Episode 15: Make sure it's Mutual

Episode 15: Make sure it's Mutual
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
Episode 15: Make sure it's Mutual

Mar 25 2022 | 00:40:16

Episode March 25, 2022 00:40:16

Hosted By

Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

Show Notes

Hosts: Key, Jeff, Ibby, & Yusuf 


Key, Ibby, Jeff, and Yusuf are back to shut it down for another Freaky Friday! The crew gets things started with the weather report and a tribute to the ice cream man as temperatures again are set to rise. Next, the crew breaks down the news as they discuss expensive breast milk jewelry, someone's fans getting eaten, and fat-shaming by an airline. The ignorance runs loose with weird news as the crew talks about an ex-boyfriend hiding out in an attic and what happens when sex between two women goes from mutually beneficial to downright rough! The show wraps up with an update on sundress season from our guy "Doc", who reminds us to not premature anything! To be a part of the ignorance make sure to follow us on all social media outlets. Don't forget to catch us live every Wednesday and Friday live on Facebook and YouTube, or on replay across all streaming platforms. 


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