EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 306 "Into the Darkside"

EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 306 "Into the Darkside"
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
EGI Presents Power Book III: Raising Kanaan Episode 306 "Into the Darkside"

Jan 17 2024 | 01:00:59

Episode January 17, 2024 01:00:59

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Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

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Hosts: Ibby, Von, & El Niño

On today's episode, the crew discusses Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 as it heats up! They discuss the truths unraveling, alliances shift, and the streets of South Jamaica, Queens, ignite with tension. Famous spills Raq's secrets, severing ties with Kanan. Lou-Lou's confession risks exposing Raq's darkest deeds. As Raq returns to the game, Ronnie and Kanan form an uneasy partnership. Meanwhile, the task force targets Marvin, oblivious to the real threat. The battle lines are drawn, and in this explosive episode, the stakes are higher than ever. Will alliances hold, or will the streets of South Jamaica witness a showdown for the ages? #RaisingKanan #PowerBookIII 


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:28] Speaker A: Do you have a podcast that you're passionate about? Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group Studios. Located at nine three West Evans street in Florence, South Carolina, Crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming, video recording and more. We have state of the art equipment and a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, Crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:01:22] Speaker B: You I'm a husky, baby. [00:01:24] Speaker C: I'm a husky. I know. Heartbreaks, set back, bitch. [00:01:29] Speaker D: If I trap out and show, I'm a get back. [00:01:31] Speaker C: I've been through the ups and downs, you know, I get a brown sort of me solid again. [00:01:42] Speaker B: You know what we do? You ready? Drop it right now. [00:01:45] Speaker D: Ultra semo, long side, white glass. [00:01:48] Speaker C: Here we go. Tune for them. I didn't message you like. Well, I got one tonight. Welcome back to eggs, grits and ignorance presents Power Book three Raising Canaan season three episode 306 if you want to join the conversation, jump in the comments or email us at eggsgrits [email protected]. I'm your host, the 9th wonder, and I am here with the best recap team in the land. I don't care who does it, though. Nobody do it better than us. It is Eb and Vaughn, and we are here on our big Tuesday right after MLK and a great weekend of football. Hey, man, what makes it any better than this, man? Friends, drinks, power. How does it get any better than this? [00:02:49] Speaker D: Change the fucking song. [00:02:51] Speaker C: Shut the fuck up your ass. [00:02:53] Speaker D: You wanted to be better. [00:02:56] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:02:56] Speaker D: What the fuck. What the fuck is that shit? That old tribal ass shit. [00:03:03] Speaker C: Okay, hold on. [00:03:05] Speaker B: Afrobeats, right? [00:03:07] Speaker C: Yeah, that's Afrobeats. [00:03:09] Speaker D: He's such a. Afrobeat is trash. I don't vibe to that shit. That shit is boring. That shit is as boring as this club music. I fucking hate club music, too. [00:03:26] Speaker B: I ain't down with you. [00:03:28] Speaker C: Got to do a little something different. [00:03:33] Speaker D: I'm in my own fucking vibe. Fuck that shit. [00:03:37] Speaker C: All right. Hey, Evie. Actually, we had somebody who had a message for. [00:03:42] Speaker D: Yo. [00:03:43] Speaker C: Hold up. [00:03:43] Speaker D: Before you even get to it, if it's about the Cowboys, I will dead ass log the fuck off because I wouldn't want to hear no cowboy shit. I will log off about the Cowboys. Log the fuck off. [00:03:59] Speaker C: It's directly to you every day. [00:04:03] Speaker D: Cowboy. If it's about the Cowboy cost of. [00:04:07] Speaker C: League, they stood up to defend their city and defend their team. Except in the city that deserve it the most. Except the team that's most recognizable and deserve it the most. What do you do when all you have don't understand what they have? When I got here, I understood the men before me. They built the Dallas Cowboys. [00:04:40] Speaker D: They made this America's team. [00:04:43] Speaker C: They put a championship on the table before I got here. My job while I was here is to match what they have done for us. They built it. They handed it to me. Put my damn championship on the table. That's all we ask. Put your damn championship on the table and you couldn't do it. All ass has got to go. [00:05:13] Speaker D: Ahead. Why? [00:05:19] Speaker C: Listen. [00:05:24] Speaker B: I bring him back. I want you to know that. [00:05:28] Speaker C: Listen, let me tell you something. Hello. He's back. He's back. See, he's back. Hello. Hey, what's going on? Ronnie, my brother. Frat brother, man. Happy Father's Day. January 9 was a couple of days ago, but all day, every day, you, my dog. [00:05:45] Speaker B: Wanted you to know I'm with you. I didn't appreciate that either. [00:05:50] Speaker C: Are you a cowboys? [00:05:52] Speaker B: My thing is, all these other teams. I am a Cowboys fan. We're not going to get into all that. [00:06:02] Speaker C: But you got a new team. [00:06:03] Speaker B: What I will say is half of the people that out there talking team didn't even make it to where the Cowboys made it. The hate is so real. [00:06:14] Speaker C: See, that's the problem. [00:06:15] Speaker B: The hate is so real. [00:06:17] Speaker C: The issue is the hate is so real. Let me cut the music. It's not hate. See, here's the deal. [00:06:25] Speaker B: It is very much so. It is. [00:06:27] Speaker C: No, it is not hate. It is not hate. But when you bloviate, it is all about hate. When you poke your chest, out you go, we are the best. And we is. [00:06:38] Speaker B: And you supposed to always think that you're the best. You're supposed to always. You should never think anything beneath yourself. You're humble with it. Yes. [00:06:53] Speaker C: No talk about it. We got two Super Bowls since you all want a playoff game. Let's not do that. So let's not do that. We got two Super Bowls since you all want to play off, since I've been in high school. Yeah, that part. So let's not do that now. [00:07:23] Speaker B: We even talk. Game over with. [00:07:25] Speaker C: Why are we still talking about let's not do that? I mean, Philly fans, too. Everybody was poking out the chest and was like, yeah, we going to the soup. Niggani got a big ass soup bowl. [00:07:41] Speaker D: Take your ass to the crib. [00:07:45] Speaker C: They got a grapefruit lady all day, man. The problem isn't the Cowboys, it's the fans. You all are so goddamn delusional. We going to the Super bowl. [00:07:58] Speaker D: We going to the Super bowl. [00:08:00] Speaker C: Ain't been the shit since. [00:08:02] Speaker B: That's right. Speak it, manifest it, manifest it, speak it, speak it. [00:08:06] Speaker C: What? Manifest what manifested. You all going to a Super bowl next year. You all going next year. That what you said? Every year since I've been a senior high school. We going next year. [00:08:16] Speaker D: When I ever see that? [00:08:17] Speaker B: Every year. [00:08:18] Speaker C: We going next year. [00:08:20] Speaker D: When I ever see that shit, dog. [00:08:24] Speaker C: No, let's be real this time. I kept it a buck. I said, you know what? They've been embarrassed enough. I don't need to post. [00:08:35] Speaker D: When do I talk shit? Anybody? [00:08:40] Speaker C: Except for when you, Ferranda, of the Perfect People podcast and of the Laser Sadness podcast, every now and then, y'all are the only two realistic, actual, non. What's the word I'm looking for? Non delusional Cowboys fans. I know. [00:09:02] Speaker D: So my question is, why niggas got to come for me? [00:09:11] Speaker C: Michael Irvin sent a message. [00:09:15] Speaker D: But Michael Irvin did what Michael Irvin did, and so did Emma Smith. And so did Emma Smith. Emma Smith wasn't for me, neither. [00:09:27] Speaker C: That why I'm saying, like, he was like, cowboy fans, listen. He don't talk reckless. He loyal to his team. I know. [00:09:35] Speaker D: I am loyal. Who's y'all? [00:09:48] Speaker C: Spoken like a true cowboy fan. There are no Cowboys fan. Want to talk sports today? [00:09:55] Speaker D: What do you mean? [00:09:55] Speaker B: We could talk any sports. We want to talk about the show. [00:09:59] Speaker C: All right. [00:09:59] Speaker B: We could talk sports 30 minutes earlier if you want to talk about damn. [00:10:03] Speaker D: Cowboys, we could talk sports, but I don't have time to live in the past. [00:10:07] Speaker C: You wasn't ready 30 minutes earlier. You wasn't ready 30 minutes earlier. [00:10:12] Speaker B: Well, you should have talked about it last week when it happened. [00:10:15] Speaker C: I wasn't trying to talk about it. It was a message that I had to play. It was sent directly. [00:10:21] Speaker B: You wanted to play. [00:10:22] Speaker D: It sent directly to me. It makes you feel good. It makes him feel good. [00:10:30] Speaker C: You know what? [00:10:32] Speaker D: It's all good. [00:10:41] Speaker C: And to quote the great philosopher red man, I'll be that. All right. Let's rock and ride on this great Tuesday because it's a wonderful Tuesday. [00:10:57] Speaker D: Fuck, everybody. [00:10:58] Speaker B: We're loud and proud. [00:11:00] Speaker C: It's a wonderful Tuesday. [00:11:02] Speaker B: I know around the club fuck everybody. Sleep. Can't fuck everybody. [00:11:11] Speaker C: That's what the Green Bay packers was doing on your field. But anyway, as I digress, all right, episode ranking from one to ten. Vaughn, rank it from one to ten. This episode here. [00:11:31] Speaker B: I would say this was a good seven and a half. [00:11:36] Speaker C: Seven. Okay. Lou did pull a G depth. He did. All right, Evie, what you got? [00:11:43] Speaker D: I didn't even rank it, but I just peeped a lot of shit, that's all. I ain't really think about it as far as ranking. [00:11:54] Speaker C: Okay. [00:11:56] Speaker D: It wasn't an exciting episode. It was very informative for me, but. [00:12:02] Speaker C: I think it's a build up to seven, which leads us into. Which leads us innocent in eight. And I'm telling you, when we get to next week, we're going to talk about the innocent. It's going to die. [00:12:16] Speaker D: I feel like this episode is putting everybody in these perspective places. You're going to see the demise of Lou Marvin and said, like I said before, what's his name? Ronnie was the reason that Raquel got back in the. [00:12:53] Speaker C: No, directly, and I'm going to tell. [00:12:55] Speaker D: You, no, I think indirectly. [00:12:58] Speaker C: We're going to get to that. We're going to get to that. All right. Famous, like, all throughout. We're going to talk about famous for a little bit. [00:13:11] Speaker D: That nigga was Ynf. Whoever the fuck was snitching on. [00:13:18] Speaker C: He was. I thought the feeling he was feeling was the guilt behind killing buddy, but it wasn't that at all. It was the guilt behind his boy, his brother, really, because he's scared of his boy's mom's. It's both. [00:13:35] Speaker D: It was both parts. [00:13:38] Speaker C: If you really watch it, the weight of setting up Canaan was weighing a whole lot more than him killing somebody. The death was. I think it was both, but I think that no. Betrayal always weighs over everything. [00:13:54] Speaker D: Famous is a clown. [00:13:56] Speaker C: Betrayal. Heavy betrayal. [00:14:00] Speaker B: Famous should have been told Canaan what happened way before it got to this point. [00:14:06] Speaker C: Like, the second that he couldn't stop Raquel. [00:14:11] Speaker B: Yeah. The second that Raquel did that shit, he should have went to his friend to tell. [00:14:21] Speaker D: Their mouth shut at the wrong. [00:14:25] Speaker C: I totally agree. Famous's character is very well written. I think that the whole situation, the whole progression of it, like you said, jay, him chain smoking, the weight of the world, of betraying your friend, he says, man, I'm your brother, but if you've lied to me, you can't tell me the truth after the yo, that's the thing, because now you're trying to unburden yourself you're not trying to on. [00:15:01] Speaker D: You've been a bitch. [00:15:02] Speaker C: He's been a bitch because after the fact, that's for you. It's not for me. [00:15:11] Speaker B: The thing about it is he should have been said something, but not saying anything is worse. Not saying anything is worse. That means he has a conscience. He has a conscience, and that shit bothers him because that was his friend. He know what he did was wrong, but he had to come out and say it. Because if he didn't come out and say it, and then Canaan find out later that he always knew and never said anything, that's going to look. [00:15:42] Speaker C: Have Jay Rock did have him shook up. But no matter what my parents ever did, if I had to tell Eve something, I'm going to tell him. You know what I'm saying? That shit didn't matter. I understand that. [00:15:59] Speaker D: Let me tell you, you cannot expect whole ass niggas to do g shit. And you knew he was a hoe because when he did that first little rap and he took what Kanan did and made it about him, that's a whole ass nigga move. You know what I'm saying? So you know he not built like that. You know, all this nigga want to do is smoke weed. Why you entrusting this nigga with g shit? He's not changing. You see it. And then every time he cry about something, I need to get this money. I need to get this rent. But when we come up with the plan to get the rent, you're not down. So you know he not down, but you still want this nigga to be down. That's Canaan fault. Canaan set itself up. [00:16:54] Speaker B: It's a weak link. The expectation that Canaan has on famous should not have been a shocker. [00:17:02] Speaker D: And why he go get his own fucking place. [00:17:05] Speaker C: And that's what I couldn't understand. Kanan needed to go get his own, but, and that was a file this away for later moment for me, and we'll talk about it later. But the fact that Canaan kicked him out his own shit, that's what Kanan does. Remember when Canaan got the Dre spot? [00:17:25] Speaker D: Yeah, but I get it. But that's because Canaan is a G. Canaan is gangster. This nigga is soft marshmallow fluff. You know what. [00:17:40] Speaker C: You. But. But more than anything, we know our friends, right, especially the niggas we grew up with, honey. And Canaan knew that fame wasn't built for that shit. But he said he was trying to make famous. He wasn't. [00:18:02] Speaker D: Canaan downfall is he needs sons shit. That's his downfall. You know what I mean? Because sometimes in real talk in the street, your son is your worst enemy. Because that's nine times out of ten, that's the nigga that's going to snitch because he don't want to go to jail because he can't handle the time. You know what I'm saying? We talking about real street shit. Now. I get it that this is fictional, but this is real street shit. You know what I'm saying? You not going to take some nigga you son it like the nigga you son it is the one that you want to take the charge for you that you setting up for the downfall. You know what I'm saying? Literally. Niggas famous is not good for nothing except spitting them fucking fake ballsy rights. Know what I'm saying? Correct me if I'm wrong. This niggas music has gotten trash since season one. The shit was better in season one. [00:19:08] Speaker C: That last song was trash. [00:19:11] Speaker D: The character is well written, but they need to go get, like, uncle Murdo fucking one of these niggas from Harlem to write them. [00:19:24] Speaker C: Hey, Jay said famous is an accidental murderer. That's why I fear a scary nigga with a. [00:19:33] Speaker D: Niggas will shoot you on accident and kill you. [00:19:36] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:19:38] Speaker D: And then cry about. [00:19:44] Speaker C: And in the true fashion of confessions here, Lulu gives his confessions to scrap's mother. [00:19:51] Speaker D: About. [00:19:55] Speaker C: Was like you said, evie, I thought it was some ho ass shit. It ain't like you, like, he went and was like, yo, it's my fault. That nigga was like, I couldn't stop it. Motherfucker, you could have. [00:20:07] Speaker D: He could have stopped drinking that damn alcohol. [00:20:09] Speaker C: And that's what got him in his shit in the first place. What I realized, and, you know, for alcoholics, like, certain things are triggers. Rock is that nigga trigger. [00:20:23] Speaker D: Oh, sticky fingers. [00:20:25] Speaker C: Facts rock is that nigga. [00:20:27] Speaker B: I think we said a few episodes ago, and I think we had, like, a little disagreement, how you can't force a person to do something. That person has their own mind to make up on a decision that they chose. Me and Eb was saying the same thing. This dude didn't have a choice. He was a kid. Kids don't make choices. Adults make choices for kids. People who have power over them makes those choices. [00:20:55] Speaker C: But the second that you become an adult and you know right from wrong, and you can make decisions for yourself. [00:21:05] Speaker B: He was too embedded into that. He was embedded so deep, he couldn't see nothing else. All he saw was his big sister. I get what you're trying to say. But I don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you had just been blind. [00:21:20] Speaker D: No. Because he's a big brother. [00:21:23] Speaker B: He'll never be in a situation where you just lost your identity in everything. And your identity is in someone else. [00:21:33] Speaker C: No. Okay, so that did happen in my marriage. So I can't say that that didn't happen. [00:21:40] Speaker D: Yeah, that did happen to me, too. [00:21:42] Speaker C: That happened in my marriage. I lost my identity in my marriage. And I allowed somebody to dictate how I move and how I live my life. And the second I was like. And the second, I was like, you know what? This is some bullshit. I understood. I understand now. And this is why I say this for Lulu. We make our own decisions as adults. To allow people to do things for. And to us, it's an allowance. Like, we either we're comfortable or we trust them. Or whatever. No matter what it is that it is. It's our big sister, so it's our sister, so we trust it. And I understand what you're saying, but we are in. Although this person manipulates us. We make a conscious decision. Like, rock made a most valid point. She was like, nigga, you didn't have to go kill him like you did it. [00:22:36] Speaker B: That's a slap in the face. I don't give a damn. That's a slap in the. [00:22:40] Speaker D: You know what? I think I get what you're saying. I think more or less what you're saying is no matter the situation. No matter. Even in every conversation you have with somebody. If there's some wrong being done. Both sides need to take accountability. [00:22:58] Speaker C: There's accountability. And the problem that I have with Lulu. Is if Rock has accountability. I am not alleviating her or saying, hey, rock doesn't have any accountability. She did not manipulate him. She did. I'm saying that Lulu is not taking accountability. For his decision to follow her. [00:23:21] Speaker B: He's now taking accountability for that. [00:23:24] Speaker D: No. That nigga. [00:23:26] Speaker B: This is what being a bitch. But he is taking accountability at the same time. But this is what I think. I think out of all the shit that they have done over the years. And whatever it may have lined up. Saying, this needs to be done. This got to be done. But when he found out scrap died. And that was his homeboy. He died for nothing. For nothing. He died for nothing. I killed this man for. [00:23:56] Speaker D: Live with Yosh. This is kind of like. [00:24:00] Speaker C: I don't know if he died for nothing. [00:24:06] Speaker D: Did he didn't die for nothing. No, that nigga did die because he was being untrustworthy. Niggas told him not to do something. [00:24:17] Speaker B: He didn't die because of what. [00:24:20] Speaker C: No. You know who else bears. Like, who else has culpability for Marvin? Not Marvin. Not Marvin. [00:24:33] Speaker D: Besides himself. [00:24:34] Speaker C: Besides himself. You know who else got culpability? Who else got his blood on their hands? His fucking mama. She was the one talking to the cops. [00:24:46] Speaker D: That's true. [00:24:48] Speaker C: But then again, no, she was the informant before he even came into play. [00:24:55] Speaker B: Like she was. [00:24:57] Speaker D: Yeah, she was. [00:25:01] Speaker C: When they picked up scrap last season. And she comes in and it's like, yo, and so now they play scrap against the rest of the shit. Because scrap at the spot with his mama, and his mama's like, hey, shit, I got it hooked up. You know what I'm saying? I'll be here giving the motherfucker shit. And scrap like, nah, I ain't ratting. But if it smells like and looks like a rat, his mama put him in that position. [00:25:26] Speaker D: You know what? I think the ultimate accountability falls right on scrap. Because he should have never went to the game. He should have listened. Because when niggas. [00:25:42] Speaker C: His mama sent that game up, okay, I'm listening to my people. [00:25:47] Speaker D: Let me tell you like this. I've been in a situation, you know what I'm saying, where I told one of my friends, like, nah, nigga, we don't need to go over here. We got shit lined up over here. Don't go over there. And what happened? We get pulled over in the stole. Everybody get locked up. You know what I'm saying? Reasons that people say to other people, whether you have an intuition or you know shit about to go down, you tell niggas like, yo, don't do this. It's not for your best interest. Some point in your life, you got to fucking listen to what other people telling you. Not everybody wrong. I say that shit to my kids all the time. Like, yo, not everybody is wrong. So really, even though we way off the fuck track, but we on track, I think it falls on scrap. But I think this nigga just. This nigga's broken over his own life decisions, and that ain't nobody fault but you. Because if you look at, you want to flip on to how Marvin is handling his life decisions, like he really trying to fix his relationship with his daughter. [00:27:10] Speaker C: But here's the thing. Because Marvin has accepted his wrongdoing. And the only way that you can make genuine change, the only way you can make genuine change in your life is you have to accept the fact that you have done shit wrong. And the second that you accept that you've done shit wrong, then you can double back and make the necessary change because you're accepting of it. Prime example. And I hate to bring up my brothers out, and I hate to bring this up until he takes accountability for whatever his choices were that landed him there. Shit's not going to fucking change for him, period. [00:27:54] Speaker D: I mean, that's. [00:27:56] Speaker C: That's. And. And I think that people get so caught up because Lulu has not taken full responsibility. [00:28:06] Speaker D: He's still broken by his choices. [00:28:08] Speaker C: He's still passing that shit off to rock. He's still blaming rock. No. If I cheat, it's because I cheated, not because my girl wasn't giving me none. It was because I decided to cheat. [00:28:22] Speaker D: I decided. [00:28:23] Speaker C: You feel what I'm saying? I think that I'm still going to. [00:28:26] Speaker D: Blame that bitch. [00:28:29] Speaker C: Because you're still going to blame her. That means that the behavior is not going to change. [00:28:39] Speaker D: I don't plan on changing that fact about me. [00:28:44] Speaker B: I agree with that. I do. I agree with that. [00:28:48] Speaker D: It's a honey, though. [00:28:51] Speaker C: To find himself in a fucking bottle is because the only place he could find solace is the escape from reality that being drunk gives him. And how do I know that? Because when my ex broke up with me, I dove headfirst into a fucking bottle because it was the only thing that could make me escape from the reality that was my world, that I had fucked shit up. And until he comes to that point, he's not going to do anything other than what he's doing right now. He's just not. [00:29:26] Speaker D: That's a fact. You know what? See, like, for me, I just see how things are going to be a big bitch. [00:29:37] Speaker C: I don't think so. [00:29:44] Speaker D: I think Raquel, she's blinded by her own ambition. No, I think she is. But I think she's also, like. She's a pathological liar. [00:29:59] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm missing it. And I'm going to tell you what a lot of people miss with Rock, especially in this sense. There's a show, it's called Fargo. I don't know if any of you watch it. Amazing show. Each season is independent of itself. And right now it's got a season. A season right now is where this lady escapes her ex husband, who was beating her or whatever, and this guy, he sends these assassins after her. And she kills one of them, injures the other one. The other one says, you cannot attack a tiger because the attack, the tiger is going to attack back. And no matter what you think it is, it's still a tiger. I don't care what it looks like. If it ain't got the tiger stripes, if it's a tiger, it's a tiger. [00:30:49] Speaker D: And I think, don't we watch white people on TikTok do this shit every day? [00:30:54] Speaker C: And the reason why Rock was making those decisions is Rock was a tiger trying to be something else. So when you're trying to be something other than yourself, you're going to make wrong decisions upon wrong decisions rather than accepting who you are. I think Canaan was waiting for his mother to accept who she is and be truthful with him about who she is. But the fact that Rock couldn't be truthful with herself about who she. [00:31:23] Speaker D: You right, because she said that shit when they were standing in front of the shop. And now she's. I think she's fully accepted who she is. [00:31:34] Speaker C: And I think that to a certain degree, Rock's always felt she's done what she's had to do. [00:31:39] Speaker D: Not. [00:31:40] Speaker C: This is who I am, and everything. [00:31:42] Speaker D: Has been for Canaan. [00:31:44] Speaker C: Ebi, you're always talking about the duality of shit, right? You know what I'm saying? Rock reminds me of ghost in the sense of every time I try to get out, they pull me back in. Like, no matter how much ghost tried to escape who he was, he never could. No matter how much he tried to change, no matter how much he tried to do different shit. Remember when he told Tate, man, you motherfuckers keep fucking with me. I keep trying to be somebody different, but y'all keep fucking with me. And it was like, it's a matter of who you are, is who you are at your core, whether you got. [00:32:26] Speaker D: Split personalities or not. Matter of fact, I used to tell my kids that shit, too. I don't give a fuck if you got twelve personalities, but one of your motherfuckers going to get in trouble. And that's the one with the name on the birth certificate. So all your little niggas better have a conversation when you all get into some shit and make sure that whoever name on the birth certificate don't get no fucking trouble. Fuck that shit. But that is real. You know what I'm saying? I feel like she's embracing herself, but it's too late. It's too late. I think this season is about to move faster. [00:33:07] Speaker C: I don't think it's too late. I just think that. [00:33:10] Speaker B: Well, she about to be in a rude awakening. [00:33:13] Speaker D: Check this out, though. Check this out. She want to step in Nick's shoes, which means she got to go fuck with the Koreans, which means she got to go fuck with the chinese people at the spot that Ronnie knows about. [00:33:27] Speaker C: Yeah, but I think Rock is what was dismissed in all of this was what Rock actually did build. Like, she got them into the projects. She built a system that was self preservation. [00:33:46] Speaker D: I did it. But she can't use that right now because the fence is all over that. [00:33:50] Speaker C: Yeah, but you can't tell me she going to walk into that building. And Rock is not unique. She's going to walk. [00:33:55] Speaker D: She's going to walk. But all I'm saying is. I'm only saying that's going to create the clash between her and Ronnie. [00:34:05] Speaker C: I mean, there's already a clash between her and Ronnie the second that came in. [00:34:10] Speaker D: Yeah, but I'm just saying it's more talk because this nigga just fuck Raquel, and he don't do shit about it. [00:34:18] Speaker C: Yeah, but at the end of the. It's. I'm going to tell you, like, real talk, I think. Let's get into it. So Roxy turned into the game. We talk about the conflict between Ronnie and his partnership with Kanan. I think eventually, and this is just my prediction, I think Kanan is going to end up killing Ronnie, because I think it's going to come down to Ronie or his mom. And no matter what you do or how you feel about your mom, there was a time where I hated my mother. But when nobody. [00:34:52] Speaker D: I don't know, because you know what? The look he had on his face when he was in that club, like, anybody just shitting on your mom's right now, and you just like thinking that this is a good idea, and he feeling it. [00:35:07] Speaker C: He's feeling he. [00:35:10] Speaker D: And we got to talk about, Canaan killed his own son and his cousin. [00:35:14] Speaker C: Let me say this. Let me say this. Canaan had a chance to fuck his mom's over. He had a chance. He could have did that, and he didn't. And I think in that moment. No, it doesn't matter. That chance, right? Like, as much as he hated her, he didn't throw her under the bus. And I think that that was the real Canaan and his feelings and who he is as far as it relates to his mama. I could say, fuck, my mom's out in the street because I want to do what I want to do, and I feel like my mom's ain't going to let me do what I want to do. And these niggas is like, yo, fuck my mom, because. And the only reason I feel the way I feel, and Canaan. And like I said before, file this away for later moment, because this was actually my. File this away for later moment, Kanan is goddamn Tariq. My mom's is lying to me. Everybody around me is lying to me. I'm a stick with the nigga that's telling me the truth, which is Ronnie and his fucking crew of people. [00:36:16] Speaker D: I don't even think them niggas was even telling him the truth or nothing. I just think that Kanan would have been doing what Canaan doing regardless. [00:36:27] Speaker C: Did Kanan tell Tariq? The. [00:36:32] Speaker D: Sometimes. [00:36:35] Speaker C: Real shitty didn't tell him the truth, either? [00:36:39] Speaker D: I think Canaan manipulated the truth. [00:36:41] Speaker C: No, Canaan was grooming him. [00:36:43] Speaker D: He was definitely grooming him. [00:36:45] Speaker C: Canaan was grooming him. [00:36:46] Speaker B: Okay. [00:36:47] Speaker C: Canaan was grooming. Kanan was grooming him to set him up and kill him. But what happened was Kanan saw so much of himself in Tariq and what he was going through that he fell love. He fell in love with the kid. Not in a romantic way, but he fell for the kid and was like, yo, this is a little me, right? This is a little me. [00:37:07] Speaker B: I'm going to take him under my wing type. [00:37:09] Speaker D: That was everything that his son should have been, because he felt like. I think he really felt like Ghost should have raised him up the way he was raised. [00:37:20] Speaker C: But Ghost wanted out of the game, so he was raising out of the game. [00:37:28] Speaker B: Not only that, Ghost and Tasha couldn't stand Kanan. They tried everything to keep Tariq away from Kanan, and this is how that whole scenario gonna play out. Rock going to see Kanan with Ronnie. She gonna try everything to get him away from Ronnie, but it ain't going to work. It's too late. The damage is done. And I believe I'm with Eb on this. He done killed his own son. He done killed his cousin. Why would he not kill his mother? [00:38:00] Speaker C: He's not going to kill it. It's different. [00:38:04] Speaker D: Think about it. [00:38:04] Speaker C: He already pulled it on his pops. [00:38:10] Speaker D: Yeah, but. No, I'm just saying that to say. Listen. I'm just saying that to say this. His mind is altered. [00:38:27] Speaker C: Listen. [00:38:27] Speaker D: You see what? He's not thinking straight. [00:38:32] Speaker C: The reason why I can't let you do that as far as Rock is concerned, because we already seen what Kanan will do for a person that he loves. And at the end of the day, Canaan never saw Sean as his son. He never saw Sean as his heir. He never saw Sean as somebody he loved. Sean was a pawn on his chessboard. [00:38:56] Speaker D: He was a sucker. He was soft. [00:38:58] Speaker C: He had a chance to kill Tariq, and he didn't. He had a chance to take Tariq out. Even when he knew Tariq had got him set up, he didn't. He let Tariq go. And that's what I'm hanging it on. When he cares about somebody, he gonna let it go. He never cared about Sean. [00:39:23] Speaker B: We'll see how this play. [00:39:27] Speaker D: So. But then why he let it go on jukebox? [00:39:32] Speaker C: Because Juke was threatening somebody. He did love Juke. [00:39:35] Speaker D: Right. [00:39:36] Speaker C: But if you're looking at it from an aspect of. Because, remember, him and Juke just fell out. [00:39:43] Speaker B: Now, it ain't making sense to me. [00:39:45] Speaker C: Him and Juke just fell. [00:39:49] Speaker D: And him and Duke did just fall out. [00:39:52] Speaker C: How am I not making sense in. [00:39:53] Speaker D: The sense I'm going to think about that? [00:39:56] Speaker C: Juke has always tried to manipulate him to him, to Canaan. Juke has kind of tried to manipulate. [00:40:04] Speaker D: Him, not necessarily manipulate him, but more or less bring him back into the know the fold. Bring him back into the fold. [00:40:12] Speaker C: And what it is, is when Kanan changed his mind about Tariq, Juke didn't listen to reason. Juke didn't listen to, yo, I love this kid. You know what I'm saying? And once she took it. Oh, you ain't going to kill that nigga for this bread. Fuck it, I'm going to do it. But Canaan loved the kid more than he loved anything else. And that's what I'm saying. No, at that moment, if he loved in that moment, in episode, I think it's eight. [00:40:47] Speaker B: I'm saying that's why he lived. That's why Tariq didn't die, because he loved himself and he saw himself into Tariq. [00:40:55] Speaker C: Okay, if you put it like that. But I think that his love for Rock is deeper than what he wants to admit it is. And a lot of this shit is. How many times do we do shit just because our parents told us, no, don't do it. You know what I'm saying? Don't do that. Fuck it, I'm going to do it. [00:41:19] Speaker D: I'm going to go do that. [00:41:21] Speaker C: How many times have our kids have done shit that we've been like, don't do that, and they do it anyway? [00:41:27] Speaker B: My son, he did. I told him to do. If he did, it was behind my back, and I don't know about it. [00:41:34] Speaker D: Of course, he ain't going to admit it until you, like, 40. [00:41:37] Speaker B: I told him not to do that, and he did. [00:41:41] Speaker D: Listen, ain't nobody listening to that shit. You hunch it, too. [00:41:49] Speaker C: All right? We talked about Rock and Canaan and Ronnie. Ronnie. I don't know, man. Ronnie had me on some shit. [00:42:03] Speaker D: Ronnie's an entity. [00:42:05] Speaker C: Ronnie. I think that they're overplaying the hand. I didn't like the way they wrote Ronnie's character in this episode. I thought he moved way too more intelligent than what he was, than what he is. [00:42:17] Speaker D: But I think his ways is what's going to get him fucked up. [00:42:24] Speaker C: Yeah, I think he's going to be fucked up. [00:42:27] Speaker B: So fucking reckless to me. [00:42:29] Speaker C: Now, I will say this. I thought he was about to fuck old girl. Like, I ain't going to lie. [00:42:33] Speaker D: Yeah, I thought she's about to get her boots rock. [00:42:38] Speaker B: That's what I thought. [00:42:39] Speaker C: No. [00:42:42] Speaker D: He about to get that first day out shit. [00:42:46] Speaker C: She's about to help him boot smoke. That's what I thought. [00:42:49] Speaker D: Yeah, I bet you if that nigga gets some pussy and start acting different. [00:42:53] Speaker B: Yeah, that's going to happen. [00:42:58] Speaker D: He's going to have to find. I don't even know. He going to have to find a bitch like him to get some pussy. [00:43:08] Speaker C: No, I'm telling you that the old girl, what's her name? [00:43:11] Speaker D: Somebody going to have to come in the crib and make the bed perfectly and turn all the spoons to the left. And this nigga go get excited as hell. The cocaine is boiling at the right temperature. [00:43:27] Speaker C: What? [00:43:30] Speaker B: I don't know. Somebody going to make a suggestive pass to him. I can't say the word, right? They're going to make a pass to Ronie. What's the old girl, the dude at the club? His wife? [00:43:48] Speaker D: She did, though. She was flirting with him when he first came home and he came and borrowed that money. Yeah, she was flirting with him a little bit. [00:43:58] Speaker B: So. Ten minutes right here. Why I think Ronnie hate rock so much? [00:44:08] Speaker D: Because that's a competition. [00:44:15] Speaker C: Because my enemy will forever be my enemy. And that's who the enemy was when he went in. So when he came out to know that his brother was so ingratiated with what he saw as the enemy. Like I said, one of the realest things my brother ever told me in his last stint was when he went in, the world stopped. So whatever was ever it stopped, time stopped for him and for Ronnie, time stopped. So when he came out, you cool with the. That's the arch enemy. We trying to murk her like we trying to get rid of her. How was that your friend? How are you fucking this broad? This is so unfathomable to me because time stopped. And so for Ronie, Ronnie is still in 1980, whatever it is, when he went in. [00:45:11] Speaker D: And you never know. Raquel could have been the one that putting it jail. [00:45:17] Speaker B: That's what I was thinking was rock because she was an informant. She was an informant, but was she an informant during that time frame? [00:45:26] Speaker D: Nah, it was that dirty cop that got him. He probably dirtyed him up a little bit. [00:45:32] Speaker B: But just like Tasha and ghost was put Kaden in jail. Yeah, Kaden came out not liking. [00:45:44] Speaker D: Like, for me. I think that's why I don't like watching basketball no more. Because there's no rivalries in basketball. If I go against you, you know what I'm saying? And I did you dirty, there's no way in hell next year I'm playing on the same team with you. I'm coming back again to do you dirty again. And you going to try to do me the same. You know what? That's. I think that's Ronnie's mentality on competition. He is literally not accepting of the fact that he got done dirty by rock, and now it's his turn to do it. Back to that, I'm glad we brought this up. I honestly think that that's why it was so easy. Well, not even. I'm not going to say easy, but the decision was made for Ronnie to kill his brother because he literally watched his brother go in the crib to fuck with Rock. You know what I'm saying? And then he doesn't respect Ronnie's decisions. And then in order to get over another hurdle again, what's his name? Meek's decisions are getting in the way of Ronnie getting money. So even though he's saying my brother will not ever go anywhere, he knows that's the hurdle that he has to take, period. Okay. [00:47:31] Speaker C: Jay said Rock asked him one thing. [00:47:35] Speaker B: Rock asked him one thing. [00:47:43] Speaker C: Yeah, we had a sighting of my boy. My boy came back in this episode. What's his name, fish? Big Linguini. [00:47:56] Speaker B: Linguini. [00:47:57] Speaker C: Big Linguini was back. Let's get into the rapid fire. In this episode. I felt sorry for Pernicia. She faced significant challenges and her deep love for unique was evident. And her loyalty surpassed his own nigga. [00:48:21] Speaker D: That four five was too big for her. [00:48:23] Speaker C: Yeah, she couldn't hold that shit up. Next up, a consistent theme in power series is the resurgent of past events with consequences. Marvin's appearance on the task force radar due to Tony was unexpected. I did not see that shit coming. [00:48:40] Speaker D: Was the nigga that approached him in the park. 50. Or was that some nigga he just. [00:48:46] Speaker C: Sold drugs to from season one? He used to work the club that Tony. [00:48:53] Speaker D: Okay. Because I didn't know where his character was. [00:48:57] Speaker C: No, no, that was, dude, that was fucking Tony. And I think they might have sent him out there, but I'm not sure. I'm waiting to see that map itself out. That's what I was saying. Next one up. [00:49:07] Speaker B: How they introduced him into the episode. [00:49:09] Speaker C: Yeah. Because he's going to have a greater. [00:49:15] Speaker D: How does. How does the task force know that fucking Marvin asked for the. [00:49:24] Speaker C: Just. I think they're just putting two and two together. And they have a description. They had a description of the postman, just like Queenie. [00:49:34] Speaker D: No, I'm not talking about that hit. I'm talking about when he asked the italian dude to take out Tony D. [00:49:42] Speaker C: That's what I'm saying. He was like, I think. What's it called? They had a description of him from a witness. That's what I think it is. [00:49:57] Speaker D: We'll see how that plays out. Facts. [00:49:59] Speaker C: Yeah. Next one. Marvin is making an effort, but personal growth is essential. He should focus on self improvement rather than relying on others. And active listening could be his first crucial step. I thought jukebox made a valid point. She was like, so you want me to tell you how to be my father? [00:50:17] Speaker D: But that nigga switched that shit up real fast. I'll put this. That's kind of stupid. Moving on. [00:50:29] Speaker C: Right? Adult juke displayed strong assertiveness and authority, which is a contrast to her younger self. Leading butter may have contributed to this transformation. When we first meet Juke in season three, she is the head of this gang and she is the leader. She will pop your ass at the drop of a hat. But in this, she's, like, timid. She doesn't want to take the lead of the group, although the manager sees her as the lead. She just wants her to go and get it. And I thought that was interesting. And the last one is Howard considering a move to the narcatic. [00:51:11] Speaker D: Go ahead. [00:51:11] Speaker C: What you about to say? [00:51:14] Speaker B: No? I was going to say, I don't think jew even want to be there. [00:51:17] Speaker C: Yeah, I don't think she wants to be there. [00:51:19] Speaker D: Oh, she going to get a real good excuse to leave. Yeah, because you notice they referenced her age. [00:51:28] Speaker C: Yeah. Is Howard considering a move to narcotics unit to maintain a closer watch on the streets? [00:51:37] Speaker D: Hell no. What that nigga about to do is take all these random drug dealers and throw them niggas under the fucking bus. So these task force niggas can get the fuck out of here. I'm telling you, that's exactly what's going to happen. [00:51:49] Speaker C: All right, then and now. Did anybody have a then and now moment? Something from then that made you reminisce over it? [00:51:56] Speaker D: Now? That motherfucking Marlboro duffel bag that Ronnie had the money in. You know what's in my whole bag now? It ain't money, but I got that one. Tim Boot. [00:52:16] Speaker C: All right. Winners and losers. [00:52:22] Speaker B: My winner is. Well, my loser is Lou. Lou is the loser. [00:52:27] Speaker D: Lou lost his goddamn mind. [00:52:31] Speaker C: I'm with you on that. [00:52:32] Speaker B: Lulu is the Lulu. And I say winner. I would say Canaan. Canaan right now is winning. I would say Canaan's winner. [00:52:48] Speaker C: Okay, Eve, how about several? [00:52:58] Speaker D: But now I'm kind of piggyback off what Vaughn said. I think Ronnie is my winner for this episode because he got himself in position. You know what I'm saying? Even though he using Canaan, he got himself in position. He's not stupid. He crazy. [00:53:17] Speaker B: I just hate that he had his brother. Oh, unique. I'm still hurt. Did you all go to the funeral? [00:53:23] Speaker D: No, but my loser is definitely going to be fucking fame. You cannot. [00:53:36] Speaker B: He'd been a. [00:53:37] Speaker D: Understand. Yo, shout out to Uncle Luke. Because Uncle Luke fought for us to have the right to say whatever the fuck we want on rap lyrics. You know what? And he went to battle with the courts for years and used his own money to do it. And you got a clown ass nigga like this snitching on himself every bar. I shot him in the chest. Oh, I'm crying inside. [00:54:11] Speaker C: Pussy. Fucking pussy. [00:54:15] Speaker D: You had a moment of weak clarity. And you wanted to be gangster so bad that you couldn't handle what you did. [00:54:22] Speaker B: But that's not. [00:54:24] Speaker D: Nigga, if I told you, that's why. [00:54:26] Speaker B: You can't handle it. [00:54:28] Speaker D: I'm telling you right now, I've done some shit in my life that I do not lose sleep over. It's done. It ain't no coming back from it. But I ain't about to sit up here and tell you, once upon a time in 1987, get the fuck out of here. That's some pussy ass shit. And fame is a loser. [00:54:55] Speaker C: It is. [00:54:56] Speaker D: Stop snitching on yourself and your yo. [00:55:00] Speaker C: I got a bigger loser than him. The Jesus Christ, the delivery dude that live in Canaan building. The person that's over. [00:55:17] Speaker D: Yo, you know what's about to happen to him, right? [00:55:20] Speaker C: He about to be dead. [00:55:24] Speaker D: No, they about to dope him up for real. Like he about to be a full on junkie. I'm telling you, if Ronnie don't kill him, he's going to be an ill junkie. They're going to lace that weed that he'd been smoking with some of that ooh wee. And he going to be added. He going to be a full blown jump. [00:55:50] Speaker B: What's the other. What you call the heroin? What you call it? [00:55:56] Speaker C: Smack. [00:55:57] Speaker D: It's called boy. No, that boy. Yeah, because cocaine is the bitch. Heron is boy. Yeah, he some of that vietnamese. [00:56:17] Speaker B: Who's your winner? Loser. [00:56:20] Speaker C: I said my loser was dude. [00:56:24] Speaker D: Yeah. Paul. [00:56:25] Speaker C: Paul. And then my winner. [00:56:30] Speaker D: The white dude. [00:56:31] Speaker C: That owned the messenger. [00:56:36] Speaker B: Okay? Yeah. Okay. [00:56:38] Speaker D: Now, his name Paul. [00:56:40] Speaker C: That's my winner is. [00:56:49] Speaker D: Raquel, for getting back in the game. [00:56:52] Speaker C: My winner is Howard. [00:56:54] Speaker D: I hope this nigga, Omar Epps, made me proud to start playing this game a little better. [00:57:00] Speaker C: No. Howard has positioned himself. He's positioning himself to really be able to manipulate the people around. [00:57:11] Speaker D: What, you know what they say, in true power fashion, we got to have at least one police in our pocket, because for a brief moment, even in Tariq, shit, that was Mecca. Because he was the big snitch. [00:57:33] Speaker C: Mecca was the big snitch. And I did like how they tied that into everything. I did like how they tied that into everything. [00:57:41] Speaker B: So this is episode six that we just saw, right? [00:57:45] Speaker C: Yeah. 306. [00:57:49] Speaker B: Three. Six. So the innocent is in eight or seven. [00:57:55] Speaker D: I already know who the innocent is. [00:57:58] Speaker C: Okay. I already know who it is. [00:58:07] Speaker D: Jukebox need a reason to leave because I got to remember she got to end up in DC, so she needs a reason to leave. And I think that. [00:58:20] Speaker B: What was that letter she tucked away? She tucked away when her dad came down. [00:58:24] Speaker C: That was her as fab scores. [00:58:28] Speaker D: Yeah. So she probably really is going to jet off to the military and that's how she ends up in DC. Yeah, but Aisha, that character is out. [00:58:41] Speaker C: Of here quick, fast, and in a hurry. [00:58:44] Speaker D: You know what I'm saying? And she going to do that shit trying to save. [00:58:50] Speaker B: Think the other girl. Do you think. Look. [00:58:54] Speaker D: Nah. That little mouth running bitch. Fuck that mouth running bitch. Aisha. Because you got to remember. So this is how it's going to play out. Jukebox is going to come clean, that she like Aisha, they're going to have a moment, you know what I'm saying? But then she going to later see Kanan dealing with Ronnie and say something. Ronnie going to come back in true Ronnie fashion, except this time, he going to come to kill jukebox and miss and hit, old girl, and that's going to make jukebox run, guaranteed. [00:59:38] Speaker C: Okay. All right, Vaughn, tell the people how they can find you. [00:59:45] Speaker B: They can find me on Instagram at one von cello. You can find me on a scripts and ignorance and Facebook at von Lee. [00:59:54] Speaker C: Even tell the people how they can. [00:59:55] Speaker D: Find yo, you can find me never listening to fucking afrobeats on my Instagram page. That's B-I-G-K-I-D-E-N-V-I underscore chops. As well as the Facebook page experience and ignorance. And the Instagram page, grits, the letter n ignorance. [01:00:17] Speaker C: You can find me on TikTok at R-E-L-S-T-A-T podcast, on Snapchat, and Instagram at 9th wonder, on Twitter, aka x at I am coachy underscore, and on Facebook at yoshi English. Until next time, y'all, we're out of here. Peace. Bye, big Sean. For my baby, going hard for my baby. I'm a star in the race with stars with my bitch dunk juice wong temper king. This is our year talking NaSa. We represent trap queen.

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