Episode 26: Who Shot Ya

Episode 26: Who Shot Ya
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
Episode 26: Who Shot Ya

May 11 2022 | 00:36:35

Episode May 11, 2022 00:36:35

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Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

Show Notes

Hosts: Yoshi, Ibby, & Jeff


The crew is back again for another ignant-filled Wednesday. Yusuf, Jeff, and Ibby get the show started with the weather report. Next up, Ibby gives us his top 5 fat people.  The crew then dives into the “ignant news” First up is a story about a brother and sister and what happens when they watch “The Notebook.” Next, a man has a special gift for his mother-in-law for Mother's Day and the Easter bunny has a few special gifts for some kids at school. Finally, they close out the segment with a protester going all in at an NBA game. Before the show wraps the guys hit the “Entertainment Express”. The express stops at the intersection of stupid NBA fans and Blacc Chyna crazy. Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms and catch us live every Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 am or on replay across all streaming platforms. 

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