenez. [00:31:33] Speaker C: Shocking. [00:31:38] Speaker B: I would jack her up. Can't cut. You see her? [00:31:46] Speaker C: Hold on. [00:31:47] Speaker B: She's 40. [00:31:48] Speaker D: No, she's 44. [00:31:50] Speaker C: No, hold on. [00:31:52] Speaker D: You don't think she's 44? How old do you think she is? [00:31:55] Speaker C: No, listen, did Vaughn just say that she can't cuss? [00:32:04] Speaker B: Yeah, I'm trying to do better. [00:32:08] Speaker D: Vaughn told me I was on bullshit on her podcast the other day, so I know she could. Yes, so I know she could. [00:32:16] Speaker B: I have a real bad mouth. [00:32:20] Speaker C: Embrace. Embrace it. [00:32:24] Speaker D: And speaking about bad shit like that Lady Albert. Oh, Jesus. [00:32:29] Speaker C: What manner of creature is this? She looked like one of them things of Prometheus. [00:32:39] Speaker D: Well, this is 39 year old Shayna. [00:32:43] Speaker C: That is the original woman. [00:32:45] Speaker D: This is 39 year old Shayna Hudson, and she has been arrested for falsely claiming that her children's. She's claiming that her children's Christmas presents were stolen. The incident unfolded in Lehigh Acres in November 19, when Hudson called the authorities to report a residential burglary, alleging that someone had broken into her home and taken the Christmas. [00:33:10] Speaker C: Who got Christmas gifts? Hold up, fam, hold up. Who got Christmas gifts before Black Friday? That looks like that. [00:33:18] Speaker D: Hey, look. I don't know. [00:33:20] Speaker C: That looks like that, bro. That looks like that. Jake Sully. [00:33:32] Speaker D: In response, detectives from Lee County Sheriff's Office initiated an investigation and went beyond their duties by coordinating a donation from the Lehigh Acres American Legion and securing funds from the sheriff's office with a cop program. Their aim was to replace the allegedly stolen presents and ensure the family could still have a joyful holiday season. However, a tip received by crimestoppers led investigators to uncover the truth. Evidence emerged that Hudson had fabricated the burglary, and detectives found the reported stolen items hidden at a relative's home. Consequently, Hudson was arrested and now facing charges of fraud. False report to law enforcement. Sheriff Carmine Marciano condemned her actions, stating, this woman took advantage of the system and is now paying the price for her selfish. [00:34:30] Speaker C: First of all, the only thing she could get charged with is filing a false police report that's it. [00:34:37] Speaker D: Maker of Zeus. [00:34:39] Speaker C: I respect her genius. [00:34:41] Speaker D: Yo, listen real quick, and we're going to get back to the story. Maker asks us a question. But Maker's lemonade. Maker said, what do you all think got her there? That's a good question. What do you think got her there to that point? [00:34:56] Speaker C: That badass wig. [00:35:02] Speaker B: The last lady who with the rabies shot? [00:35:08] Speaker D: No, I think she's talking about this one. Well, maker, just clarify. You're talking about the last story or this story? Just clarify for us real quick. But my kids, every time maker is somewhere with the jews, we're talking about the last story. The last story. So, Vaughn, what do you think took her to that point? Because I think only you can answer that. [00:35:31] Speaker C: I can answer that shit, too. [00:35:33] Speaker D: What? The loony bin? [00:35:35] Speaker B: Her insecurity? [00:35:36] Speaker D: Her insecurity. [00:35:41] Speaker B: It could be a number of things, but go to that extreme. Just leave the person heroin. If he can't keep his eyes to itself. [00:35:52] Speaker C: Cocaine, mama can't hurt. Hell of a drug. [00:35:55] Speaker B: It's something. It sure is, ma'am. [00:35:59] Speaker D: It might have been the meth she took. I don't know. [00:36:00] Speaker B: Meth is worse. [00:36:02] Speaker C: Trying to hit that. [00:36:03] Speaker B: She looked like a meth head. She's definitely. I don't know. I think I would have killed her. [00:36:13] Speaker D: Yeah. I don't know. But this next day, why didn't she just file, like false shit, you know what I'm saying? [00:36:23] Speaker C: That was a well crafted scheme. [00:36:25] Speaker D: No, but she took the stuff and hid it at her people crib. Like what? And then bitch ass niggas snitch, like, just lie. [00:36:37] Speaker C: Loyalty is at an all time low in 2023. You know what I'm saying? [00:36:44] Speaker B: Because somebody want a piece of the pie. [00:36:50] Speaker C: So just tell me what you want for Christmas, then that Gucci pie. You tell me what you want for Christmas and I'll make sure I put it on the list of shit that got stolen. [00:36:59] Speaker D: That's it. [00:36:59] Speaker C: This was a well crafted scheme. [00:37:02] Speaker D: This is well crafted, ignorant ass bullshit. [00:37:05] Speaker C: Unlike her wig, it would have worked. [00:37:07] Speaker D: Yeah, and let's get into some. [00:37:11] Speaker C: I just want to know why she had no eyebrows. [00:37:15] Speaker D: Who knows? [00:37:16] Speaker C: She could have painted some more. [00:37:23] Speaker D: All right. We'd have been there forever. All right, we're going to start with this story here. In weird sex, I'm put up a picture. You tell me what you think her profession is. [00:37:41] Speaker C: White bitches don't be having jobs. [00:37:43] Speaker D: Model. Okay? [00:37:49] Speaker C: She don't got no job. [00:37:50] Speaker D: Well, she does. She is a pastor. [00:37:52] Speaker C: She's a sugar baby. [00:37:53] Speaker D: No, she is a pastor. Who recently transitioned. [00:37:59] Speaker C: I'm going. [00:37:59] Speaker D: She recently transitioned to only fans. Content creator reveals that since her transition, she feels closer to God. This 36 year old pastor fucking orgasm. From the physico Gospel Church in Brazil, Anna Akiva, formerly a model, is making headlines for her decision to temporarily prioritize onlyfans, citing a stronger connection with God. Akiva, with a substantial instagram following of 100,000, believes that creating sensual content doesn't diminish her identity as a daughter of God. She temporarily stepped away from her pastoral role out of respect for God, but plans to return to the church in the future. Having transitioned from modeling to religion in 2015 after practicing in Brazil's Miss bum bum competition, Akiva urges against judgment, invoking the biblical statement, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. [00:39:05] Speaker C: She critiques the first seeds. [00:39:08] Speaker B: I'm with you on that one. [00:39:10] Speaker D: What did you say? What'd you say? She critiques the church, stating it is a corrupt environment, worse than the secular world in some aspects. Akiva attributes part of her struggles to her ex husband and fellow elegy member Yusef Akiva, who she claims controlled her life during her six year marriage. The former flight attendant highlights the challenges faced by many women in the church who suffer in silence due to controlling relationships. Do you think that's true, Vaughn? [00:39:44] Speaker C: No. [00:39:46] Speaker D: A lot of women suffer in silence in the church. That a lot of women suffer in silence in the church. [00:39:52] Speaker C: What church? [00:39:53] Speaker B: That's true. [00:39:53] Speaker C: I ain't going to that church. [00:39:55] Speaker B: I believe that, especially if you have a title. Oh, yeah? [00:40:02] Speaker C: What are you suffering from? [00:40:06] Speaker B: The church. [00:40:07] Speaker D: What? The choices you made. [00:40:11] Speaker B: That people have on you. [00:40:12] Speaker D: No, what she said is expectation. Well, what she said was that there are challenges faced by many women in the church who suffer in silence due to controlling relationships. [00:40:28] Speaker C: Who chose to be in that fucking relationship. [00:40:30] Speaker D: We're not going to pass over envy. Said he want to go to that church. [00:40:37] Speaker C: I do want to go to that same church. [00:40:40] Speaker B: Brainwash. They settle. [00:40:44] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:40:48] Speaker B: They feel stuck. They feel like they don't have an out. So they suffer in silence. [00:40:55] Speaker D: Okay. [00:41:03] Speaker B: He who sins cannot cast. [00:41:05] Speaker D: Yes. He who is without sin can cast the first. [00:41:10] Speaker B: But this is my point. [00:41:11] Speaker C: Check this out. You made a choice to be with somebody who is controlling you. Realize that they are controlling you. But what if you didn't make another choice to stay in it? [00:41:29] Speaker B: They're probably taking care of her. She's probably. [00:41:36] Speaker C: She clearly can make her own money. She put the cheeks on display. [00:41:44] Speaker B: Only, so gave her way. [00:41:50] Speaker C: Out. I do agree some aspects that a person can be stuck in a situation based on fear and all type of situations and shit like that. But ultimately you make a fucking choice at some point whether you're going to stay there or you're going to go. Because no matter what, if it's unbearably controlling or dysfunctional or whatever, somebody going to die, if you see whether you kill yourself or this crazy choice to leave, you still ultimately make a choice. Now I'm not talking about her per se. I'm talking about people who say that they are stuck. You're not stuck. You're choosing to stay for whatever the reason is. [00:42:50] Speaker D: Yeah, well, I mean, I think some. [00:42:52] Speaker C: People, there's a way out. There's always a way out. [00:42:55] Speaker D: Well, for some people they don't think like that. You know what I'm saying? So to them, there is no way. Listen to them for whatever reason. I understand what you're saying that people make a choice and I get it. [00:43:06] Speaker C: But I just don't buy in to. [00:43:09] Speaker D: Them in those moments. It's no way out. You know what I mean? [00:43:14] Speaker C: I kick you the fuck out. You stuck. Get the fuck out. [00:43:22] Speaker D: Well, I guess there's no way to segue into this next one, so I'll just play the video. [00:43:29] Speaker B: Evelyn and I have two completely independent reproductive people. Don't believe me until they see them. I sort of look like a shotgun. Here are my two vaginas. The condition that I live with is called complete uterus adult feed. Mine is the most severe and the rarest form of it, which means I have two completely separate vaginas, two cervixes, two uteruses and one ovary. On each step, I'm going to add the vaginal lips. That actually looks like a vagina. It sort of looks like a shotgun. I can get pregnant in both. What? [00:44:12] Speaker C: Why? She ain't just so both real vaginas. Who? If I look at Plato, she was. [00:44:19] Speaker D: Like giving the description of. [00:44:23] Speaker C: Ain't no description. Better than seeing it firsthand. [00:44:27] Speaker D: Jeff said he going home and throwing away his son playdoh tonight. What she been drinking? Hey, she said she can get pregnant. She can get pregnant in both tubes, I guess. I don't know. That's what she was saying. [00:44:46] Speaker C: She says she got two vaginas, two uteruses and service. [00:44:55] Speaker D: And whatever ovary is. [00:44:57] Speaker C: Attached to each of the. So that means she's not fucking at all. You know why she has two menstrual cycles? [00:45:08] Speaker B: Something right with the chick? [00:45:12] Speaker C: You getting sex two times per month? Because you never know when you're going to be on your damn site. Well, I'm confused. [00:45:33] Speaker D: Yeah, she got two. What? [00:45:36] Speaker C: God bless both. [00:45:41] Speaker D: Well, leading into our next story, I do have a question. How many possible points of entry are there on a woman sexually? [00:45:57] Speaker C: As many as you can make. [00:46:02] Speaker D: How many points of entry are there possibly on? [00:46:07] Speaker C: I'm going to tell you. There's only three I'm using. [00:46:10] Speaker B: It depends on what you're trying to put in the entry. [00:46:15] Speaker D: The manhood penis. [00:46:19] Speaker B: Okay, I get that, but I'm trying to get a little further. I don't want to get too explicit. [00:46:26] Speaker D: Why not? This is what we do. [00:46:28] Speaker C: You want the wrong show, not try to get explicit. [00:46:32] Speaker B: Are you trying to ejaculate all the time. [00:46:35] Speaker D: Who's not? [00:46:35] Speaker C: Every single time. [00:46:37] Speaker D: Who's not trying? [00:46:38] Speaker B: The reason why I said it. Because you got to be able to fit. Like, the point of entry has to be able to fit. [00:46:43] Speaker D: Well, Chameleonaire said that you have more than three. [00:46:47] Speaker B: So I have an answer. [00:46:49] Speaker D: Okay, what is your answer? [00:46:51] Speaker B: Yeah, you have more than three. If you are just trying to. So my answer would be nine. [00:47:01] Speaker D: Nine. [00:47:02] Speaker C: Calculate. Fuck. I only want three of them. [00:47:05] Speaker D: I feel like friends. On the episode of Friends where they're telling Chandler that the different erogenous zones. He didn't know they got the going. [00:47:17] Speaker C: Put that in the group right now. [00:47:19] Speaker D: Well, you keep the mother. No. [00:47:25] Speaker B: Are you just trying to skeet skeet? [00:47:30] Speaker D: Hey, see, maker said don't matter. Make us said. Name them. Name them. We are here for the people. Name them. You have been requested to name them. [00:47:42] Speaker B: Okay. Because the obvious would be the anus. [00:47:50] Speaker D: Okay. [00:47:50] Speaker B: The Holy Trinity and the mouth. Right? Those are the obvious. [00:47:55] Speaker D: The trio deal. [00:47:56] Speaker B: If you're talking about point of entry as far as you have. Ears have holes. Nose have holes. Eyes, you can go into the eye. [00:48:09] Speaker D: Oh, you're talking about ejaculating into. No, not ejaculating into. I'm talking about taking it and you getting it in there. [00:48:18] Speaker C: Sexual. [00:48:19] Speaker B: Okay. That's what I was asking. [00:48:19] Speaker D: No, the dick is in there. [00:48:21] Speaker C: Maybe you should have asked instead of trying to be politically. [00:48:25] Speaker D: I'm trying to be. But no, the dick goes in. [00:48:30] Speaker B: It goes in? [00:48:31] Speaker D: Yes. [00:48:32] Speaker B: Say the penis. [00:48:34] Speaker D: Yes, the penis goes in. I'm sorry. [00:48:39] Speaker B: What? The three. [00:48:41] Speaker D: Not according to rapper Chameleonaire. [00:48:45] Speaker C: Chameleonaire don't even cuss. [00:48:46] Speaker B: So you can't listen to him over there. [00:48:49] Speaker C: Fucking smurfs and elves. [00:48:51] Speaker B: Realized bitches take dicks up with their nose. That's a lie. You got pretty small nostrils. So I'm confused. I'm just saying. They open up booty holes is small too? No, they stretch your nose hole. Do not stretch enough for no penis. Stop it. And then how you suck it. You sniff it. And the booger is the wet part. That's not gross. [00:49:21] Speaker C: You ever took it up your nose? [00:49:22] Speaker B: No. [00:49:26] Speaker C: So that's why she's single? Yeah. [00:49:32] Speaker D: Oh, shit. [00:49:32] Speaker B: Hell no. [00:49:35] Speaker D: Vaughn said. [00:49:36] Speaker B: It's. [00:49:41] Speaker D: Vaughn. [00:49:47] Speaker C: We know. Vaughn likes. Nah, like face painting. [00:49:54] Speaker B: You do not know what Vaughn like. [00:49:57] Speaker C: That was a question. [00:49:58] Speaker B: I never had sniffed it. [00:50:05] Speaker C: But I asked if you like face painting. Do you like face painting? [00:50:12] Speaker B: Face painting? Of course not. I don't do that kind of stuff. I am a whole. [00:50:21] Speaker C: Moving on. Next story. [00:50:25] Speaker B: I am wholesome. [00:50:27] Speaker D: Wholesome. Okay, who's not wholesome is this young lady here what she did? Guess what she did to get kicked off of a flight? Well, her name is Valeria and she was arrested in Moscow for engaging in a sexual act with a male passenger during an airline flight. The incident lasted close to about 5 hours and was involved and involved children on board, prompting applause from passengers and crew members. Upon the police arrival, witnesses reported that the man resisted initially. While major, he resisted initially. And then the russian news described the incident as the woman orally raping the male neighbor in front of flight attendants passengers. Valeria, age 29, was reportedly intoxicated during the flight. She scratched the flight crew smoking an ecigarette against warnings and expressed no remorse. Afterwards. She forcefully put the man's penis in her mouth and sucked him off the completion while the attendance, the flight attendants waited until she was done and then had her another male passenger guard her for the rest of the flight. She faced a fine of 500 rubles, which is the equivalent of $5.68 for her behavior. Hold up, hold up. [00:52:01] Speaker C: Sir. Did you say another male? [00:52:05] Speaker D: Yes. Guarded her. [00:52:06] Speaker C: Guarded her? [00:52:07] Speaker D: Yes. [00:52:07] Speaker C: He got the sloppy toppy too. [00:52:09] Speaker D: Yes. She allegedly attempted to bribe the crew with $100 bill, leading the stewardess to discard it. In response, Valerie emptied the trash onto the plane's floor in a bid to retrieve the money and was subsequently arrested. When the flight reached Moscow, she forcefully took the dick in her mouth. [00:52:35] Speaker C: Shout out to this russian woman. God bless you. [00:52:41] Speaker D: Shout out to her when she comes to America. [00:52:44] Speaker C: Yeah, I want to holler at her when she comes to America. [00:52:47] Speaker D: Okay. [00:52:48] Speaker C: She getting put out of Moscow because. [00:52:50] Speaker D: She'S getting put out of Moscow. [00:52:55] Speaker C: Well, they done with her. [00:52:57] Speaker D: They are. I think they are. They don't want no more pots of her. All right, let's get into our last segment, our favorite segment, social media minute. And I would like to say that, odly enough, we are right on time. Fuck you say. All right, Jeff. Something wrong with Jeff? Jeff. [00:53:33] Speaker C: We need Jeff. [00:53:34] Speaker D: Come back. Jeff. Come back. Come back, Jeff. All right, that's why Jeff, in the closet. Now, this next video. Well, first off. [00:53:48] Speaker B: Oh, not like that. Not like that. My bad. [00:53:58] Speaker D: I want to give a shout out to one of our loyal followers and one of my people, charisma, aka Hannah. She is a native of the wonderful land of Jamaica, and she sent us. There's a particular song that I like. It's called drift. And so I have been trying to learn this drift dance for about five months. [00:54:24] Speaker C: I have been trying a while. [00:54:26] Speaker D: I like it. I really like it. And I got it down. But I could only do it by myself in the mirror. Can't nobody else be around and I think I have it down. But my man here, when you do. [00:54:40] Speaker C: Things in the mirror by yourself, you're lying to yourself. [00:54:44] Speaker D: Yeah, no, I get you. That's fine. But I'll never do what this dude hit. [00:54:48] Speaker C: You didn't know that? [00:54:48] Speaker D: And this was sent to us by Hannah. So here we go. [00:55:17] Speaker C: Hand claps. [00:55:18] Speaker D: Not on beat. He was like, what is he doing? [00:55:25] Speaker B: Awkward. Just completely. [00:55:27] Speaker C: I'm going to put you on to it. [00:55:29] Speaker B: Didn't matter if you clapped his hands or not. [00:55:34] Speaker C: I'm going to put you onto a little secret. [00:55:36] Speaker D: What's that? [00:55:38] Speaker C: If you watch white people dance, right, their upper bodies be moving to the high hats and they lower bodies be moving to the base. I don't know how they do it. Did you watch that movie? Yes. Listen, you have to watch the movie. Leave the world behind. Got to watch that. [00:56:02] Speaker D: I'm going to try to watch it ain't going to be tonight, but I'm going to try to get that watch to me. [00:56:07] Speaker C: I'm going to say, personally, for me, it was a good movie. [00:56:10] Speaker D: Okay. [00:56:11] Speaker C: But in there, there is a scene where. Yeah, everybody's shitting on it, though. A lot of people are shitting on it. But Julia Roberts and my man, whose name I cannot pronounce, they have a scene where they are dancing, and you literally see her upper body moving independently at the bottom. Her upper body moved to the highs and her feet moved to the lows, and she was getting it. It was horrible. [00:56:46] Speaker D: Yeah, I know. I'm going to check that movie out, but I was confused as to what. [00:56:52] Speaker C: This drift dance is because my man looked hella discombobulated. [00:56:57] Speaker D: Yeah. He was not doing it at all. [00:57:00] Speaker C: That might be the way that you actually do it? [00:57:03] Speaker D: That is not the way I do it. No demonstration? No. For all of us that go to the gym. I've never seen shit like this, but I find this to be totally hilarious. [00:57:21] Speaker C: Right up, don't we? Yo, it was the cat. For me, it was the cat. [00:58:44] Speaker B: Yes. [00:58:48] Speaker C: But that's how they. Literally how these new millennial ass niggas work out now. [00:58:55] Speaker D: They work out for clout niggas be doing wild shit in the gym. I ain't going to lie. [00:58:59] Speaker B: I kind of like to do it with the heels now, because, honestly, that's how a lot of them train themselves to walk, treadmill and heels, okay? [00:59:09] Speaker D: That's how they do. [00:59:12] Speaker C: I'll never know. [00:59:14] Speaker D: I'll never know. So this next one, I thought it was kind of fucked up, to be honest. Like, this next video. Fucked up because it's just fucked up. I'm just going to play. [00:59:27] Speaker C: It's. [00:59:37] Speaker E: Beautiful. You know, I gotta record you. You jive five. Your dog looking crazy, man. A yo, look, G. Look, I ain't gonna cap that. Sex was fire, wasn't it? I was beating that joint up, wasn't I? Man, that shit was crazy. A yo, I gotta tell you something, G. Your boyfriend is my cousin. [01:00:01] Speaker B: What? [01:00:01] Speaker E: Your boyfriend, Tyrone. Ty Bug is my cousin. He told me to get in your inbox to see if he was gonna go. And you did. And we in this hotel room right now? [01:00:13] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:00:14] Speaker C: I mean, please turn it off. [01:00:16] Speaker D: I swear. [01:00:17] Speaker E: Yo, look, you think I'm playing? You're not about to do my cousin like that, G. It's over, man. I'm telling them. I'm telling them, G. It's a dub. Nah, through. You through. [01:00:29] Speaker B: Let's just talk about this. He. [01:00:41] Speaker D: So my question here is. [01:00:42] Speaker B: I play fuck your cuz. [01:00:45] Speaker C: How did the dog in the hotel. [01:00:47] Speaker D: Room, first off, why she played. [01:00:49] Speaker B: I would have played hard. [01:00:50] Speaker D: No, but. Okay, who's wrong in that? Her boyfriend sent the cousin. [01:00:56] Speaker B: She wrong. [01:00:58] Speaker D: She wrong. [01:01:01] Speaker C: She not wrong. A spade is a spade. [01:01:05] Speaker D: Jeff said, you can't be gangster drinking a Capri sun. [01:01:08] Speaker C: Which is true. The boyfriend shit. That shit is dirty to me. Yeah, because what if she was not planning on cheating? Like, she really dead ass was faithful to this nigger and he set the whole shit up. The one thing I tell you right now, I guess I have PTSD when it comes to taking tests. You know what I'm saying? Because I used to tell my ex wife this shit all the time. It's not a fucking test. You don't got to fucking test me to see if I'm going to be faithful. You don't got to fucking test me to see what answer I'm going to fucking give you. Either you fucking believe me or you don't fucking believe me. You either rocking with me until you not or you're not rocking with me, period. So what is the word? [01:02:15] Speaker D: Your insecurities. [01:02:17] Speaker C: Insecurities? Your insecurities led you to embarrass your fucking female for what? When you could have just debted the situation? You know what? I'm not comfortable in this. Let me leave. [01:02:34] Speaker D: But I don't think the. [01:02:35] Speaker C: Let me go ahead and see. [01:02:36] Speaker D: But I don't think the cousin should have took it that far, though. He could have cut that shit off once he. [01:02:41] Speaker C: Everything in this world is lived on social media. So no matter what, that part of it is going to happen one way or another, okay? That's just the era that we live in. [01:02:52] Speaker B: The cousin sent him there. [01:02:55] Speaker D: No, the cousin. [01:02:56] Speaker C: The cousin said, go in the DM and see if she going to slide. [01:03:02] Speaker D: Yeah. And she slid. [01:03:05] Speaker B: So how did they end up at the hotel? [01:03:07] Speaker D: They ended up fucking. She slid like, she was like, okay, yeah, what's up? But she didn't know. [01:03:13] Speaker B: I guess he took it further and gotten and went to the hotel and had. [01:03:18] Speaker D: That's what I'm saying. He could have just said, hey, man, look at the message your girl sent, man. She trying to meet me at the. [01:03:26] Speaker B: Okay, that's my only point on him. [01:03:31] Speaker D: No, that's my only point. [01:03:35] Speaker C: So you picked a nigga that you knew was going to hit you ain't give a fuck. [01:03:42] Speaker D: But then that's fucked up on his part, period. [01:03:45] Speaker C: Are you going to take. That's like telling a dog not to be a dog. [01:03:49] Speaker D: But still. They're still fucked up on his part, though. [01:03:51] Speaker C: Don't bark. Don't give a fuck. The nigga that set the whole shit up from the rip is the problem because now this is some old extra ass, Maury Popage ass fucking Jerry Springer shit. Because now what if he get this bitch pregnant, you know what I'm saying? But, oh, boy. The cousin set the shit up to. [01:04:18] Speaker B: Find out I'm not loyal. [01:04:20] Speaker C: Yeah. If you do not believe that somebody is going to be fucking loyal to you, then get the fuck out of the situation. You don't need to beat it. You know what I'm saying? And now look what you did. Now look what you did. [01:04:39] Speaker B: You gave. [01:04:42] Speaker C: I hate niggas that intentionally scar women. Like, if your sole intention. [01:04:54] Speaker D: Yeah, that's what I'm saying she does have ownership because she could have not cheated. She could have not. [01:05:00] Speaker C: Like she got some ownership, but no, she being herself. [01:05:04] Speaker D: But everybody got ownership in this. [01:05:07] Speaker C: Everybody got ownership. No, you cannot push your insecurities off on somebody else. You cannot push your insecurities off on somebody else. It does matter because real talk, he. [01:05:26] Speaker B: Is just as she. [01:05:31] Speaker C: Did. How did Adam eat the fruit? Adam eat the fruit because the bitch brought it to him. Nah. Yes. He is to blame for eating the fruit as well. By not being strong enough. [01:05:48] Speaker D: I mean, but that's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. Everybody here is at fault, but the. [01:05:54] Speaker C: Ultimate blame is set on the one who set it in motion. [01:06:00] Speaker D: I'm not saying that he solved of it. [01:06:05] Speaker C: I'm saying, like, I blame God. I blame the one that set it. [01:06:09] Speaker B: In motion, created the situation. [01:06:12] Speaker D: Okay? [01:06:20] Speaker C: If he did not do that, if he didn't do that, who's to say she ever cheats? Who's to say they don't get married and have a wonderful fucking life? Your fucking insecurities ruined the fucking relationship. And a woman, you can't play games with fucking people's emotion. I don't know, I guess I'm just fucking hypersensitive to fucking games. Don't play games with me. Be real about all your shit. You know what I'm saying? And that's the reason why I won't never fucking marry, because I'm not about to play no fucking games with you. [01:07:02] Speaker B: They will live and learn. [01:07:05] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm too old to live and learn young. [01:07:08] Speaker B: They look like they ain't live life yet. [01:07:10] Speaker C: Yeah, but you know what? But this is the thing that now when a nigga like me come along, right, but hear this out. Now, when a nigga like me comes along, who is a good person, who really genuinely believes in love and marriage and having a family and having that unit, when I come along and I approach that woman, she's now scarred, so she don't has no trust for me. Yes, the fuck she is. I guarantee you. I guarantee you she ain't going to never play around. No, she's not going to trust. She's not going to have any trust for any nigga. [01:07:57] Speaker B: She's going to be sliding anybody DM because she's not going to know if it's a game. [01:08:07] Speaker C: This is how you create scars. [01:08:09] Speaker D: Well, let's get into another. [01:08:10] Speaker C: This is how you create issues and drama. [01:08:13] Speaker D: Let's get to another person's view on cheating. Say we were together, would you tolerate cheating from me? [01:08:21] Speaker F: Of course I would. [01:08:24] Speaker D: Now, why is that? [01:08:26] Speaker F: Because men biologically cheat. Because you can go sleep with a girl right now and it's just pleasure. For example, we're surrounded right now by a shit ton of amazing clubs. You can walk into the club right now, get stupid drunk and just have a one night stand. But you're still coming home to me, sleeping with me, providing for me and doing everything you're supposed to. It's just biologically made. The men are going to go ahead and cheat because it's just pleasure. You know what I mean? It's status, basically, when men cheat, but. [01:08:51] Speaker D: When women cheat, it's disrespect. [01:08:53] Speaker F: Because when we cheat, it's a connection. Like, we cheat with intention, we cheat with emotions. You guys don't cheat with emotions. We do. So I don't think a man should stay with a woman that cheats on her. [01:09:05] Speaker D: Now, why wouldn't you feel insecure by finding out that I was blowing on all the chicks? [01:09:10] Speaker C: Back out. [01:09:10] Speaker F: As women, you're meant to be feminine and protective of the home and stay with your partner and take care of the kids. So if you're providing for me and doing everything you're supposed to, I would definitely tolerate cheating. But if it's a 50 50 relationship, it's like I'm your roommate. Why are you making me downfall? [01:09:25] Speaker B: That's not cool. [01:09:27] Speaker D: Vaughn head was cocked to the side the entire time. [01:09:33] Speaker B: Because she sound like an idiot. She is playing herself. This is my left and the. [01:09:43] Speaker C: Should. Honestly, I don't feel like anybody should cheat. I'm not going to say I ain't never cheated. I cheated a hell of a lot. But what I'm saying is if I tell you the truth, you don't have any choice but to respect my truth. So don't. Don't. Yeah, I can't even be salty if you say, yo, all right, I'm about to go slide over here with old boy. Right? That's your choice. Right. Just understand that we don't have no commitment then, or we are committed to being open with each other. We're committed to being open with each other. If I'm openly honest with you and I say that this is what I'm going to do and this is how I'm going to move, then I feel like you should personally be able to move as you choose. Now, if you choose to be loyal homemaker and I get to slide and dip and do whatever the fuck I want, that's your choice. Now, if you agree to even the playing field. And every time you dip, I dip, we dip, and everybody dip. What's that dance? Put me your hand up on my hip. [01:11:07] Speaker D: When I dip, you dip, we dip. [01:11:12] Speaker C: I'm saying that's even in the playing field. I can't come at you sideways because you told me the truth. You know what I'm saying? And any real nigga know that when you putting yourself into a situation like that, it then now becomes a competition. Because I'm going to make sure that my value is higher with you. No matter what I do. I want my value to be as high as it possibly can. And the other nigga is going to try to do the same shit. [01:11:50] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:11:52] Speaker B: I hate to say it, but somebody didn't convince this young lady of some wrong information. Yeah, poor thing. [01:12:00] Speaker C: No, she was speaking from that south of the border type of from her experience. That's how they get there. [01:12:10] Speaker B: She quit her. [01:12:12] Speaker C: They extremely loyal. [01:12:16] Speaker D: Man. Once again, it's another great Thursday. Thank you all for being on people that tapped in. Thank you for tapping in. You the reason why we do this next week's show will be our Christmas episode. We'll be finishing up our eB's giveaways. Please make sure that you tap in. Email us eggsgrits [email protected]. Avon tell the people how they can find you. [01:12:41] Speaker B: You can find me on Instagram at one Voncella. You can also find me on Instagram with grits and ignorance. Did I say that right? [01:12:51] Speaker D: Yes. Grits the letter and ignorance. [01:12:56] Speaker B: The letter in at ignorance, whatever. And you can always catch me here on Monday's recapping power book of Canaan Power, part three. [01:13:12] Speaker D: Yes. The book three. Yes. All that new episode on tonight. [01:13:19] Speaker B: Oh, man, I can't wait. And you can catch me here every Thursday. [01:13:23] Speaker D: Even tell the people how they can find you. Go ahead. [01:13:28] Speaker B: You can catch me on the very necessary podcast. Yoshi Yosh with the mo and Sue. Jisoo. Catch us there every Wednesday. [01:13:40] Speaker D: All right, Evie. Tell the people how they can find. [01:13:42] Speaker B: You on all podcast platforms. [01:13:46] Speaker C: I'll be there, too. I need to get on this very necessary show, see how much shit I could start. But now you can find me on Instagram. That's B-I-G-K-I-D-E-N-V-I underscore chitted ops. As well as that Facebook page, ex grits and ignorance. And the Instagram page, grits the letter and ignorance. And, yo, I'm telling you, I got ten more of these things to give out. [01:14:18] Speaker D: All right, man, they got to get it in. [01:14:21] Speaker C: They got to get it in. You all got to holler at me. Tell me something. I put it out there for you. Tell me something. I'm giving them away. They free. If you shy about that shit, just hit me on the low like, yo, I'm too shy. Holla at you. I got you. I'm giving them away. Matter of fact, I'm going to send one to Vaughn. Vaughn, what's your address? Text me your address. I'm going to send Vaughn one of them things. [01:14:46] Speaker D: One of them things. Send it to. All right. And you can find me on with the booty butter. And you can find me on Twitter, aka x, at iamcoachy, underscore, on Snapchat and Instagram, at the 9th wonder, on Facebook, Yoshi English, and on TikTok at R-E-L-S-T-A-T podcast. Jeff is stupid, man. Until the next time, y'all, we're out. [01:15:12] Speaker B: Bad man, bad man looking good in the bad man drifter, I spot bad man sneak. I got that guy, right? She tell me, Ruga. [01:15:30] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:15:30] Speaker B: I want to spend the rest of me life with you. Me say, no shit.

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