Episode 101: We Got Da Meatz!

Episode 101: We Got Da Meatz!
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
Episode 101: We Got Da Meatz!

Nov 10 2023 | 01:05:36

Episode November 10, 2023 01:05:36

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Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

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Hosts: Ibby, Von, & El Niño

Welcome to a riveting episode of "Eggs, Grits, and Ignorance"! In this installment, Yusuf is in the building, and as always, you can catch us on all podcast platforms. Get ready for a diverse lineup, including Ibby's Top 5 segment and the enlightening "The More You Know" with Von.

But now, let's dive into the juicy headlines with "Ignant News." Our first story takes us to Cypress, Harris County, Texas, where Jacob Trevino and Robert Stevenson were arrested for a meat pilfering escapade worth $1,129. The duo was caught during a traffic stop with a suspicious stash of stolen meat, leading to misdemeanor charges. Meanwhile, chaos erupted in Queens when suspect Lenni Rodriguez Cruz bit off part of a police officer's finger during a reckless car chase.

In our "Weird Sex" segment, we explore Aakash Majumdar's unconventional love affair with balloons, delving into the intimate details of his emotional connection and the challenges he faces in maintaining this unique relationship.

And if that's not enough, Dr. Daria Sadovskaya makes waves in the "From Tongues to Tumors" segment, suggesting a controversial link between oral intercourse and throat cancer, challenging conventional beliefs about its causes.

But wait, there's more! Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens spill the beans on a memorable night involving an orgy with 17 women in 12 hours.

Finally, wrap it up with the "Social Media Minute" for all the latest buzz. Stay tuned for an episode that's informative, scandalous, and downright entertaining!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: It. [00:00:00] Speaker B: Do you have a podcast that you're passionate about? Are you looking for a professional studio to help bring your vision to life? Then look no further than Crux Media Group Studios. Located at nine three West Evans street in Florence, South Carolina, Crux Media Group Studios is a full service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, consultation, live streaming, video recording and more. We have state of the art equipment and a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a podcast that is professional, polished and engaging. Whether you're a first time podcaster or a seasoned pro, Crux Media Group Studios can help you take your podcast to the next level. Contact us today at 843-407-1673 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. [00:00:50] Speaker A: Ram. There we go. All right, now I'm on. Jeez Louise. It's rough when you're running a little bit behind, but, man, I appreciate y'all for rocking with us today. Like I said, it's your boy Yusuf in the building, and we're here for another Thursday, and I'm here with the best team in the land, my homeboy. Yo, Eve. What's going on, my brother? [00:01:52] Speaker C: Bacon. [00:01:54] Speaker A: You bacon? [00:01:55] Speaker C: Yeah, we need bacon with the eggs, the grits and the ignorance. [00:02:01] Speaker A: Yeah, I know, but you know what I'm saying? That's what we do here. We don't need the bacon. We got the ignorance. [00:02:09] Speaker C: I'll take it. [00:02:10] Speaker A: You take it. [00:02:11] Speaker C: I take it. [00:02:12] Speaker A: That was good, my brother, getting her dance on backstage. It's our girl, Vaughn. What's going on, Vaughn? [00:02:19] Speaker D: Two step Shelby trying to stay awake. [00:02:24] Speaker A: Hey, that's what the early mornings do. Now. I get up at like, 430 because I got to cook the kids breakfast and we have to leave at six. So since we got to leave at six, I got to get up at 430, do all I got to do, which ain't a lot because I go to the gym. So I take my showers for the gym, but take my morning shower, go ahead and then cook them because they always want some good shit. So I got to make waffles and. [00:02:51] Speaker D: You'Re a good daddy. [00:02:52] Speaker C: And then they go, they eat eggs, grits and ignorance. [00:02:59] Speaker D: They don't eat the school lunch. [00:03:00] Speaker A: School breakfAst, no, they wasn't eating it. So Amir was getting sick because he was waiting to eat. He was waiting till, like, 1112 o'clock to eat. And I was like, yeah, that ain't going to work. So I just kind of let them do what they do. I don't mind getting up and doing it. And then I think every Tuesday we go and work out at 06:00 a.m. In the gym because they're trying to get better at basketball. So we do that. So I feel your pain, Ms. V. I feel your pain. [00:03:28] Speaker D: Definitive. This new time that I'm on is new to me. I understand how you all old people have these little young babies. [00:03:40] Speaker C: Listen, I ain't got. [00:03:43] Speaker A: No, I'm with you. I don't know how they do it, either. [00:03:54] Speaker C: I'm not an old. [00:03:55] Speaker A: No, my kids are ten and I ain't old. Now, let's not do that shit. [00:04:00] Speaker D: Listen, 20 years old, Dustin. [00:04:10] Speaker A: They function on their own. [00:04:12] Speaker C: She called you Dusty, though. [00:04:14] Speaker A: That's. [00:04:24] Speaker C: Doing it. [00:04:25] Speaker A: Yeah, for all of our peeps out there, man. Thanks for rocking with. And I'm going to tell you like this. Oh, Khalil. What's up, man? Thanks for tapping in, man. Always a pleasure to have you in the house. Please make sure that you guys share the live, too. Share it to your people, man. I didn't get a chance to go and do my invite today, so I don't know what we're going to look like. I know, man. Listen, for the gift cards, I have them. I just have not gone to the post office. [00:05:04] Speaker C: He goes to the post office when they close for holidays. [00:05:09] Speaker A: That's where you show up. The envelopes are stamped and not stamped, but they filled out and everything. And they're literally in my glove compartment. So every day I leave the house, but I leave before they open. So every day I leave, I'm like, okay, I got to go drop these in the mail. And then I don't come back home until after it's closed. So it's like, shit, I forgot to get. I'm going to try to get it out tomorrow. Tomorrow is an early day for me, so I'm going to try to get it out tomorrow. So you all charge it to my head, not my heart. But we do have them, and they are signed, sealed, and ready to be mailed. I just literally have to go to the people and mail it. The one fatal flaw. [00:05:54] Speaker D: Slacking, man. Slacking. [00:05:55] Speaker A: Yeah, I know. Khalil says. All right. So, Eve, you got a top five? [00:06:09] Speaker C: Come on, son. I always do. [00:06:12] Speaker A: All right. [00:06:14] Speaker D: Wait a minute. You didn't even compliment me on my hair. I pressed it out myself. [00:06:22] Speaker A: Okay, well, first off, Vaughn, it's not that we don't recognize it. Vaughn, it's not that we didn't recognize it, but with that glare you got with your background, we really can't see it. [00:06:34] Speaker C: Yeah, turn down some of them. Lights. You got 77 LED lights. [00:06:41] Speaker D: That's the daytime light. That's a daytime light. And I need to put a soft light in. [00:06:46] Speaker A: Yeah. So we really can't see it. You're getting your glow on. [00:06:53] Speaker D: Okay. [00:06:56] Speaker A: Bad lighting. Khalil even said it. [00:06:59] Speaker D: Mind your business. Anybody asked for your opinion? [00:07:06] Speaker C: Oh. [00:07:11] Speaker A: I'm sorry. [00:07:11] Speaker C: I lied. [00:07:12] Speaker A: I'm number 1234. And far. Two, three, four. [00:07:17] Speaker D: Fear. [00:07:19] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:07:22] Speaker C: Yo, Black Tom. Yo, black. [00:07:30] Speaker A: It. [00:07:32] Speaker C: Straight up. The fucking dungeons of rap. Fake niggas don't make it back. Do you have a celebrity that you would just love to slap the shit out of or see them get this shit slapped out of them? Yeah. Can't nobody hear you? Just hush. [00:07:55] Speaker A: Can nobody hear me? [00:07:56] Speaker C: For now, you're talking. [00:08:01] Speaker A: You know. [00:08:02] Speaker C: Is that delay? Is it going to be that delay today? [00:08:05] Speaker A: Yeah. Some OD reason. I do not know what's going on today, but go ahead. [00:08:14] Speaker C: Is there a celebrity you would love to slap? [00:08:19] Speaker A: Is there a celebrity I would love to slap? No. Al Pacino, probably. [00:08:31] Speaker C: Pacino, yeah. [00:08:34] Speaker D: Why him? [00:08:38] Speaker C: Yeah, I was about to say for his rolling Scarface. [00:08:40] Speaker A: No, I want to slap him because maybe a couple of months ago, he got like. Well, last year he got a 29 year old pregnant and she had the baby. He could afford it and then they broke up and now he got to pay $30,000 a month in child support. That's it. [00:09:04] Speaker C: He got off late. [00:09:05] Speaker A: No, but here's the thing. The man, like, 82, he ain't got about three years of child support left to pay. [00:09:13] Speaker D: He did have that baby. [00:09:15] Speaker A: Yeah, he ain't got about three years. He got three years. Maybe ten. Maybe ten. On his guy. On his. Get her. [00:09:21] Speaker D: They need to do a little DNA test because I know he ain't shooting out some soldiers. [00:09:27] Speaker A: Hey, man. [00:09:32] Speaker C: Listen. SoMetimes it takes the weakest link. Stumbled into the egg. [00:09:40] Speaker A: As long as he's shooting. [00:09:45] Speaker D: Is he shooting? [00:09:46] Speaker C: He has a Bluetooth. He has some eugenics. [00:09:52] Speaker A: Total tea and Bluetooth. [00:09:54] Speaker D: Somebody just starts sending some Bluetooth videos. [00:09:58] Speaker A: Somebody Bluetooth videos. [00:10:01] Speaker D: But he ain't. [00:10:06] Speaker A: Sent you some pics? Some Bluetooth? [00:10:10] Speaker C: She got that dangle. Not dangle. [00:10:15] Speaker D: I'm going to have the walker with the little tennis balls on the bottom of it. [00:10:25] Speaker A: We got a new person on YouTube. [00:10:26] Speaker C: It is the first comma. [00:10:28] Speaker A: Jess J shouts out to you. Make sure you tap. Yeah, just joy. I'm sorry. Just joy. My fault. [00:10:38] Speaker D: Nick Brace. [00:10:39] Speaker C: That's the family walker. [00:10:41] Speaker D: Have me in retirement home. [00:10:45] Speaker A: He sent you a blue shoe. [00:10:48] Speaker C: Dangles, it's the boy. Dangles, it's your boy Dangles. [00:10:56] Speaker A: Your boy dangles. [00:10:58] Speaker C: Look, all right, it is the top five celebrity slap fest versus. So it's a versus, all right? So they slap festing each other. They gonna slap each other, right? So number five, I want to see Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in a slap fest. You know what I'm saying? It'd be like a rematch for this nigga biting his ear off, you know what I'm saying? [00:11:34] Speaker D: That's a Gennard. [00:11:41] Speaker C: That is a Gennard ear. That shit is chewed up. You know what I'm saying? But I want to see them. But they can only slap because, you know, they boxes, but they only allowed to slap each other. I want to see who's going to win that. You know what I'm saying? Number four, I got Cardi B and sexy red. I want to see them slapping each other around. [00:12:08] Speaker D: I don't know, she got some heavy hands. [00:12:12] Speaker C: But they both got to be pregnant. So offset got to put in some more work. He got to get it pregnant one more time. All right, so number three is going to be Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey. [00:12:36] Speaker D: Sophia ain't going for that. [00:12:38] Speaker C: Facts. I want to see if she really got them harpo hands, if she could put the pause to Danny Glover for real. Now, I'm saying number two gonna be with the boy named Saucy Santana and DJ Academics. [00:13:01] Speaker D: I don't know who that is. [00:13:04] Speaker A: Saucy Santana. Beat that. [00:13:10] Speaker C: Yo, trust me. Tap in. Matter of fact. [00:13:16] Speaker A: I'm going to tell you something. That's wild, son. They got. [00:13:22] Speaker C: Know. [00:13:22] Speaker A: Did you hear what Saucy Santa? Santa said he would say he would do? Yeah, beat his ass and then fuck. Like what kind of man? [00:13:31] Speaker D: What? [00:13:32] Speaker A: That's what he said. [00:13:35] Speaker C: I'm going to send you something on Instagram. I'm going to send it to you. [00:13:41] Speaker A: That's exactly what he said. He said, I'm a beat his ass. And then the boy was wowing. Hey. Shouts out to my man doc said, you should never get in a fight with somebody who is of that. I want to try to be polite, that lifestyle, because if you win, you shouldn't have fought him. And if you lose, you're the person that got beat up. Yeah, you got the mittens put together. What happens if he's stronger than you and he holds you down and start humping you? What you going to do? I'm crying. Just go cry. Wait, let me cut the music. Cut the music. This is a real fucking story. I'm in the gym Monday, Tuesday, I'm in the gym Tuesday, right? I walk in, and it's a dude. He got 245 plates on each side, right? He benching. So he bench. Bam, bam, bam. Hits it, does like 20 reps, 245s on each side. Then he gets up. This nigga got on some Kuchi cutters and an altar top, right, and nails. I didn't see the nails from the angle. I was like, yo, dude, really getting it. And he had, like, some nails on because you could see the glitter and shit. And he sacheted his way over, got two more, put them on the end. So now he got 345s. He sat down and he started just pumping his bam, bam. I said, I'm going to just stay on this side of the gym. Because if that nigga decided whatever the fuck he's going to do, he just. [00:15:24] Speaker C: Going telling right now. I know this is a fact. [00:15:29] Speaker A: He had so much weight on there. You know, when they got so much weight, the bar bends. He had no spotter, and he was just lifting the shit like it was no problem. And I was like, no, not today. I'm not benching today where the treadmills are. I'm just going to be over here by the treadmills. I'm not even that side of the gym. [00:15:54] Speaker D: Don't acknowledge nothing. [00:15:57] Speaker A: I ain't making no damn eye contact. Nothing. I'm over here. As a matter of fact, can I turn this treadmill so that it faces the wall? Like, that's what I wanted in that moment, but my bad. I didn't mean to interrupt you, John. [00:16:15] Speaker D: That was a good. [00:16:16] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:19] Speaker C: He didn't push every button on the computer, too. He's so fucked up. He pushed all the buttons on the computer. [00:16:29] Speaker A: And the crazy thing was, the other guys that were in the gym were kind of like, looking at everybody was kind of like, looking at each other like, oh, shit, that nigga got nails. I think the part of it was when he sachet to get another 45 plate, like, he twitched and had his arms up. He kind of got the plate and threw it on. I was like, I'm done. I'm not even going on this free weights. Not today. Not today. [00:17:02] Speaker C: I'm going to just say this. A person's sexual orientation has no bearing on whether they got hands or not. You can find, yo, I'm telling you, I saw these two kids fighting this one dude in Florida. It was on, like, one of these fight clips on X, right? They beat the mess out of the straight kid, and I'm talking about embarrassingly beat the mess out of this kid. Mess with a motherfucker if you want, bruh. [00:17:44] Speaker A: That shit is real. It's real in the field when I dangerous. [00:17:50] Speaker D: You should have went over there, pumped your little 45. [00:17:54] Speaker A: Do you know curls? No. I'm going in treadmill because I think my fear was him asking me could he spot me. That was my fear. Like, no, I don't need no help. [00:18:08] Speaker D: But you know he got you. You know he ain't gonna let that happen. [00:18:15] Speaker A: See, that's what I'm saying. I don't need no problems. [00:18:17] Speaker D: I got you, boo. [00:18:19] Speaker A: Yeah. Need no bums. [00:18:24] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:18:28] Speaker A: In prison. Listen, go ahead, finish up. [00:18:34] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:18:35] Speaker C: Number one. Number one is Will and Jada, man. Number one is Will. Jada. [00:18:43] Speaker A: Fight. [00:18:47] Speaker D: I want to. That's like Janard and Shanti. Like, really? That's like watching season episode four. We have seen that already. A line. Dang. Line. [00:19:40] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:19:46] Speaker A: Like, for real. Something wrong with y'all, man. Oh, shit. Something is wrong with my people. Hey, y'all, man. If you. If you want to submit a top five man for the show for EB to do, go ahead and email us eggs. Chris [email protected]. That top five will be posted. We're going to make a graphic and start posting these top fives on our social media. I'm going to try to get on that tonight if I too tipsy, because I'm on that ran Neff tonight. [00:20:27] Speaker C: A. [00:20:28] Speaker A: Quick moment of silence for the homie who ain't on today. She usually listens, Hannah. She went to Jamaica for her dad's funeral, so condolences to you and your family. Just a quick moment of silence. All right, Hannah, man, hope you travel safe, be safe, and we hope the family feels better soon. So some ran there for you tonight. [00:20:56] Speaker C: And bring back some jerk chicken. [00:21:02] Speaker A: Once again, if you want to turn in your top five, man, email eggs. If you do a top five, just send it to us. [email protected] right up there on the screen for you. All right, listen, man, I did not expect the show to start off with this much of a good top five. Hey, what's up, Elle? Yo, my man, you're supposed to text me back. You're supposed to text me l and tell me how the camera went. Tell me what to do. All right, but glad to have you on. L appreciate you. All right, let's go ahead and get into Vaughn. Are you ready? [00:21:48] Speaker D: Oh, l I'm going to accept your request. I didn't know who you was. Okay. [00:21:53] Speaker A: Yeah, you got to accept l request she be blocking you. See how she blocking you? [00:21:59] Speaker D: I'll be screening my people. [00:22:01] Speaker A: All right, let's go. Vaughn, it. [00:22:16] Speaker D: So tell me this. What's the. Okay, have you ever smoked weed before? Partake? [00:22:24] Speaker C: Seriously? [00:22:24] Speaker D: Been around? [00:22:25] Speaker C: Are you seriously asking that? [00:22:31] Speaker D: Inhale. [00:22:35] Speaker C: I ain't never did no Billy Clinton. Now. [00:22:42] Speaker A: Hold on a second, Vaughn. One time I told a story about. Remember that day we all cut and we was at the crib, we had a bunch of weed. Cisco and we. South Orange Towers. And I forget the light skinned chick I was dating, but she came over with a bunch of girls and we all like fucking passed out. And then my mom came home. My mom came home and it was. People passed out every fucking. She woke me up and I went to run to the bathroom. Oh, man, I had a lot to. [00:23:26] Speaker C: Clean up that day. [00:23:30] Speaker A: And then went in the room and passed out. [00:23:33] Speaker C: A lot to clean up. That. [00:23:39] Speaker A: Anyway. And then there is the story of. Remember the Raya Neff story? I see God, yes. Keep drinking. [00:23:55] Speaker D: Who are you going to see? [00:23:57] Speaker A: No, it wasn't me. This is the one of the times my brother and our homeboy Numa had these girls in the living room taking shots of Ray and Neff. And I told him, boy, I said, y'all need to chill. And next thing you know, that girl came in the room and she was like, I see God. And she's like, I'm a die. I'm a die. And she was butt ass naked. [00:24:27] Speaker C: We had to put her in the fucking shower with the cold water. I'm like going to ruin my relationship. [00:24:42] Speaker A: I was trying to be good, cousin. That was Ibrahi girlfriend cousin. It was the girl I was messing with at the time. And she was just like, oh, God, I just see, I'm a die. Oh my God. I was in the room because she went to sleep in the bathtub and all her clothes in cold water. And so I'm sitting there going, yo, we about to go to jail. This bitch, that's all smoking. No, she was drunk enough of that Jamaican rum. That ranf Jamaican rum. They just kept playing games. And my brother and Numa, they were cheating to make them take shots. [00:25:24] Speaker C: Her and her friend, that shit went. [00:25:31] Speaker A: They left. [00:25:32] Speaker D: And it was. [00:25:37] Speaker A: When she started talking about, I'm a die, I'm a die. It was just me and Evie in the crib. And I swear to God, I was in my room, like, my life is over. This girl is dead in the tub. And all of a sudden she just popped up and she was like, I'm good. She was still drunk, but she was like straight. And then we was like, how are you getting home? We walked ass to the bus stop. She got on the bus and rode home and shit. That was it. [00:26:11] Speaker C: Oh my God, you all should have. [00:26:13] Speaker D: Let that girl stay there and get sober. [00:26:16] Speaker A: No, hell no. [00:26:21] Speaker C: I was Mom Dukes coming home from. [00:26:23] Speaker A: Work. [00:26:26] Speaker D: I was doing what you mean that wasn't us? [00:26:29] Speaker A: All we did was cut. Like we just happened to cut. [00:26:31] Speaker C: And I was at a family barbecue. [00:26:34] Speaker A: Barbecue. [00:26:37] Speaker D: Mom said now she know. [00:26:41] Speaker A: Listen, my mother still don't know about that shit to this day. [00:26:45] Speaker C: You know, my mother about to tell her now. [00:26:55] Speaker A: Go ahead, get into your story. [00:26:58] Speaker D: Check this out. Singer Ed Sheeran. EveryBody know who he is, right? The singer? [00:27:02] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:27:03] Speaker D: All right. So of course there was a concert going on in Miller and Australia and he's an Odball out know everyone else that was in the concert and everybody's asking to each other, he said several blunts was going around. So he felt like, I have to partake because I'm not going to be cool if I don't. And the blunt came to him, he said he smoked. After he smoked that blunt, he couldn't see nothing. He was cross eyed, he couldn't see nothing. But he felt like he had to do it to be cool. [00:27:47] Speaker C: That's a dumb motherfucker. [00:27:50] Speaker D: Look who he is around. He had to make sure that, hey, I'm a cool. [00:27:54] Speaker C: Yo. There's two people on this planet that you do not smoke weed with if. [00:27:58] Speaker A: You are a rookie. [00:28:02] Speaker C: One is Snoop Dogg and the other is Willie Nelson. [00:28:08] Speaker D: Oh, yeah, that's a right there. [00:28:10] Speaker C: Well, Willie Nelson smoked Snoop out. Willie Nelson smoked, yo, Snoop admitted that Willie Nelson outsmoked him, but you got. [00:28:25] Speaker D: To understand Willie Nelson, he's an OG. [00:28:28] Speaker C: I mean, he got a few more years in it than Snoop. [00:28:33] Speaker D: Several years. [00:28:39] Speaker C: Yeah, don't smoke weed with them. There's weight classes for weed smoking, you know what I'm saying? It's just like boxing, you know what I'm saying? So if you are like a flyweight or bantam weight or whatever, you cannot go in the ring with the heavy hitters. Don't do it to yourself. [00:29:00] Speaker D: And then the next one is. Weed is considered a coping mechanism for bisexual people. That's their coping mechanism. Studies have shown that because they are struggling to find themselves in the society that we live in, they. [00:29:34] Speaker C: Get in the best of both worlds. So what you got to cope with. [00:29:39] Speaker D: Family support and therapy. Weed is the next thing to help them cope with. [00:29:47] Speaker C: You can't handle life because you getting dick and pussy. I got to get high emotions. [00:29:58] Speaker D: So smoking weed is the coping mechanism. [00:30:03] Speaker C: So instead of straddling a fucking fence, why don't you just choose one? [00:30:12] Speaker D: Hmm? Just saying it helps. Anxiety and depression. [00:30:21] Speaker C: I mean, that should do that shit for anybody. You hit your mute button. Now I'm all alone by myself. I got to get it together. There we go. Vaughn over there to mute herself. [00:30:45] Speaker A: My bad. Yeah, Vaughn. You back on Vaughn? [00:30:50] Speaker C: She talking to herself. [00:30:54] Speaker A: I don't know what she got going on. All right. Her mic go out. [00:31:01] Speaker C: The more you know that was the. [00:31:04] Speaker A: More you know by Vaughn. All right, and Vaughn is out. So let's get into some ignorant news. All right? And we're back. I'm back because my should be on a delay sometimes. All right, so story number one, behind bars. I entitled it Behind Bars for beef. Harris county arrest two. [00:32:32] Speaker C: Think about it. [00:32:33] Speaker A: Did the title behind bars for beat behind bars Meat. All right. In Cyprus of Cypress section of Harris county in Texas, two men, Jacob Trevino and Robert Stevenson, were arrested for allegedly stealing 46 packs of meat, oxtails, to be exact, from four local grocery stores. That's a lot of meat. Pause. We're going to go ahead and put these niggas up on the screen real quick, and they should be up. There they go. All right. So the arrest took place during a traffic stop on Northwest Freeway, where a sergeant noticed numerous of unbagged meat packages of oxtail in the backseat of the suspect's vehicle. [00:33:30] Speaker C: Ocean. [00:33:33] Speaker A: The stolen meat included oxtail steak and shrimp, was estimated to be worth $1,129. A Harris county precinct four Constable Mark Herman announced their arrest, charging them with theft aggravation. Under Texas law, theft aggravation occurs when an individual commits two or more thefts. In this case, the stolen property's value fell below the $2,500 mark, making it a misdemeanor offense. Trevino and Stevenson were booked into the Harris County Jail with a set bond of $2,500. The county constable office did not respond to comments, and online users celebrated the unusual arrest, with Constable Herman commenting, the offenders. I'm sorry. With Constable Herman commending the officers for their great work in a post on X formerly known as. Hey, Oxtails is high as fuck. I don't know if you've tried to get. [00:34:36] Speaker C: I don't eat them. Shit. [00:34:38] Speaker A: Oxtails is high as hell. They had oxtails on deck. They was ready. [00:34:45] Speaker C: They was ready. They was about to do when the curry goat touched the mac and cheese. [00:34:54] Speaker A: I'm home for Thanksgiving. [00:34:56] Speaker C: That oxtail gravy going. [00:35:05] Speaker A: Khalil said blow on the mic. [00:35:08] Speaker C: Whoa, pause. [00:35:13] Speaker A: I gotta check this now. I don't know if she back she on, but we can't hear her. Yeah, whatever it is you do, she. [00:35:26] Speaker C: With the Whisper song. Hey, little Mama, let me whisper in your ear tell me little something that you like to hear. We got to name this episode. We got the meats, we got. [00:35:48] Speaker D: Oh, what about now? Can you hear me? [00:35:50] Speaker A: We can hear you now. There you go. Loud and clear. [00:35:53] Speaker D: Hey. [00:35:59] Speaker C: I don't think that's what he meant. [00:36:01] Speaker D: That's what he going to get. [00:36:05] Speaker A: All right, so there's some chaos. This next story I entitled, Chaos in Queens. In a chaotic incident in Queens, a New York City police officer lost part of his left ring finger when a suspect, Lenny Rodriguez Cruz, bit him during a reckless car chase. Rodriguez Cruz, 28, faces a potential 25 year prison sentence for leading police on a midnight pursuit, crashing into multiple vehicles and assaulting the sergeant, who attempted to place him in a holding cell. According to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, the event unfolded when an officer noticed Rodriguez Cruz driving a car with unregistered plates in the Jamaica section of Queens. Ignoring attempts to pull him over, the suspect set off driving on sidewalks and through a park, causing panic among the parkgoers. Despite crashing into four vehicles, including. [00:37:01] Speaker C: Hold the fuck up, nigga. Did you say this was like a midnight thing? [00:37:08] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:37:08] Speaker C: What the fuck was niggas doing in the park after dark in New York City? [00:37:12] Speaker A: I don't know why they get arrested too. [00:37:15] Speaker C: Because I damn sure enough got a ticket for being in a fucking park after dark. [00:37:21] Speaker A: Rodriguez Cruz continued until apprehended. Subsequent investigation revealed that alcohol involvement with a cup of alcohol beverage found in his car. Upon reaching the police station, Rodriguez Cruz spat on and bit off the fingertip of the sergeant. The suspect now faces charges including assault on an officer, DUI, and driving without a license. [00:37:42] Speaker C: You know why this happened? [00:37:44] Speaker A: Because niggas is dumb. [00:37:46] Speaker C: Not because Hennessy said that they was allowing that White Hennessy to be in the US for a limited time. [00:37:53] Speaker A: It's in a bunch of stores here in South Carolina, and it's for the low, too. [00:38:02] Speaker C: How much is it? I'm sending you some money. [00:38:07] Speaker A: That's just like $70 for 120. That's just like $70 in stores right now in South Carolina. [00:38:13] Speaker C: I'm sending you some money. [00:38:15] Speaker D: That's how much I pay for it at the duty free station. I think I paid like 60 something dollars for it. [00:38:22] Speaker A: But what I'm saying is what's happening is people look they buy them at the duty free and since it couldn't be sold in the US, they were selling them to people who couldn't get it. They were selling, especially down here in South Carolina, they'd be selling them for $100. You know what I'm saying? Whenever somebody get them, I'll buy like three or four bottles just because, shit, it is what it is because you don't know when the next person somebody going to have it. So just let me know, Eve, because I think I'm going to go tomorrow. Yeah, I think I'm going to go tomorrow and try to get me one. [00:39:01] Speaker D: So I'm not needed anymore. [00:39:07] Speaker A: It's for a limited time, though. [00:39:13] Speaker C: It's a limited time. [00:39:14] Speaker D: Stop. [00:39:15] Speaker C: Don't know. Probably whenever they run out. [00:39:18] Speaker A: Yeah, I think they probably just let a shipment or two in and then that's going to be it. [00:39:23] Speaker D: But yeah, the end of this month. So hit me up. [00:39:28] Speaker C: How much that shit cost in Dr. [00:39:31] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:39:34] Speaker A: How much that shit in Dr. [00:39:36] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:39:38] Speaker C: Yeah, you got to hit me up. Let me know. [00:39:40] Speaker A: Yeah, just bring me a bottle back. [00:39:43] Speaker C: But hey, yosh, I'm a cash app. You tonight. [00:39:47] Speaker A: All right. Yeah, come and go tomorrow. Real shit. I'm going tomorrow. All right, let's get into some ignorant sex. [00:40:05] Speaker C: Hold up. We got to wait for the delay and go. [00:40:10] Speaker A: I'm good now. [00:40:12] Speaker C: Yes. [00:40:13] Speaker A: Okay. All right. I got a couple of them here. So the first one is inflatable intimacy, Akash's journey of love and loss. Now I'm going to fuck up his name. Akash Mujamar. Matter of fact, it's only right if I put his picture up here. Let me read part of the story first and then I'll put his picture up here because this picture is only good after I read a part of the story. 28 year old man has revealed the intimate details of his romantic relationship with multiple balloons. Identifying as objectum sexual, he expresses a deep emotional connection to inanimate objects. Shut up. What began as an incident friendship with his inflatable partners evolved into a profound bond with Akash. Describing a daily routine of greeting and kissing his balloons, treating them as actual beings. [00:41:29] Speaker C: Kissing balloons and shit. That sound like you kiss titties. That made titties. [00:41:39] Speaker A: He claims to communicate with them through dreams and telepathy. Telepathies. Jesus Christ. And believes they deserve the freedom to explore the world. Akash even proposed marriage to his beloved balloons in 2021, emphasizing the strength of their love and their ability to share thoughts and emotions. Due to the fragility and inflatable companions. Akash takes meticulous care, protecting them from potential harm and accidents caused by sharp objects or changes in temperature. Despite the challenges, including an inevitable loss of some of his balloons, Akash remains devoted attempted to resurrect them through reinflation and conducting funerals for those beyond repair. His unconventional love story challenges societal norms, offering a unique glimpse into the complexities of human relationship with inanimate objects. [00:42:39] Speaker D: What's wrong with him? [00:42:42] Speaker A: You don't see that man look. You don't see that look in his eyes? It's my man Akash. Man. [00:42:46] Speaker D: He had that glare, that cinephob hole. [00:42:51] Speaker C: He was doing that castanza? [00:42:54] Speaker D: Yeah. Nah. [00:43:00] Speaker A: Just talking about some. What the hell. [00:43:06] Speaker D: He. Nah. [00:43:12] Speaker A: He about to have an orgy. [00:43:19] Speaker C: You got mad flavors on that bed with him. [00:43:21] Speaker A: Hey, man. Man, that got it. [00:43:24] Speaker C: He was listening to ice cream. French vanilla butter pecan chocolate deluxe ice. Cobalt. [00:43:37] Speaker D: Something's really wrong. [00:43:39] Speaker C: Balloons. [00:43:40] Speaker D: There's a chemical imbalance. [00:43:43] Speaker A: Why are you going to say the man got a chemical imbalance? [00:43:49] Speaker C: He ingested that latex. [00:43:52] Speaker D: Something is wrong. [00:43:53] Speaker C: Is anything that comes on the weird sex normal? [00:44:00] Speaker D: You're right. [00:44:01] Speaker A: You got to know. [00:44:04] Speaker C: Never going to be right. [00:44:07] Speaker A: No, this shit is just in other. [00:44:12] Speaker C: Weird sex, a man was found in gym getting tea bags. [00:44:18] Speaker A: It let me get Akash off this screen. Oh, man. [00:44:33] Speaker C: Shout out to Ashwagandha. [00:44:35] Speaker A: Shouts out Ashwagandha. Even though she didn't come through. All right, let's get into the next. Let's get it to our last weird sex story. Let's get it from tongues to tumors. [00:44:53] Speaker C: That's going to sound good. [00:44:55] Speaker A: This don't sound good. Well, for some women and a select portion of men, it isn't. All right, this young lady here, her name is Dr. Daria Sadatsvica. In a TikTok video, the 29 year old doctor from Singapore has suggested that oral intercourse is the primary cause of throat cancer. Contrary to traditional belief associating throat cancer with tobacco and alcohol consumption, the good doctor points that the increasing prevalence of human papillona virus, HPV, as a significant factor. In response to a follower's question about oral sex being the leading cause, she affirmed her stance with the lyrics. I said what? I said. The good doctor highlights that HPV, which can be transmitted from the genitals to the throat during oral sex, is a growing contributor to throat cancers. Men face a higher risk as women are more likely carriers of the virus. The video added perspective to the understanding of throat cancer risk factors challenging conventional beliefs. [00:46:17] Speaker C: So don't eat a bitch with HPV. The fuck? [00:46:20] Speaker D: But you don't know that. You don't know she got HPV. What you're going to do? Take her to the clinic and get tested. [00:46:25] Speaker C: No. Motherfucker. You ever watch booty call? [00:46:30] Speaker D: Yes. [00:46:31] Speaker C: Dental damn. Wrap that bitch up in Saran. Wrap your fucking HB Kuchi juices to yourself. [00:46:44] Speaker D: Tongue going to fall off. Teeth going to fall out. [00:46:47] Speaker A: Fucking gum. [00:46:58] Speaker C: Who Britain wanted to die with? [00:47:00] Speaker A: Him? [00:47:00] Speaker D: Give me the throat cancer. [00:47:02] Speaker C: That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about. [00:47:09] Speaker D: No help for you all. [00:47:11] Speaker A: What you mean? [00:47:12] Speaker C: If you want your ovaries, pickles. Holly at your boy. [00:47:21] Speaker A: Hey. You all know the inbox? Get in. [00:47:27] Speaker C: S-B-I-G-K-I-D-E-M-V-I. Underscore chopskin. [00:47:35] Speaker D: You're Trying to get some more inboxes? [00:47:38] Speaker A: Always welcome. [00:47:42] Speaker C: I would take a daily titty. I would love a daily titty. Monday morning madness, pop your top. Whatever. Let's get it. [00:47:53] Speaker A: That should be a new one. Monday morning madness, pop your top. [00:47:57] Speaker C: Let's get it. [00:47:58] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:47:59] Speaker C: And then I will post the best titty. [00:48:03] Speaker A: I'm going to have to create a meme for that. [00:48:09] Speaker C: I'm. [00:48:10] Speaker D: Be quiet. I ain't got nothing to do with it. [00:48:15] Speaker A: Better from that than from a cigarette. You're right. So right. [00:48:19] Speaker C: I'll blow smoke in the Kuchi and then eat it. [00:48:25] Speaker A: All right, last story. Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens recall having an orgy with 17 women. [00:48:36] Speaker C: Twelve and Dwight Howard. [00:48:45] Speaker A: I had to take one for the team. I had the big girl. Sometimes you got to do that. Sometimes you get, like I always tell big girls need love, too, man. [00:48:57] Speaker C: We went through about, what, 17 women in 12 hours? Was it 1717 women in 12 hours? [00:49:07] Speaker A: My mind ain't good, Dodge. I'll forget nothing like that. I thought it was about 1217. [00:49:23] Speaker C: That's a lot. You can't end sex on even numbers. That's how I know it was an OD number. That's how I know it was an OD number. [00:49:33] Speaker A: It was 17. Okay. You might have been right. You might be right. Yeah, I'll forget that. I was done after about two or three, though. I had to recoup. I had to recoup. Oh, man. I had to recover, dog. I had to recover. Hey. [00:50:06] Speaker D: I love that nigga. [00:50:09] Speaker C: Said I would dud about two or three. [00:50:13] Speaker D: You got to end on odd numbers. [00:50:16] Speaker C: Yeah. Who came up with that math? Sex don't end on OD numbers. So on the 33rd, pump this nigga bust a nut. [00:50:28] Speaker D: But have you all watched him in sterling? [00:50:33] Speaker A: No, I mean Shannon and Shannon shot. [00:50:37] Speaker D: Yeah. That's hilarious. [00:50:40] Speaker A: Yeah, I got to check it out. I haven't had an opportunity to see it yet. I got to check it out. Shannon Shaw's podcast is good, though. I really enjoy the show. All right, let's get into the social media minute. And this first one, what's your favorite food of Thanksgiving? That's the first question. I got a follow up to that favorite Thanksgiving food, the curry goat and mac and cheese. [00:51:08] Speaker C: When the curry goat hit the mac. [00:51:10] Speaker A: And cheese. [00:51:15] Speaker D: I know I got to have cranberry sauce. [00:51:18] Speaker A: Cranberry sauce. [00:51:20] Speaker D: Got to have it. I can't have it. [00:51:22] Speaker C: Especially if motherfucker can't cook in the turkey dry. [00:51:25] Speaker D: Yeah, you got to have cranberry. [00:51:27] Speaker A: Well, this young lady wrote a song about her favorite. [00:51:32] Speaker E: Taste the goodness of the biscuit. Taste the honey sauce. Taste the goodness of the biscuit with the honey sauce. Don't get that honey sauce on me. I don't like the way it tastes with my chicken wings. Taste the biscuit. Taste the goodness of the biscuit. Taste the butter spread. Taste the goodness of the biscuit with the butter spread to get your butter spread all on me. I don't like the way it mixes with my mac and cheese because when you're at KFC, you got that special sauce to stir my curiosity. Just give me a five piece meal. Oh, what a deal. A big old box. It's all for me. [00:52:36] Speaker D: The hell? First of all, why everybody in this damn store, lA, they don't hear that shit. [00:52:47] Speaker C: Did you see my man in the background with the sign dancing to the. [00:52:50] Speaker D: Yes, it was getting. Remind me of the airplane float when they have the, like, special. [00:52:56] Speaker C: Oh, my God. That was unseasoned music. [00:53:05] Speaker A: Hey, Elsa, they look like they're performing in the. They look like they're performing thrift shop. [00:53:13] Speaker D: They are. Yeah. I'm not even going to say that. [00:53:18] Speaker C: Salvation army thrift shop joint. [00:53:22] Speaker D: Yeah, that was a little rough. [00:53:30] Speaker C: At first. [00:53:30] Speaker D: I thought she keyboard over there in electronic section. [00:53:34] Speaker A: Oh, he was. [00:53:38] Speaker C: My man. Cords was on point. [00:53:41] Speaker A: Hey. And she was shaking them shoulders. She was honey sauce. I don't want it. [00:53:48] Speaker C: All I saw was her knees rubbing together. [00:53:51] Speaker A: Listen, the funny thing is you can't make this shit up like these people are out here for real. [00:54:00] Speaker D: Why? [00:54:03] Speaker A: This next one I like to call starting Linebacker. This next one I like to call starting linebacker. Nothing gets past him. The power of Windex. Dorawayne Slider, University of North Alabama. Go, lines. [00:55:02] Speaker D: Damn he was full force, too. [00:55:08] Speaker C: I like when they were doing. [00:55:12] Speaker D: Yeah, that was crucial. [00:55:16] Speaker C: Did you see the one with the ramp? When my man, he flipped the bike on the ramp, landed on his back. Ramapo, he might need. [00:55:28] Speaker D: He probably broke his nose. [00:55:32] Speaker A: All the way up. I don't know. [00:55:36] Speaker C: There's never any survivors. [00:55:43] Speaker A: As my boy be saying. He done done. All right, got another one here. Let's go ahead, poke a little down. All right, next one here is named. What dance is this? [00:56:05] Speaker C: The honey sauce. [00:56:06] Speaker A: What a freak dance. What a freak time. [00:56:15] Speaker C: That's the booty meat dance right there. [00:56:20] Speaker D: Hold on. Do that. Rewind that one more time. Do that one more time outside it. I hope it smell good. [00:57:03] Speaker C: You gotta put that comment up. That comment from YouTube. [00:57:15] Speaker A: Running slow. Oh, you put that up. [00:57:18] Speaker C: Yes, sir. [00:57:26] Speaker D: What's a picture? What's a. Lord Jesus, I'm trying to. Never mind. [00:57:32] Speaker C: Motorboat. [00:57:37] Speaker A: Signal the plane. [00:57:38] Speaker C: That was the motor boat. [00:57:48] Speaker A: Murphy Trace. [00:57:53] Speaker D: And he looks so little over her. [00:57:57] Speaker A: You can't tell that man name, nigga. [00:58:03] Speaker D: Too much woman for him. [00:58:07] Speaker C: Remember the first time we went into pacemakers? [00:58:10] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:58:11] Speaker C: That was the first thing I saw right there. That was the first thing I saw. I said, well, damn. And my man had to be like about 45, 50 year old white man. He was eating that black booty, eating a sandwich. [00:58:34] Speaker A: Now, the next contestant, we're putting face all in it. Is this lady here. [00:58:45] Speaker E: I can make the party. [00:58:47] Speaker A: I can make your body box. [00:58:55] Speaker D: She ain't jiggling in the right way. Her thighs jiggled more than her booty. [00:59:03] Speaker C: Made that fucking video. I swear to God, when I made that video, her booty, I did not realize I was making it to the beat of the song. You have to watch the whole video. It's literally made to the beat of the song. [00:59:23] Speaker A: That shit is funny. Evie sent that shit out when I saw that shit. That is hilarious. [00:59:32] Speaker C: Like, you got weak ankles and too. [00:59:40] Speaker A: Much ass, too many drinks. Too many drinks. It is always a pleasure coming in on this Thursday with you all. Man, Khalil, talk about them ankles broke. [01:00:06] Speaker C: Who's that fucking sliding. [01:00:10] Speaker A: Wobbity wobity wobity wobity? [01:00:14] Speaker D: Yeah, that's a wobble for sure. [01:00:16] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:00:21] Speaker D: That is the wobble. [01:00:22] Speaker A: Listen, I can't with you all, man. Oh, God. I don't even know how to know what to. I do know. I do know how we're going to take this show out, though. [01:00:41] Speaker D: She breaking loose. [01:00:43] Speaker A: I do know how we're going to take the show out, though, so amen. VAughn, tell the people. How they can find you. [01:00:49] Speaker D: You can find me on Instagram at one Von Teller. You can always find me here on Egi with Yoshi and Eb. And whenever we get on Mondays and Thursdays, whatever dates, time we hear, oh, Monday. [01:01:07] Speaker A: If the season finale comes on tonight at twelve, I am staying up for it. [01:01:11] Speaker D: Hello. Is it coming to Hulu or stars? [01:01:14] Speaker A: It's going to hit. Well, Stars app. I got Hulu Stars. So if it hits the app, I got it. I'm watching it tonight at twelve. You all just going to have to mind my text messages, okay? I'm a hold off. I'm a hold off. I'll hold off until you all text first. Whoever texts first, then I'm going in because I'm watching. [01:01:38] Speaker D: I'm not going to watch it tonight. So you want to hold that for a whole day? [01:01:42] Speaker A: I'll hold off. I'm a hold off. I'm a hold off. Okay. I'm a hold off. EB. [01:01:48] Speaker D: When you're going to watch it because we always the last ones to watch it. [01:01:53] Speaker C: If I don't pass out, I'll watch it tonight. If not, I'll probably watch it in the morning. [01:02:00] Speaker A: I'm going to be honest. What we would like is somebody hit us up on the email or just shoot us a text if you got the number. If you don't, definitely hit us on the email tonight, 12:00 and then of course, we recap the show Monday right here live. So tune in Again live. All right. Now what I will say is we would like to bring on a listener to talk about it for the season finale. All right? So go ahead and email us so that you could be on Monday. All you need is we'll communicate with you. But let me put the email up here. Please email us if you want to join the show to talk about the power finale on Monday. Very rarely do we do it, but we would love to have one of our listeners on to talk about the show. Eggsgrits [email protected]. So, Evie, how can they find you? [01:03:09] Speaker C: You can find me on Instagram. That's B-I-G-K-D-E-N-V-I underscore chops as well as the Instagram page. Grits, the letter and ignorance. And on Facebook, extracurricular ignorance. Follow us. Like subscribe, share, send me titties. I don't care. Do what you do. Vaughn want Dick pics and Eb oNe. [01:03:30] Speaker D: No, I do not. Don't do that. No, I don't. [01:03:35] Speaker C: She said use the hashtag dangles. Got to use the hashtag dangles. If you see that hashtag, just delete it. [01:03:48] Speaker A: Just delete it. [01:03:52] Speaker D: Listen. [01:03:54] Speaker A: And you can find me on what's it called? God damn it. On Facebook at Yoshi. English on Twitter, aka X at I'm coachy. Underscore on Snapchat at the 9th wonder. If you want to see some wild shit from me, follow me on Snapchat at the 9th Wonder and then on Instagram at the 9th Wonder and on TikTok at R-E-L-S-T-A-T podcast. We get it in. And there's only one right way to end the show, and it is this way. [01:04:28] Speaker E: Taste the goodness of the biscuit. Taste the honey sauce. Taste the goodness of the biscuit with the honey sauce to get that honey sauce on me. I don't like the way it tastes with my chicken wings. Taste the biscuit. Taste the goodness of the biscuit. Taste the butter spread. Taste the goodness of the biscuit with the butter spread to get your butter spread all on me. I don't the way it mixes with my mac and cheese because when you're at KFC, you got that special sauce to stir my curiosity. Just give me a five piece meal. Oh, what a deal, a big old box, it's all for me.

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