EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 302 "Flipmode"

EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 302 "Flipmode"
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 302 "Flipmode"

Dec 14 2023 | 01:10:50

Episode December 14, 2023 01:10:50

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Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

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Hosts: Ibby, Von, & El Niño


Dive into the gritty streets of New York with the Eggs, Grits, and Ignorance podcast crew as they dissect the latest episode of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan Episode 302." In this electrifying episode, the hosts unravel the intricate plotlines, share laughs over Stefano and Unique's banter, and dissect the crucial moments that left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ibby, Von, and Yoshi discuss the evolving dynamics between Kanaan and his mother, Raq, highlighting Kanaan's determination to carve his path in the dangerous drug game. The team explores the significance of the courier system introduced by Kanaan and its impact on the flagship "Power" series.

Sneakerheads rejoice as the hosts take a moment to appreciate the authentic '90s sneaker game showcased in the episode, from Patrick Ewings to Jordans. The podcast also introduces a new segment, "File This Away for Later," teasing potential connections between Kanaan's actions and the future of the Power universe.

Join the Eggs, Grits, and Ignorance podcast for an engaging and humorous breakdown of the latest "Power Book III" installment. From fashion to street lore, this episode has it all. Don't miss out on the laughs, insights, and giveaways as the crew delves into the world of Canaan and his quest for power.


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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Are you about? [00:00:01] Speaker B: Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group Studios. Located at nine three West Evans street in Florence, South Carolina, Crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming video recording and more. We have state of the art equipment and a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, Crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:00:55] Speaker A: I know heartbreaks, setback, bitch. If I trap out, show them a get back. I've been through the ups and downs, you know, I get a brown sort of melabar the game. If I ain't the cold man or the dope man, I'm almost. [00:01:28] Speaker C: And welcome back. Welcome back to Egi Presents power book three, raising Canaan, episode three. Oh two, season three recap. And I'm here with your boy. Eb Vaughn will be here soon. How's everything? Are you in the Christmas festive season, my brother? [00:01:53] Speaker A: Jingle bells oh, yeah. Batman smells Robin laden ag. [00:01:59] Speaker C: I need somebody to tell me who this song is and who the performer is. The Batmobile lost its wheel no, this song here, man. [00:02:08] Speaker A: And the joker got away. [00:02:10] Speaker C: Oh, my God. [00:02:15] Speaker A: Hey, I fill myself with holiday drinks. [00:02:18] Speaker C: Hey, man, that's it. This is probably one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. [00:02:25] Speaker A: I do not have a real favorite Christmas song. [00:02:27] Speaker C: You don't? [00:02:28] Speaker A: No. [00:02:29] Speaker C: Oh, man. [00:02:33] Speaker A: Well, first of all, I hate Christmas music. I'm not really a fan of Christmas. [00:02:39] Speaker C: Nigga, what? [00:02:41] Speaker A: I'm not. You know what I'm a fan of? Cool, crisp, fresh air and snow. [00:02:50] Speaker C: Me too. Me too. But the music, I can't get that down here. The music puts me in the spirit. [00:02:57] Speaker A: Music. [00:03:00] Speaker C: Lots of mischo, lots of snow. Listen, everywhere we go, quiet singing carol not my dope. [00:03:15] Speaker A: I do have two. Like, my two favorite Christmas songs is, of course, run DMC Christmas and whatever the fuck in Hollis. Christmas and Hollis, right. Those are my two favorites. Christmas and Compton and Christmas and Hollis. [00:03:34] Speaker C: Another one that moved up my board a little bit is this one here? Where we at? Oh, man, I can't find it. Where is it at? [00:03:49] Speaker A: And you know what else I like? If you play silent night before you do something deadly. Yeah, I like that shit. But it has to be, like, done on a piano. You ever see that movie. What was the name of that movie? [00:04:08] Speaker C: What is it? That's not it. Where is this dog going thing at? Well, I guess that's enough for Christmas music because I can't find the one I want. [00:04:23] Speaker A: Well, there's a Quentin Tarantino movie. I forget. I think it's the hateful eight, I think it's called. Either way, there's a part in there where Samuel L. Jackson's about to kill somebody and the dude, Mexican Bob, that was his name, Mexican Bob was playing silent night on the piano just before Sam Jackson killed somebody. I like that. You know, I will say this, though. I do have one winner that I will be mailing one of the, oh. [00:05:09] Speaker C: You got a winner already. We got a winner. [00:05:11] Speaker A: I have one winner that I will be mailing the vibe out. [00:05:17] Speaker C: Got one vibe going out. How many vibes are there? [00:05:22] Speaker A: There are ten in total. [00:05:24] Speaker C: Ten total. Okay. [00:05:26] Speaker A: But there are two extra little something if you a couple that I'm throwing in there. So if you got a man or a girl or whatever, you a couple. I got you two. [00:05:41] Speaker C: Okay. [00:05:44] Speaker A: So altogether it's twelve things. Twelve days of Christmas, twelve different gifts. Boom. [00:05:54] Speaker C: Well, as long as we getting it, also we're going twelve days of Christmas, twelve vibes of Eb. [00:06:07] Speaker A: Yeah. Twelve vibes from Eb. [00:06:12] Speaker C: Twelve vibes from Eevee. Eevee. Yeah, that seems to make sense. But, you know, we here for, we are here for Egi and I can't, yeah, we present the, you know, we talk about all things. [00:06:30] Speaker A: We're going to talk about this raising Canaan. I said we're going to talk about. [00:06:35] Speaker C: This raising Canaan episode was kind of, it was mild. [00:06:41] Speaker A: I think it was more informational. [00:06:43] Speaker C: But I just think that on this episode, I wanted more. [00:06:47] Speaker A: It didn't give me somebody died, so I was satisfied. But I would give it, like, it. [00:06:53] Speaker C: Still didn't give me enough. [00:06:54] Speaker A: I would give it like a five. I would give it, episode wise, I'd give it a five. [00:06:59] Speaker C: You're being a lot more generous than me. [00:07:02] Speaker A: Yeah. Because, look, I was in for the information. I did want to see more because coming off of what I gave it, episode one, to this, it was a downhill, you know what I'm saying? [00:07:20] Speaker C: And that's what I'm saying. Even though the thing that boosted it to a five for me was the end of the episode. And we'll get to that. But for the most part, to me and what we're talking about here is episode 302 entitled Flip Mode. And at the end of the episode, I think it bumped it from a four to a five or a three to a five for me, was the ending of the episode, and they had some little stuff in there. [00:07:52] Speaker A: You know what I did like, because you know how you always talk about, they point out something that will bring you back to that era? And what I thought was on point was the Jordans that Canaan had on the hewings. [00:08:10] Speaker C: That's what I was going to go with. [00:08:12] Speaker A: My dad had on. [00:08:14] Speaker C: Save that for then and now. Save that for then and now things. That's relevant then. That's relevant now. Save it for then and now because that's the segment at the end. [00:08:22] Speaker A: What did you see? But I love that fucking fox body. Fucking Mustang. [00:08:31] Speaker C: Hey, listen. That Mustang. Now, what I will say is, that's probably one of the cars I did want coming up was that Mustang. And the fact that he just was like, nah, I don't want it. And let's get into that scene a little bit. Like Rock had an opportunity to be genuine, to be truthful with Kanan, and at a point in which I think Kanan would have been very open for it and she chose to lie to him that I thought was extremely. He was like, damn, my mom came through with the whip. [00:09:08] Speaker A: I've been saying this shit from season one. When is she going to be honest with him? Just be honest with him. [00:09:20] Speaker C: He know you in the game. There's nothing to hide there. What are you hiding from him? And, you know, one of the things. Do you agree with the statement that I'm not telling you something to protect you? Are you a fan of that statement? Because I'm not. [00:09:38] Speaker A: I can't really say that I am or I'm not. I know I've done it, and I will say this. It does not always work out. You can't hide from the truth. And at some point in time in your life, you got to stop trying to protect people from the truth. [00:10:08] Speaker C: But that seems to be the running theme in all of power. [00:10:11] Speaker A: Raquel. [00:10:13] Speaker C: No, just all of. [00:10:15] Speaker A: But that might be true. But I think Raquel does it the. [00:10:19] Speaker C: Most because ghost did it, Tommy did it in force. Tariq does it. And the scene we're talking about is this one. [00:10:30] Speaker A: Right? Right. You're absolutely right. [00:10:33] Speaker C: Saying that cop killed us. [00:10:38] Speaker A: How it's partner think that's really what happened? As much as they fuck with us, police fuck with their own heads. It think about it now. You think about it. She alluded to the truth. [00:11:04] Speaker C: You can't say you alluded to the truth, son. It's either you told the truth or you didn't. [00:11:10] Speaker A: Right. But you also got to remember, we have the unique perspective of being on the outside, looking in by myself. [00:11:19] Speaker C: No, but he knew was bullshit. Like, he knew it was bullshit too. [00:11:23] Speaker A: That's why he gave that. That's why he gave up the car. [00:11:26] Speaker C: That's why he got up the car, because he knew it was bullshit. [00:11:30] Speaker A: All she could have said, she should have just dealt him the truth. [00:11:33] Speaker C: But that's what I'm saying. [00:11:35] Speaker A: Because honestly, if you want to be real about that shit, there is no more lies between them. There really is no more lies between them, because the ultimate lie has already come to light. You know what I'm saying? [00:11:54] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:55] Speaker A: So there really is no more lies between them. We know who you are. We know how you get down. You just got to relax. [00:12:09] Speaker C: That's another scene. Basically, just relax on the lies. It ain't hard to not lie. You know what I'm saying? [00:12:25] Speaker A: Not if you've been lying for a long ass time. And you got to remember, Raquel been lying since she was, like, 16. You know what I mean? So you've been living a lie so long that you want that lie to be true. You know what I'm saying? You want this nigga to be Defcon, son. You want Howard out of the picture. You want everything. You want your way. You know what saying? And that's. I think, to me, that's the biggest issue when you're greedy. Not necessarily greedy for power or cash, but when you just want everything to be your way. I think that's her fatal flaw, is that she want the game to be played her way. She want her relationships with her family to be one way. She want everything to be one way, and that's her. [00:13:28] Speaker C: Okay, so let's stay there with rock her way, right? She's consistently throughout this thing saying that she's out, but she's getting pulled back in. And he's many, like, Stefano pulls her back in, and we'll get to Stefano in a second. But unique, her current relationship with unique is kind of complex. [00:13:50] Speaker A: It's a little messy. [00:13:51] Speaker C: A little messy. [00:13:53] Speaker A: A little messy. [00:13:54] Speaker C: He got pernisha at the crib. [00:13:57] Speaker A: But real talk in this line of work, who really fucking with their baby mama like that. [00:14:07] Speaker C: He is a parent. He lived with his baby mama. That's his girl. [00:14:11] Speaker A: Yeah, but she ain't no tasha. [00:14:14] Speaker C: But still, does she know the game? She know he in the game, though. [00:14:17] Speaker A: She know he in the game, but she ain't helping him with the still. [00:14:21] Speaker C: She know, though. Like, it ain't like she don't know. [00:14:26] Speaker A: I don't believe, like, you know how they say opposites attract? Opposites do attract, but it's just something about meeting a person that's where you from and can completely understand everything you're doing. But at the same time, I don't put shit past unique, because that's a hustle motherfucker, too. Yeah, and we saw that later in power, too. [00:15:01] Speaker C: We saw that later in the episode that he kind of wants his power back. Hey, Vaughn. Welcome to the show. Miss lady v. What's happening? This we are, you, dollars. [00:15:24] Speaker A: Can need a dollar. [00:15:25] Speaker C: That's what I said. I need a dollar. So do you believe that rock genuinely wants out? [00:15:32] Speaker D: I got a couple of pennies around here I can add up. [00:15:35] Speaker A: I'll take them. [00:15:36] Speaker C: Do you think Rock genuinely wants out? Vaughn, we're talking about Raquel's situation. Do you think she genuinely wants out or do you think that she's being pulled back into the game? [00:15:53] Speaker D: I think she sees that she's losing her son and I think things that she's done, she doesn't want him to go down that same path. So she's trying to get out now, but I think it's a little too late. [00:16:10] Speaker C: The apple is already rotten. You can't go back and undo. [00:16:18] Speaker A: She is literally being pulled feet first back into the game. [00:16:23] Speaker D: I'm like her brother. Name the younger brother. [00:16:27] Speaker A: Lou. Lou? [00:16:28] Speaker C: You like Lou? You like Lou? [00:16:35] Speaker D: What's the younger brother? [00:16:36] Speaker C: Lulu. [00:16:37] Speaker A: Lulu? Yeah, Lou. [00:16:40] Speaker D: Like, Lou said she ain't done. Yeah, Lou said she's not done. I don't think, honestly, my heart of heart is telling me that she's not. But at the same time, I feel like she. I don't. Hard. She's hard to gauge right now. [00:16:59] Speaker A: It's real talk. You got to look at it like this. When you ever see a boss. I don't think she's completely be out the game because there's only two ways and then really one of them ain't. That really ain't out the game. The only way to truly be out the game is to be dead. Because if you get locked up, you can still run your shit from the pen. You know what I'm saying? So the only way to truly be out of the game is to be. [00:17:28] Speaker C: Mean. Yeah, but let's talk about her being drugged back in her and Stefano. Stefano picks her up. She's just finished getting some good loving from unique. He's handling his. [00:17:44] Speaker A: Yo, before you keep going, I want to say this. That was some thug ass shit. Because that nigga Joey badass had on sneakers. She had on the house robe. That nigga was not having no flip flops. [00:18:03] Speaker C: This scene happens a fucking night. [00:18:07] Speaker A: You know. That's not how shit is done. [00:18:09] Speaker E: Fellas, give us a couple of minutes. Hey, and take fucking ubiquitous here with you. [00:18:16] Speaker A: Yeah, be laughing with that shit. [00:18:20] Speaker E: You know what I actually do got a nickname. Yeah, little linguini. Little linguini about to get cooked. [00:18:31] Speaker C: The fuck off. [00:18:34] Speaker E: Comedian, that one. [00:18:36] Speaker A: What the fuck you want? [00:18:42] Speaker C: Hey, that was, that brought up a. Jesus Christ. That brought up a little did you know moment. [00:18:48] Speaker D: I'm a unique fan. [00:18:50] Speaker C: Like that brought up a little did you know moment. [00:18:54] Speaker D: Who is a unique fan? [00:18:56] Speaker C: Like who is Stefano? Anybody knows who Stefano is as a person? Yeah, the actor. Yeah, the actor. Nah, it's my man Tony Danza from who's the boss? [00:19:15] Speaker A: Y'all better stop playing with like, fucking Tony Danza. [00:19:18] Speaker C: Y'all better stop playing with Tony Danza. No, for real. For real. That's Tony Danza. [00:19:26] Speaker A: No, look at. Hold on, let me look it in here. [00:19:30] Speaker C: Look up the credits. Look up the credits. Google the credits. Listen, your boy do his homework. Now. That's the boss. Now, come on. [00:19:39] Speaker D: Now listen. [00:19:41] Speaker C: He acted the fuck out this part. I don't care what nobody say. He acted the fuck out this damn part. Because I was like. So I'm sitting there, I'm watching. I'm like, yo, I know this dude. Like, what did he act in? And I'm going, no shit. I'm going crazy, going crazy, going crazy. And then the ending. [00:20:02] Speaker A: I would have never thought that the. [00:20:04] Speaker C: Ending credits come up and I see Tony Danza. I'm like, yo, who did he play? So I go back and I google, and he was playing Stefano. I was like, I knew. I knew who that was. [00:20:15] Speaker A: I tell you like this from who's the boss? This nigga has grown into a full fledged Italian. [00:20:22] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:20:26] Speaker A: He grew into his full blooded italianness. [00:20:30] Speaker C: But anyway, let's finish off the scene. Let's finish off the scene. [00:20:35] Speaker A: That's ill, Tony Dan. [00:20:36] Speaker E: Almost 3000 degrees in there. [00:20:39] Speaker D: You got us on that one. [00:20:40] Speaker E: Press a button and in a blink of an eye turn a human body into a pile of dust. This furnace made a lot of my problems disappear. Poof. I need you to get one of our friends. [00:21:02] Speaker A: I need one of them. [00:21:03] Speaker E: No, his shit with you is just the latest of Sal's many fucking missteps. Cocksucker has been a problem for years. It's just the politics of this thing of ours prevents us from doing what needs to be done. We have a cold. Thou shalt not whack a boss is the first fucking commandment. [00:21:29] Speaker A: So you want me to kill a Sal because you and your goombas, you two shook to handle your own business. [00:21:33] Speaker E: You want them dead, right? We're on the same team here. [00:21:39] Speaker A: Thing is, I ain't shooting my way out of problems no more, Stefano. I'm going to sit down with Sal, we're going to have a conversation and then we're going to work it out. I'm through with other bullshit. I'm going to tell you like I told my own people, I'm out the game. [00:21:57] Speaker E: I disagree. You don't do this for us, me and the rest of the five families are going to have to line up next to Sally and bury you and your whole. [00:22:08] Speaker C: I'm going to tell you what's crazy about that if you haven't had an opportunity to. I'm watching Godfather of Harlem and he made mention of the five families and godfather of Harlem is at the five families. So I looked it up once again. Bet you didn't know in New York it's never been more than five families in the mob. It's only been they run shit. Five families that run New York. Like I said, that part there was just crazy. Tony Danza played the fuck out that part. [00:22:46] Speaker E: One of dead too. We're on the same team. [00:22:48] Speaker C: Tony Danza played the fuck out that part. I thought this was an important scene. [00:22:53] Speaker A: He has aged different. I'm not going to say it's not a bad thing. [00:22:58] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:22:58] Speaker A: You know how some people just age badly? He aged different. To me, he's completely unrecognizable. [00:23:08] Speaker C: So, Vaughn, do you think that rock navigated this situation and do you think that she dealt with this request in the best way that she possibly could? [00:23:22] Speaker D: I think she dealt with it in the only way she could. [00:23:26] Speaker C: You think so? [00:23:29] Speaker D: I think so. [00:23:32] Speaker A: He gave her no choice. [00:23:33] Speaker D: Why? Pretty much it's either you do what I ask or this is what's going to happen. [00:23:43] Speaker A: The only good thing that comes up is that she doesn't own them. Well, shit, you get your shit shot. [00:23:55] Speaker C: Well, let's go to how she dealt with it herself. I don't know if she's losing herself or did she finally find herself? [00:24:03] Speaker A: No, I don't think she's found herself at all either. [00:24:07] Speaker C: You think she's in flux? [00:24:09] Speaker A: I think she's in a crossroad. She just has not. All right. Her character never had to embrace change. She was who she was because of who she fucked with and how she got down. She stepped into the role. She did what she needed to do. Now she's actually starting to want something different. So she needs to either step into that person that wants something different or that person that wants the game. And that is always that unique power struggle. [00:24:51] Speaker C: Okay, I get that. [00:24:53] Speaker A: Every character. [00:24:56] Speaker C: Well, I think another character here, I wouldn't say they're in a struggle, but we've literally seen this character's transformation. Marvin's growth from episode one of this series to this. Like, marvin was like, hey, can I move the bricks the way got it. He found out that he's got a way to move product in a different arena where he might not get caught by moving it through the club. [00:25:32] Speaker A: Well, he had that before, but he was fucking with the white girl. That's how they got mixed up with the fucking Italians. [00:25:38] Speaker C: Yeah, but I think these white dudes gave him a different end, gives him a different end, because even though she was more white trash, I think she was dealing with more partying whites. This is more business. This looks like Wall street. [00:25:50] Speaker A: He's about to get some of that Wall street money. [00:25:54] Speaker C: He about to get that Wall street money. And then the fact that rock, she called on Lulu, but was more comfortable talking to Marvin and putting it in Marvin's hands to do. And normally, rock would be like, I got to think for you, too, nigga, on this. She was like, hey, man, just get it done. And he came up with the plan, and it was a well executed plan. [00:26:24] Speaker A: I like how he adapted to not being able to hit from the angle he wanted to hit from. [00:26:31] Speaker C: But there was a mailbox. But the escape route, my thought was the escape route, the way he's planned it, to be able to escape through the church. Because remember when he got out the truck, he was like, yeah, go ahead and wait around out back, because he knew he was going to have to run through the church to the back to get there. I thought that that was so insightful on his part. I thought it was. Well, I thought he planned it extremely well. My question, though, is, can he maintain this? What challenges, what challenge can you see him facing? Maintaining this newfound, like, his calm and the methodical way that he's approaching these situations? [00:27:17] Speaker A: Actually, you know what? I think he has a new drive when it comes to that, because Los an old girl the way he did, and then turn around and he lose Kenya. You know what I'm saying? Even though he was like, yo, she had her fucked up ways. He still had love for the woman that gave him his kid. You know what I mean? Because without that, he wouldn't even have jukebox. You know what I'm saying? [00:27:46] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:27:48] Speaker A: I think that of all of the characters who have faced a change, he stepped into his shit the best. And he's going to continue to succeed because, you know what? Calm, if you notice when it comes to this game, being calm, being able to think and calculate and being ruthless all pay off. You know what I'm saying? And that's what Marvin is, because Marvin been a hitter. [00:28:25] Speaker C: But he always joked around, but I think he was more of a. He was more of a soldier and less of a lieutenant or whatever. You know what I'm saying? [00:28:43] Speaker A: He's stepping more into someone that could really be a boss. [00:28:47] Speaker C: Yeah, no, I agree. I think he's embracing and stepping into this newfound role within the family that, shoot, if rock's going to step out, I'm going to step up. But speaking of stepping up, this guy right here, I must say I like the way unique moves, because he has this conversation with Stefano. [00:29:15] Speaker E: If it isn't unusual himself. Then what do we owe this pleasure, Mr. Linguini? How you living? See, you motherfuckers take that sleeping with the fish and shit. Seriously. Like these joints right here. What's these? There's a mandolin fish. Very rare, very pricey. They only made it sunset. Females all group together on a reef, do this fucking crazy dance. Inspires the males to court them. Course, the females favor the biggest and strongest males. So just like in real life. Yeah. Guy like me wouldn't stand a chance on that fucking reef. [00:30:02] Speaker A: You do. [00:30:02] Speaker E: I, Linguini, you got that sauce about you. [00:30:06] Speaker C: You. [00:30:07] Speaker E: The females smell that from a mile away, and I am a hell of a conversationalist, and that goes a long way on land and sea. Not for nothing, but after the tone and tenor of our first meeting, I'm just a little surprised to see you coming through my door. Can I say, man, business is business. [00:30:30] Speaker C: Do you think, before I continue with the conversation, do you think that this particular scene here, like, how unique came in after how they met, do you think that Stefano kind of had some respect for unique in the way that he came in and was like, hey, man, that's just business. [00:30:50] Speaker A: 100%. Because bosses boss up. Like, I didn't take that personal. He's just showing them. I didn't take that shit personal. I literally charged that to the game. And I see that I have an opportunity with you. So if I'm going to take every opportunity I need to get because we already know do want to be number one. Unique has been wanting to be number one since he was beefing a rock before in episode one, season one, season one. You know what I'm saying? So I'm going to take every opportunity I could get and if I need to move a certain way, I'm going to move a certain way. But it also brings me to some other shit before you even continue with it. My little know. I like to throw my shit in. I feel like you need going to be the one to really teach Kane in the game. I feel like that because that conversation that he had with Raquel in the. And then, and then Kanan moving into the field that he want to move into, the two of them could work together. And unique going to teach Kanan the full force. [00:32:20] Speaker D: Because unique ain't forgot about what Rock did. All that is in the back of his mind. And unique is playing the position to get to where he needs to get to. And I'm telling you, he is going to use Canaan against Rock. It ain't going to be good. It's not going to be good. [00:32:40] Speaker A: Who would it? [00:32:43] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:32:47] Speaker D: Unique is my dude right now. [00:32:49] Speaker C: I think unique is genuinely in like with rock. I don't think he has any ulterior motives. I think he's genuinely in like with Rock. I think this is something he's wanted. He's always flirted with her. And I just believe that in this moment where we are currently, I don't trust it. I'm not saying I trust it. By no means am I saying I trust it. I'm just saying where we are in this current landscape, I think that unique is more genuine than we think he is, than I would think he is in this. Because trauma brings people together and. [00:33:35] Speaker A: He. [00:33:36] Speaker C: Could have taken over if he'd have let them boys kill Rock. No, think about. It's no scratch off his back if it happens, right. He doesn't lose anything. Right. Doesn't gain anything. Doesn't lose anything. Right. So if that's the case. But he wanted to do that. [00:33:56] Speaker A: He's infatuated. [00:33:57] Speaker C: Yeah. Because he's got feelings for. So he has genuine, genuine feelings. [00:34:06] Speaker A: He may not be in love with her. [00:34:07] Speaker C: Yeah. Like I said, I think he's really. [00:34:09] Speaker A: In like with her right now. He's in like. Yeah, but I think in the future he's in love, see, because. [00:34:19] Speaker C: I think that if Rock never told him she was out, he's probably talking to Rock about a way to get with Stefano together and them working together to deal with Stefano. I don't think he's trying to go and finesse the situation, but Rock is being animate about she's. Remember and a matter of fact. Okay. [00:34:41] Speaker D: I'm on a different end of the spectrum from you all. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum from you all. See how this season play out? [00:34:49] Speaker C: Yeah. There's a part. Hold on, because I'm going to get to you. This part right here is important because unique says something extremely profound. [00:34:58] Speaker E: I know you and your people's got your hands on that heron faucet. And I was wondering maybe I could tap in with you and we can make some moves together. Rock know you're here? Rock's done. [00:35:10] Speaker C: She's out. [00:35:12] Speaker E: It's part of the game. Don't concern her no more. I mean, at least that's what she told me. Yeah, that's what she told me, too. Sounded like bullshit to me. You believe her? Whether I believe her or you believe her, I think the question is more so whether she believe herself. [00:35:31] Speaker C: Valid point. Does the person saying what they're saying, do they believe it? And in this moment, I think Rock believes that she's out. [00:35:44] Speaker A: She thinks she's out because this is kind of what I was alluding to before, is she's never been touched. She might have been fucked with, she might have had some shootouts, she might have been dealing with some police. You know what I'm saying? It's all a part of the game to her. But niggas never really came through her front door. You know what I'm saying? She never took a real l. There was always a way out. This is like the first l she has taken and it actually hits the heart. And then you got to throw on top of that, she's trying to get her son back, so she's trying to clean up her act instead of being honest. So at some point, Kane is going to keep pressing her. No, Kane is going to, because she's going to keep trying to get him back. So Kayna's going to keep pressing her for the truth. And by the time he gets the real truth from her, she's going to be 2ft in the fucking pool. [00:36:56] Speaker C: Okay. [00:36:57] Speaker A: Again, like they all do. [00:36:59] Speaker D: Because I don't already start. I don't know how far we gotten, but. [00:37:06] Speaker A: Lou is hurting. [00:37:10] Speaker C: Lou is spiraling right now. And I don't know, he just hurt. [00:37:16] Speaker D: He's dragging Canaan into that spiral yeah, wholeheartedly. [00:37:23] Speaker C: 100% agree. [00:37:27] Speaker D: By the time he's done with Canaan, Canaan is going to see his mama so different. Like, he already see her differently, but. [00:37:34] Speaker A: He'S going to, I'm going to tell. [00:37:35] Speaker D: You right now in a whole different light. [00:37:37] Speaker A: Lou about to be collateral damage. I think the death of Lou brings rock back in the game. [00:37:50] Speaker C: Okay. I was trying to find a way to segue. [00:38:00] Speaker A: Segue, but no segue, sir. You should say yoshi, king of segues. [00:38:07] Speaker C: I was trying to find a way to segue there, but I couldn't. But Ronnie, what did we learn about Ronnie this episode? [00:38:18] Speaker A: Hold up. Which one is Ronnie? Ronnie. [00:38:20] Speaker C: Ronnie, unique's brother. [00:38:22] Speaker D: Incognito. [00:38:26] Speaker C: When pernicious, Ronnie is strange. [00:38:29] Speaker A: First of all, this nigga got OCD. He got some type of PTSD OCD. He might be gay. He about to begin. That fucking bouncer, nigga. That bouncer about to give that bounce all the way the fuck up. [00:39:02] Speaker D: He talks with authoritativeness. [00:39:08] Speaker C: Before he went in, he ran shit. [00:39:09] Speaker A: Before he got locked up by unique. [00:39:12] Speaker C: Like we talked about. It's the diamond and Jennard effect, you know what I mean? When I went in, things were run a certain way. And now I get out and things are totally different. [00:39:22] Speaker A: I'm going to tell you like this. If you want to compare the two characters, Ronnie's way more scarier. I'm taking Ronnie over Diamond. I'm taking Ronnie over any of them BMF niggas. [00:39:43] Speaker C: Remember we did bmF? [00:39:44] Speaker A: I'm taking Ronnie over any of them BMF niggas. [00:39:47] Speaker C: She was like, he was sitting on the couch with the lights off. He was staring. Sitting on the couch with the lights off, staring at the tv. He's like, so what? He's probably likes to watch the news or something like that. She was like, no. [00:40:00] Speaker A: He said he likes can watch soaps at night. [00:40:02] Speaker C: Yeah, he liked soaps at night. She was like, no, the tv was off. Danny was staring at off the tv. That's off. [00:40:11] Speaker A: Prison changed this nigga for the worst. [00:40:16] Speaker C: I don't know. He was not rehabilitated. [00:40:19] Speaker A: This nigga came out a different nigga. She have every right to be. [00:40:24] Speaker C: She got every right to be scared. [00:40:26] Speaker A: This nigga is 100% what they call 730 in New York. It's called 730. That nigga is 730. [00:40:34] Speaker C: Listen, if I'm Pernicia, me and the kid is leaving strange, we out. [00:40:43] Speaker A: I hope she catch this nigga unique cheating with Raquel and she have an excuse to leave because she needs an exit. I got you, bro. [00:40:59] Speaker D: Thank you. [00:41:03] Speaker A: I was struggling with this until this moment. Literally until this fucking moment. Episode eight, unique. Girlfriend dies. Pernica kills her. [00:41:13] Speaker C: That's the innocent that dies, okay? [00:41:16] Speaker A: That's the only innocent in the game right now. [00:41:20] Speaker C: It's a couple. It's a couple. [00:41:23] Speaker A: Going, name one. [00:41:29] Speaker D: I think Rock might kill her. [00:41:33] Speaker C: I don't think she's going to put herself in the position for rock to kill her. [00:41:37] Speaker A: No. Ronnie going to kill that ass. [00:41:39] Speaker C: Well, speaking of killing. [00:41:44] Speaker D: Okay, we come. [00:41:45] Speaker C: Across a funeral for a one burke and odly enough, or ironically enough, Howard gives the eulogy, and a damn good eulogy, if I do say so myself. [00:41:59] Speaker A: That was an omission of guilt. [00:42:05] Speaker D: I mean, he stated the obvious. [00:42:08] Speaker C: She hated me. [00:42:12] Speaker A: No, but if you think about it. [00:42:13] Speaker D: Different, because they wouldn't have been. [00:42:17] Speaker A: No, everything he said was true. I do believe everything he said was true. Because when he first got introduced to her being his partner, she literally was investigating him nonstop. What's he hiding? Because all he literally was hiding was his leukemia. You know what I'm saying? But then she started seeing the connections with Canaan and stepping into other shit. [00:42:46] Speaker C: And whatever she was always in. That nigga draws like she was always 40, all up his toilet bowl and didn't know shit. [00:42:55] Speaker A: But this is it. He had to become a better cop to hide the shit he was doing. To hide the fact that his own son shot him to keep his own son out of jail. So he literally told the truth. [00:43:13] Speaker C: I get it. It does make a whole bunch of sense. It does make a lot of sense, but I'm going to come back. [00:43:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I think that shit was perfect. [00:43:24] Speaker C: Okay, we got a couple of things. I got a new segment to introduce. File this away for later. [00:43:31] Speaker A: Yoshi. Aka new segment. [00:43:33] Speaker C: Yes. File this away for later. No, because you're going to like this one. You're going to like this one. All right, so let's get into rabbit fire. The baselli baptism scene, didn't it give you kind of a godfather esque feel? [00:43:56] Speaker A: I haven't watched the godfather enough times to remember. [00:43:59] Speaker C: I'm just saying the feel of know they have the baptism and they're walking out. It's all slow and it's on the steps. [00:44:10] Speaker A: I could tell you this, if I didn't know that rock had to kill him, I would have felt like he was going to die that day anyway because of the way. [00:44:28] Speaker C: The way his actions was moving, the. [00:44:30] Speaker A: Way the FBI showed up to the crib, the way he was sitting in front of the stained glass window. He really expressed to his wife how much. [00:44:39] Speaker D: And the way his wife was like, you got to be here. [00:44:42] Speaker C: You got to go. [00:44:44] Speaker A: He literally told his wife goodbye before he died. [00:44:48] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:44:49] Speaker A: You know what I'm saying? The way that played out was too perfect. [00:44:57] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:44:57] Speaker A: And this is why they got that five from me, because the information was there. Yeah. [00:45:04] Speaker C: You can see it coming. Well, we knew he had to. Like, even from the time that rock was given ultimatum, even though you didn't know how, you knew he was going to die by the end of this episode. [00:45:19] Speaker A: When the only thing I was saying to myself watching that shit was like, please, why the fuck is he walking out with the baby? Like, give the baby to the mama, please. [00:45:33] Speaker C: You know what other hint I. [00:45:34] Speaker D: Maybe he thought if he had the baby, it will save him. [00:45:39] Speaker A: He didn't know he was going to die. [00:45:40] Speaker C: You know what other hint I. [00:45:42] Speaker A: He knew he was going to die, but he didn't know he was going to die. [00:45:45] Speaker C: Then I'm going to tell you what another hint that he was going to die was in episode one. [00:45:53] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:45:56] Speaker C: The hint in episode one. Yeah, but the hint in episode one is with the emergence of Stefano's role, power could only use one Italian at a time. So Stefano got more lines. That means Sal got to go because Stefano got too many lines. And then you got another heartwarming part. Was Nicole's father showing that care for jukebox. I thought that was kind of a heartwarming moment. [00:46:34] Speaker A: I don't think that was a heartwarming moment. Well, you know what? [00:46:40] Speaker C: I do think it's a heartwarming moment, because you're talking about people. [00:46:45] Speaker A: I feel like the only thing it did was show that that man doesn't have any closure yet. [00:46:54] Speaker C: Well, no, I don't think it's that. [00:46:55] Speaker A: He didn't have any. Like, he's hanging on to juke. [00:46:59] Speaker C: No, I don't think that's the case, because although he's always taken to deal, he's had to grapple with that and for this opportunity, because it's an opportunity that came into his lap that had him bring it to juke. [00:47:15] Speaker A: You know what? [00:47:15] Speaker C: I'll say this through a friend of. [00:47:17] Speaker A: Connection, as being a person or a parent who has lost a child, I can honestly say that all I want for my kids is really for them to be happy and properly loved. You know what I'm saying? And I think that he sees that in juke. [00:47:41] Speaker C: Okay. [00:47:42] Speaker A: Or shall I say Laverne? Because he will never see. [00:47:47] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah. [00:47:48] Speaker A: He will only see. [00:47:50] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:47:51] Speaker A: You know what I'm saying? And he wants to hold on to the love that he had for his daughter through jukebox, and that's what he's doing. [00:48:04] Speaker C: Okay. Jukebox's decision to give up music, it does seem logical. She is bullshit. No, it does. And I liken her to the main character in Maya Angelou's I know why the cage bird sings. In that book, in that novel, she stops talking after a man that raped her, she opened up her mouth. Well, I wouldn't say she opened her mouth, but she told who raped her. And her uncles go out and actually kill him when he gets off real light on his sentence, and she feels as though her mouth, like her speaking opened up. Her speaking was kind of associated with death. And if you look here, every time that jukes kind of embraced song and embraced her talent, somebody's died. She embraced her talent and went out with Nicole, and they did the video, and Nicole was so vested in getting juke to sing. And what happened to Nicole? Nicole dies, then her mom gets her vested into singing again. She's put herself back together with this singing situation, and her mom dies. So I do think it's logical in that music or the singing is associated with pain for her. So who wants to feel that pain all the time? [00:49:42] Speaker A: But every character needs a duality. [00:49:45] Speaker C: And I'm not saying this is hers. I'm not saying that. [00:49:52] Speaker A: Because if she's not going to sing anymore. [00:49:54] Speaker C: Shut the fuck up, Jeff. This is called good podcasting, my nigga. Shut the fuck up. All right. [00:50:02] Speaker A: I'm happy Jeff tapped in because I do have a slight little announcement. I did confirm it. I just talked to Terika, and the big hit envy's booty butter will be on the way. [00:50:17] Speaker C: Okay. [00:50:17] Speaker A: It is on the way. Going down. [00:50:22] Speaker C: But, yes, I did compare. [00:50:24] Speaker A: Jeff, I will send you a sample. [00:50:26] Speaker C: It's called making. It's text to text, my brother. Text to text. [00:50:33] Speaker A: That is writing. Tell the non english teacher that he can't talk about this. [00:50:40] Speaker C: Yes. Biology teacher. He teaches science. [00:50:45] Speaker A: Because you have to write the script and the book. [00:50:49] Speaker D: Well, there's a formula. Everything. [00:50:52] Speaker C: Yeah. So I could see how it's logical for her not to want to sing because it's associated with pain. Who wants to do anything that brings them pain? [00:51:02] Speaker A: That's a fact. [00:51:05] Speaker D: And all she witnessed was pain. Every time she tried to move forward. [00:51:12] Speaker C: We even forget about the fact that her uncle stole her song. [00:51:18] Speaker A: All right. Why did she come back later in the episode? [00:51:22] Speaker C: Well, because he questioned her, remember? [00:51:24] Speaker D: What else do she have. [00:51:25] Speaker C: Remember, Lou gets with Lou? No, because he apologized to her. [00:51:31] Speaker A: Came over there with the records, ready to. [00:51:35] Speaker C: No, I think she went over there with the records. Yes, but remember, she was, like. She was prepared, but she was telling Lou that she didn't want to do it, though. But she was telling Lou she didn't want to do it. And she went to Lou because Lou's in music. And I think that Marvin's her father. And you always have a different relationship with an uncle or aunt. You just do. Growing up, I had a different relationship with my auntie concida than I had with my mom or my dad or even my grand. I had a different relationship with my grandmother. So if it was somebody. [00:52:10] Speaker A: I heard that name a lot. [00:52:12] Speaker C: What, Auntie Kachida? Yeah. So as everybody who knows me, that's my tia. That's my dog. But she confides in Lou, and that's been ever since season one, episode one. She confides in Lou even before the music. So when she goes to Lou and Lou raises the question, he's like, well, why not do it? Why are you not doing it? Well, your mom's death doesn't have anything to do with you. Oh, girl o deed. And he gave her because his apology was necessary, and juke appreciated it. You know what. [00:52:54] Speaker A: Everybody? I think everyone wants to be fortful. And that apology and the explanation or the conversation that they had brings Lou back onto her side. His distancing from Raquel brings them together. [00:53:28] Speaker C: And I think it brings. [00:53:31] Speaker A: His passion as well as hers. [00:53:33] Speaker C: Yeah, but it also brings Canaan to the fold, too, as well, because I think it continues to boister, because I think Canaan is going to. He's going to attach himself to anybody who is not fucking with rock. If you're not fucking with rock, you can fuck with Kanan. [00:53:50] Speaker A: We need a way to get rid of fame. We need fame. We need a way to get rid of famous. [00:53:58] Speaker C: Jeff asked a good question. [00:54:00] Speaker A: Pushing him into the music is a way for Canaan to get himself into the mix more. [00:54:08] Speaker C: Jeff asks a good question. So is the pain she's feeling now the beginning of the path that leads to her becoming the jukebox from the flagship show? No, I think that this is the beginning, because she does want to go into the army. She does think about the police force in this episode. [00:54:25] Speaker A: She's running from her pain. [00:54:27] Speaker C: Yeah, but I do think that there's something else coming down the line. [00:54:32] Speaker D: I think she's looking for an out. [00:54:34] Speaker A: She has to completely get away from singing because if you notice, jukebox in the flagship show did not sing. [00:54:46] Speaker C: Yeah, she did in one scene. She hummed in one scene. Yeah. I said she hummed in one scene. Yeah. [00:54:53] Speaker A: She could have sung. They could have made her sing. You know what I'm saying? [00:54:59] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:54:59] Speaker A: So there's something else that happens. There's something else. It's going to happen. [00:55:05] Speaker C: Yeah, I think it's something else later on that's going to happen that pushes her to be the jukebox that we end up learning about. Listen, was it nothing funnier in this episode? I'm going to go ahead and add it. It's my favorite scene when, damn, Stefano is coming up with all these damn names for unique. And my favorite one was ubiquitous. Yo, yo, he was fucking killing and he was killing. We're gonna have to post that clip on. [00:55:46] Speaker A: Writers did good with. [00:55:47] Speaker C: Listen, let me see. [00:55:53] Speaker A: I could tell you right now, I probably will not be able to post that. Because it's too hard to screenshot stars. [00:55:59] Speaker C: Oh, no, you can't screenshot stars. It's a lot of work. [00:56:02] Speaker A: I can't get it done. [00:56:05] Speaker C: It's a lot of work to get it done. [00:56:06] Speaker D: Can't you screen record? [00:56:09] Speaker C: No, you can't. [00:56:10] Speaker A: It'll black it out. [00:56:12] Speaker C: Let me see if I could get it here, nigga. [00:56:16] Speaker A: Niggas just going to have to watch the episode and enjoy that part. [00:56:19] Speaker E: Hey, guys, you ever notice the movies? I don't suppose your mother came up with that. I'm priceless. [00:56:29] Speaker A: What is this? That was it. That was the beginning of the end for me. He ain't got shit to do with this. [00:56:36] Speaker E: I'm unique. Fuck are you? Me? I'm priceless. Sit him down. Sit him down. [00:56:47] Speaker A: From that point, I'm priceless. [00:56:51] Speaker E: I don't suppose your mother came up with that one. Hey, guys, notice the moolies? Fucking moolies. They got all the best nicknames. Us fucking Italians. We get the garbage, we get bullshit like the chin, scarface, fucking Joe, bananas nose. They call me the big fish. But you people got the fucking best ones. Unique. Fat cat, the king of pop. Hey, what do you say? You got a good nickname for me? Sniggle. Want to be his fucking daddy and give him a name? [00:57:43] Speaker D: Sally. [00:57:44] Speaker A: I like the way he looked at his man. His man knew exactly what to do. [00:57:48] Speaker E: You to an item coming through my. [00:57:51] Speaker A: Kitchen door like that in the middle of the fucking night. You know that's not how shit is done. [00:57:56] Speaker E: Fellas, give us a couple of minutes. Hey, and take fucking ubiquitous here with you. [00:58:08] Speaker C: Take ubiquitous over here real quick. Two more things. Rock needs to broaden her perspective beyond trying to buy Canaan's affection. There's a disconnect understanding between them. With her acting as a protective adult, she's lost in the sauce, and she's got to figure out that you just can't lie to him. You just got to give your kids the underdulterated truth is what it is. [00:58:38] Speaker A: You can still lie to him. Just tell him the truth now. Get that shit out the way. Lie about some other shit that he don't know about. [00:58:48] Speaker C: Marvin's side hustle holds potential, especially if he can enlist demo's collaboration. They make a formidable team. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Marvin and new. That's. That's the new moves. Marvin. And that's the dude that was driving the truck. Y'all need to pay attention to the mean. [00:59:07] Speaker A: He's not relevant. [00:59:08] Speaker C: Like, pay attention to the characters names. Like, we podcast. [00:59:11] Speaker A: That's the wheelchair dude. [00:59:12] Speaker D: Yeah, I pay attention. [00:59:15] Speaker A: Nah, his name is dude. [00:59:16] Speaker C: In the favorite scene, we get into your favorite scenes. What's your favorite scene, Vaughn? [00:59:30] Speaker D: My favorite scene? Favorite scene? [00:59:34] Speaker C: Yeah, from this episode. What was your favorite scene? [00:59:42] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm trying to think. Oh, my favorite. [00:59:48] Speaker C: I need you to look at the notes that I send you. [00:59:50] Speaker D: Well, hold on. [00:59:52] Speaker A: You tell us that you sent notes? [00:59:54] Speaker D: No, I didn't. I think one of my favorite scenes is when Canaan pulled the car over. It was like, it's nice, but I can get my own. That whole scene leading up to that, that's probably my favorite because he's letting her know you ain't going to run me with your gifts and your lies. I think, to me, that's my favorite. [01:00:22] Speaker C: Yep, I definitely agree there. Evie, what's your favorite scene? [01:00:32] Speaker A: Anything with fucking Stefano and fucking unique. But it's not so much the humor because I do enjoy comedy, but it was the realness of the conversations that they're actually having. [01:00:49] Speaker C: And to me, it was the chemistry between the two actors. [01:00:53] Speaker A: Yeah, there was a good vibe. But, you know, if you think about it, both the asses is from New York. Because, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Tony Dan. [01:01:02] Speaker C: Tony Danza is from New York. Tony Dan. [01:01:04] Speaker A: And so is Joey Badass, you know? [01:01:08] Speaker C: All right. [01:01:10] Speaker A: It's always a good vibe when you get actors in the same space. And I would like to just publicly say, courtney Kemp, please take a note from the hiring of your actors in this show to the hiring of. [01:01:25] Speaker C: But you do know that she's not the creator of this. [01:01:29] Speaker A: Uh huh. She should be. [01:01:30] Speaker C: Look at the credits. She's not the creator of this particular. Not. She's not the writer or creator. She's not on the credits for this one. [01:01:41] Speaker A: But check this out. Raising Canaan, Tariq, that's booktube and the flagship show, all based in New York. All great actors. I know there's some great actors that come out of Chicago. [01:02:00] Speaker C: They just can't. [01:02:01] Speaker A: But we should not be having the tubi niggas. [01:02:03] Speaker C: Yeah, they. All the good actors are on the shy. So, new segment I'm putting in here, and I want you guys to think about it as we go along. [01:02:13] Speaker D: You didn't tell us your favorite. [01:02:15] Speaker C: Oh, no, my favorite scene. I played it. No, my favorite scene. [01:02:18] Speaker A: Anything. [01:02:19] Speaker C: Yeah. My favorite scene was the one where they was him calling him ubiquitous. Hey, my name is priceless. Yeah. So father's away for later. Basically, it's a part of the episode that plays a role in the future. Flagship power. So in this episode, it was two fathers away moments for me, fathers away for later one. What did Kanan learn how to do that he passes down to Tommy and Ghost. The courier system. [01:02:49] Speaker A: Yeah, I was about to say that the courier. Because they was running that and that actually played into fucking Tariq shit, too. [01:03:01] Speaker C: Yeah, the courier system. [01:03:03] Speaker A: Couriers. I was wondering when they were going to get into this laundry mat shit. Where did he get that idea? [01:03:11] Speaker C: Yeah. And you're seeing how everything is kind of coming from Canaan. And then my next one is. [01:03:20] Speaker A: What. [01:03:20] Speaker C: Is the name of Burke's female friend? [01:03:28] Speaker A: Medina or some shit like. [01:03:31] Speaker D: Girl. [01:03:32] Speaker C: Yeah. So I'm trying to wait for them to link her to Medina of the flagship power. So that's my two files away for later moments. All right, then and now Eb referenced the then and now moment sneaker game. Was on point. [01:03:52] Speaker A: Was on point in this episode. [01:03:53] Speaker C: Had the Patty Ewings out there. Some Jordans out there. [01:03:57] Speaker A: Patrick unions the Jordans. [01:03:59] Speaker C: Yeah, it was right for the times. [01:04:01] Speaker A: Some of the leather coats. [01:04:03] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. Unique. [01:04:06] Speaker A: Definitely that Fox body. [01:04:11] Speaker C: Fox buddy. Mustang on the Daytons. Oh, yeah, on Gold coast. Yeah. [01:04:21] Speaker D: So remember when Unique's brother said left wrist? Remember he had the blood where that came from? [01:04:31] Speaker A: The blood on. Because he helped. Raquel. [01:04:35] Speaker C: Raquel to the. Yeah. From episode one. [01:04:41] Speaker A: Okay. [01:04:42] Speaker C: All right. Who's your big loser in this episode? Evie. [01:04:47] Speaker A: Shit. Biggest loser for me in this episode, I'm going to say Burke's girlfriend, Medina. Yeah. She got shitted on. [01:04:59] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [01:05:01] Speaker A: Pops was not trying to hear none. [01:05:03] Speaker C: Of that, but I don't think she's trying to go away either. What about you, Vaughn? Biggest loser. [01:05:13] Speaker D: Burke. [01:05:14] Speaker C: Burke. [01:05:15] Speaker D: She's my biggest loser. [01:05:17] Speaker C: She's going to continue to be a loser for a long time. Yeah, my biggest loser, my biggest loser. [01:05:28] Speaker D: Is Sally Burke herself. Burke got Merck. [01:05:32] Speaker C: My biggest loser is Sally. My boy Sally. [01:05:36] Speaker A: I didn't think you would go with an obvious one, yosh. [01:05:40] Speaker C: Yeah, man, I usually come out in left field, but I had so much other homework to do on this episode. Jeff says biggest loser was juke because something she loves now is tied to pain. Okay, good point. Biggest winner. Oh. Dejanae shouts out to Djane, joining us from the DjNay podcast. Make sure y'all tap into that profile pit. Make sure you tap into her new episode. Came out Monday afternoon, Monday night, actually. Really funny episode. She discusses her altercation with a woman who is trying to take her man and she has since posted about her man every single day since then. [01:06:24] Speaker A: I hope her boxing gloves is laced up tight. [01:06:27] Speaker C: Oh, no, listen, according to the episode, you got to listen to the episode to get the full story. Biggest winner. Vaughn, who's your biggest winner? [01:06:39] Speaker A: Dejanae? I thought we did it already. [01:06:42] Speaker C: We did. The biggest loser, ma'am. [01:06:46] Speaker D: Okay. Biggest winner. [01:06:49] Speaker C: It could be Burt. I would say she ain't got to worry about what's name no more. You say unique. [01:06:56] Speaker D: Unique. To me, he's the biggest winner. [01:06:58] Speaker C: Okay, eb. [01:07:02] Speaker A: I'm actually going to go with Canaan on this one. [01:07:06] Speaker C: Okay. [01:07:07] Speaker A: Yeah, because I agree. My man, my man, my man. Nobody messing with it. [01:07:20] Speaker C: DJ was on one. Go ahead. [01:07:23] Speaker A: I will say Canaan because you see, know in this episode, he kind of was not really disrespectful to his mom's. He just kind of politely let her know, like, not for the bullshit. I copped my own whips. And you see him start to piece together the puzzle of how he going to get his money because he said it. Everybody could get money out here. You just got to find your own lane. And he going to find his own lane. He found his own lane and he's not going to fucking take no. Even when I say take no shorts, he's like, he's not taking the bullshit from his mom. So I'm fucking with Kanan at all. I'm fucking with Kanan as my biggest winner right now. [01:08:22] Speaker C: Biggest winner, biggest winner, biggest winner. My biggest winner is Howard. His speech went off and he seems to continue with his mask being on. And my next winner, I have two winners. My second winner is Pernisha because she made it through another night. Staying in the house with Ronnie without dying. [01:08:45] Speaker D: Facts. That is the truth. That nigga. [01:08:55] Speaker C: Hey, y'all, man, if you want to join the conversation, man, you want to hop in and get your stuff in and get your information in, email us at eggsgrits [email protected]. And make sure you join the ignorance on social media. It's scrolling there at the bottom. Our social media platform. On all social media platforms, it's grits, the letter n ignorance. Eb. Tell the people how they can find you. [01:09:20] Speaker A: You can find me giving shit away because I'm still giving it away. I only got one winner. I only got one winner. Holiday vibe giveaway. So get at me. And that's how you can find me. [01:09:36] Speaker C: Okay, Vaughn, tell the people how they can find you. [01:09:43] Speaker D: You can find me on Instagram at one Voncella. You can also find me on the exits and ignorance podcast here on every Monday, Thursday, or whenever we show up. [01:09:57] Speaker C: Tuesday, Friday, Monday. You can always find us on the Thursday. [01:10:03] Speaker D: Instagram at Grits, you can always find. [01:10:07] Speaker C: Us on the Thursday. Now, Mondays, Tuesdays are shaky, but you can always find us on the Thursday. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Make sure that you come back to find us, man. We will be here normal time tomorrow. [01:10:20] Speaker A: And I'm giving shit away. [01:10:21] Speaker C: And we're giving shit away tomorrow. So please go ahead and tap in tomorrow. [01:10:26] Speaker A: Booty butter coming. [01:10:28] Speaker C: All right, y'all. Man, until the next time, y'all enjoy the week. [01:10:36] Speaker A: And, you know, I mean, I feel smiling like I never seen before. I love you. Madness.

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