Episode 42: Where Are My Dam Pants?

Episode 42: Where Are My Dam Pants?
Eggs, Grits, & Ignorance
Episode 42: Where Are My Dam Pants?

Aug 19 2022 | 01:00:22

Episode August 19, 2022 01:00:22

Hosted By

Yusuf In The Building Ibby Von

Show Notes

The crew is all back to set it off in the A.M. Yusuf & Ibby  get things popping with an unexpected shoutout. They then get into the Ignang News and talk an odd place to fall asleep, a weird dying wish, rejuvination, and a nasty twosome. They then get into Ibbs Top 5 Movies of all-time. And they close the show talking about Deshawn Watson. As always, make sure to follow us on all social media platforms and check out the live every Wednesday and Friday. 


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